Beef to the post office. I received a letter mailed in Nanaimo on Dec. 31

Beef to the post office. I received a letter mailed in Nanaimo on Dec. 31

Beefs & Bouquets, July 28

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BOUQUET To my friends Sharon and Ruby for helping me out after my knee surgery.

BEEF To the city for not marking the ‘wheels only’ lane of the seawall clearly. Also to the walkers and dog owners who knowingly use this lane, making it difficult for cyclists.

BOUQUET To Auto Check for automotive repairs. They have very good staff and service.

BEEF To the post office. I received a letter mailed in Nanaimo on Dec. 31, 2015, to my Nanaimo address on July 12, 2016 – six and a half months after.

BOUQUET To ladies at Haz Beans coffee shop across from Nanaimo North Town Centre. You guys make our hockey group feel right at home with excellent service.

BEEF To department stores. Since we are past July 1, camping equipment and bathing suits won’t be available; winter coats appear.

BOUQUET To businesses who support Big Brothers Big Sisters clothing drive: Island Savings, Island Radio, Central Drugs stores, Quality Foods, Tim Hortons, BCAA, Brechin Lanes, Nanaimo Toyota, Laird Wheaton, Woodgrove Chrysler, Nanaimo Honda, McDonald’s Terminal Park, Pryde Vista Golf and Miller’s Pub.

BEEF The words ‘orientate’ and ‘orientated’ don’t exist but are in common use.

BOUQUET To the drivers who take volunteer performers to entertain residents of senior facilities.

BEEF To the funeral home that charged a missed tax of $2.27 after we spent $10,000. Books need to balance but this is tacky. It only made it so we will not recommend this place.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady who turned in my purse to Superstore when I left it in my buggy. So many thanks.

BEEF To the beefer. Any good resort has a few rules. Rule No. 3 states pot may only be consumed in the designated areas.

BOUQUET To Caledonia Fire Protection for its friendly and professional electrical service.

BEEF Since when are animals RCMP’s concern? If it was children, he would have done something. Phone SPCA or report it yourself. I see too much of this.

BOUQUET To the mystery person who left a container of freshly picked raspberries on my step. They were so delicious and much appreciated.

BEEF To the RCMP officer who saw the taxi passenger toss litter out the window right in front of his cruiser and did not pull him over. So littering is OK in Nanaimo now?

BOUQUET To the lady who was concerned about me kneeling by my vehicle at Country Grocer and to the couple for retrieving my emergency key. Thanks to fine people.

BEEF To the store that has coupons behind the counter but never offers any to customers.

BOUQUET To Tracy for giving me the long-desired walk along our blessed and beautiful sea stroll. You made this old sister so very happy.

BEEF To the neighbour in the condo who sits on the balcony smoking and phoning the neighbours and not respecting their privacy.

BOUQUET To our great family who made our 50th wedding anniversary such a wonderful event. Thank you to our many friends who attended.

BEEF To the thrift store that puts stuff in the window but we cannot buy it until after a certain date.

BOUQUET Rest in peace dear Grumpy. You were the cat’s meow, the apple of my eye.

BEEF To drivers. When making a left-hand turn into two lanes, stay in the closest lane, then merge to the right. Also try using signals – we are not mind readers.

BOUQUET To city arborists for eliminating immediate danger by pruning the dead top and branches and hopefully eliminating future danger by removing half of the dying forked alder that leans over the children’s play area.

BEEF To the moving company that recently moved me and have not answered my claim for my missing silverware.

BOUQUET To Elaine Peligren at Dominion Van Isle Lending for making my life-long dream possible of owning my first house. You are not just a professional mortgage broker you also have a very caring heart.

BEEF To people with ball hitches who do not remove them when not using, as people can walk into them. Also, people who don’t move up to the car in front.

BOUQUET To Laird Wheaton GM service and parts department. A job well done on my motorhome at a great price. If you haven’t tried this service department, you are missing out.

BEEF To the Beban Park staff for misspelling the Timbermen name all season on their sign on Bowen Road.

BOUQUET To the kind-hearted person who turned my cellphone into the information booth at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. In my haste tending to a loved one, I left it on the seats by the elevators.

BEEF To the city and regional district bylaw enforcement for allowing all our parks and trails to essentially become one giant off-leash dog park.

BOUQUET To Coun. Diane Brennan for standing firm on her ideals and principles despite an obvious vendetta against her by a senior city officer and some of her fellow councillors. Enjoy your ice cream.

BOUQUET To the lady at Country Grocer Bowen Road for staying with me throughout the store and helping me look for my keys, and to the store manager for finding them.

BOUQUET To friends, neighbours and family for their support during my radiation process at Victoria Cancer Clinic. The results were great – I get to live longer.

BOUQUET To the volunteers and organizations that helped out with the dragon boat races. Can the volume of bass music be turned down next year? My ears hurt.

BOUQUET To Donna Bowen Husky. Always a smile, customers laugh when she’s there. So pleasant to see her I go there more because she is there.

To submit a beef or a bouquet, please e-mail