Beefs & Bouquets July 25

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Huge baskets of flowers and gratitude to Kevin, Kelsie and Jamie, from Piper and me, for coming to the rescue of Piper while I was away. Had you not provided your kind and fun home when the arranged plans failed, I would have had to return early from a very important course. Also, Kevin, thank you for all the wonderful things you are doing to improve my home and property.

A huge perfumed bouquet to the person who recently posted a beef to someone who failed to recycle a tin can. My husband read it and thought it was directed at him and since then, he’s been recycling cans! Hallelujah!

Thank you Nanaimo Regional Hospital. For 40 days the nurses were attentive and caring even through the difficulties of a ventilator and a tracheostomy. My family and I are grateful for the compassionate care provided by the nursing staff.

A special bouquet to the Hub City Lions Club with their safety house number signs.

A sporting bouquet to the many coaches and helpers for local youth sports.

An apology bouquet to the man I almost ran over while making a left turn on Norwell Drive and Victoria Avenue on Friday at about 3 p.m. I saw him at the last minute and swerved to the right, as I was watching the vehicle on the opposite side of the road to see if they were going to turn right. I did not stop as he stood in the cross walk and yelled at me but saw him in my rear-view mirror. I am very sorry and should have stopped to apologize to him.

A bouquet. What a great idea that a businessman from Nanaimo has to have a Chinatown near the former A&B Sound building downtown. I think that would work really well.

A bouquet of summer flowers to Susan at The Source for programming my new answering machine which had very complicated instructions.

A bouquet to say thanks to Bill at Merit Furniture for great service in replacing my fridge so quickly when it gave up the ghost. Also thanks to the delivery boys who were so prompt.

A bouquet of thanks to Paul at Barrons for great service regarding my broken down fridge and to Jesse for his quick service call so we could get it replaced so quickly. Great service.

A beautiful bouquet of red roses to nice, skilled people from Nanaimo Regional General Hospital ambulance for their immediate help when I fell on the roads in Cedar in April.

A field of beautiful flowers and a world of thank-yous to the 911 operator, the first response team, the ambulance crew and the RCMP for their quick response to my call when my loved one passed away. They were wonderful and a great comfort/

Happy Canada Day barbecue. Many thanks to the owners, managers and social committee for a delicious and fun afternoon at Deerwood Estates.

A bouquet of ferry walk-on passes to the woman who found and turned in a cheque to the Departure Bay terminal staff on June 30. My elderly mother dropped it by mistake and was so relieved to receive news it was found. Bless you for your honesty.

A beautiful bouquet of thanks to the kind lady who found my purse that I left in a shopping cart at Save-On-Foods. Thank you so much for handing it in. Bless you for your kindness and honesty.

A bouquet to Laird Wheaton parts department’s Darren – great service and help. Every business should have a “Darren.”

A wagonful of forget-me-nots to Bavarian Motors for awesome service and great rates along with work well done. It’s nice to know you’re there when needed.

A huge thank you to the fellas at Merit Furniture. You went the extra mile to assist when our vehicle wouldn’t start and we’re pleased to say we’ve had a restful sleep since we received our new beds. Kudos to you.

A bouquet of skunk cabbage to some users of the off-leash park at Diver Lake. The off-leash part is in the field, not on the road in front of my house. Next time your dog ventures into my yard, try following it and clean up what they leave behind. These parks are a privilege not a right and if enough of the local property owners complain your precious dog will have nowhere to feel the wind in his hair but your car. Just because no one saw it doesn’t mean you are not guilty.

A beef to all the cyclists (except small children) who insist on riding their bikes on the sidewalks, expecting pedestrians to get out of the way. Sidewalks are what they say – places for people to walk. Cyclists should be on the road, not the sidewalk. We have often experienced cyclists coming up behind us, with no warning, and then riding past us at high speed. This also happens on the Harbourfront Walkway, where cyclists and skateboarders are not allowed and where there are likely to be families with small children, and older people who can’t get out of the way quickly.

A really big beef to the driver of the blue Honda Civic, who while driving beside the Nanaimo Golf course flicked his cigarette ash out the window and then threw his cigarette out the window. Seems he didn’t hear about fires started by people like him.

An expensive beef to the grocery stores that have stopped selling frozen pastries in lieu of their own in-store baked pastries. Not everyone can afford these high prices.

In response to the beef about dog poop left behind at the Beban Park off-leash playground. It is a real mess, but complaining does no good. Every morning between 7:30-8:30 a.m. when I take my dog to play, I take bags and walk the whole area and pick it up. Some mornings up to three bags full. I wish there would be a fine for those that do not clean up after their dogs. I am going to start going at different times, and will be watching and reporting who you are. In the meantime, help keep it clean – if you see it, pick it up.

A beef to my rude neighbour who recently put his rooster pen as far away from his unmoved-in house as possible, which is 12 metres from my bedroom wall. I wish I could be as oblivious as he is.

A big butt roast to the owners of a private complex care facility that blame hardworking employees for their losses when the CEO and management are incompetent. Shame on you for trying to get richer off the backs of our elders.

A big beef weinie to the cellphone providers that charge for sending out bills to help save the planet, yet continue to fill our garbage cans with their junk mail. Where do you think it goes?

A beef to B.C. Hydro for forcing me to install a smart meter only to experience our first power outage since we moved here in 2006. The surge fried my television.

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