Beefs & Bouquets July 4

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A huge bouquet of thanks to Country Grocer on Bowen Road for allowing the Brass Knuckle Derby Dames and Candy Crushers to do a hot dog sale at your store. It’s businesses like yours that allow our teams to thrive and we appreciate your support.

An annual bouquet to the people who maintain beautiful front gardens and lawns. You are great ambassadors for Nanaimo.

A Bouquet to assistant editor Chris Hamlyn. Thank you for years of reporting with great integrity, diligence, wit, and accuracy. Your high standard of professionalism will be missed in Nanaimo. Best wishes on your new endeavours.

A Big Forget-Me-Not Bouquet to the very patient technicans at Shaw (especially to Ian, from Nanaimo). I appreciate your help, and for not feeling stupid after the plug to my modem became disconnected. I thought it was because we had a power cut.

A Bouquet to the swimmer in the white cap who moved from the fast lane into the medium lane when he realized he wasn’t as quick as the other swimmers in the lane. Thanks for following the rules and demonstrating proper pool etiquette.

A bouquet of stoplights to the drivers at St. George Street and the Island Highway Wednesday evening. The lights were blinking due to a power outage and everybody knew exactly how to handle it. Well done.

A big hand for the two Royal Paving employees who saved a coworker’s life last week by doing CPR for more than 20 minutes while waiting for the EMTs to arrive.

A bouquet to the young guy who works in the Wal-Mart dry foods department. Always very friendly and helpful every time I’m in there.

A fragrant bouquet of wildflowers to John Young and the other teachers at Dover Bay Secondary School who run the Outdoors Club. Thank you for all the time and effort you devote to  snowshoe and hiking adventures so that students can experience the wonders of nature.

A GENEROSITY BOUQUET. My friend and I decided to take our labradoodle for a walk down Bay Street. We met a very nice couple working in their garden in the front yard. We complimented them regarding their beautiful hanging plants. They invited us to their backyard which was gorgeous. Between the flowers was a rhubarb plant that I noticed. The lady asked if I would like some – living in a condo, I was ecstatic. She left the rhubarb on the front step and when we returned from our walk from the ocean we picked up the rhubarb. I made rhubarb crisp and my husband is still smacking his lips.

A thoughtful bouquet. After we continued walking down the hill on Bay Street, we met two senior ladies who were walking up the hill. We had a lovely conversation discussing the fact that it is a long way up the hill. All of a sudden a young man appeared with two chairs and said, “Have a seat and rest ladies and I will pick up the chairs later.” This young gentleman deserves a great big bouquet for being so thoughtful.

A bouquet to Travis and his team at Kal Tire on Old Victoria Road for fixing my flat tire without an appointment and quickly. And for not trying to sell me something I didn’t need.

Big bouquets of rainbows for David Haughton from Telus for his friendly, professional and efficient service when installing our landline for our new house in Nanaimo.  Haughton called before our appointment to remind me (I had forgotten) and to ask me if I would like to add any further services to my account. I was  very impressed and would highly recommend him in any of his endeavours.

A bouquet of roses to Scott from The Buzz coffee shop who chased after a motorhome that backed into my car in a north-end parking lot and took off. He caught up to the culprit in another parking lot, took pictures and got all of the necessary information, then returned to where I was parked and waited an hour for me so that he could pass on this information. A knight in shining armour.

A Bouquet of Thanks to Pryde Vista Golf Course for the two free passes that they gave us for our 10th annual Family Tournament held in June. They were given as a prize and were much appreciated.Also a huge bouquet of flowers to Kelsey for cooking a ham and roast beef and making and decorating two cakes. Thanks a bunch.

A Graduation Gown Bouquet to all those parents who have raised Honour Students in our community. You should be proud. That is what you have done lately.

A Thank you bouquet to Chad Green of Swale Rock Fishing Charter for an amazing Nanaimo fishing adventure.  After seven years of living in Nanaimo I finally got a chance to fish for salmon and eat beautiful fresh crab.  Will do next year for sure.

A healthy bouquet to the doctors, nurses and other employees in our hospital’s emergency for their excellent caring for their patients.

A big dancing and drumming bouquet of thanks to all who gave their support in so many ways to our fourth annual Bellydance Bazaar. Together we raised $2,000 for Haven Society. Thanks everyone.

Many thanks to Lorne Roelefson and his staff at Classic Care Carpets. He has been in business for many years in this city and has had almost no staff turnover because he is a great employer and provides a wonderful carpet cleaning service. We use him for our home and business and recommend him to all we know. We love our clean carpets.

A thank you for your consideration bouquet to the neighbours who let us know about the wedding party and the loud music. The music was great and everything was quiet at the time you said. Very best wishes to the happy couple.

A beef to the people on Crystal Place with the two yappy dogs that bark from 6 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. Give us a break.

Beefs of Injustice to Nanaimo city council. There are many schools, seniors complexes, residential homes and businesses that are not going to be able to withstand an earthquake. Tear all those down and rebuild if you are concerned about safety.

A broken phone beef to the man who videotaped his neighbor being carried away on a stretcher. His young wife was terrified. Did you not have the decency to see if she was OK?

a beef to the writer who wants to see more young women in short shorts. It’s people like you who motivate me to wear capris and baggy shorts all summer – I don’t like to be stared at.

a beef to the person who threw a tin can in the garbage rather than make the effort to recycle. Don’t you listen to the environmentalists? The world is already going to hell and you insist on hastening its descent.

A big pile of rancid rabbit pellets to whoever stole the rabbits from the 4-H Beban Barnyard. One has to wonder what kind of sick person would steal a mother rabbit and her baby bunnies from a children’s petting farm.

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