Beef to offices that use a small envelope as a label for a large envelope, why are you wasting two envelopes? Especially when you are delivering mail by hand.

Beef to offices that use a small envelope as a label for a large envelope, why are you wasting two envelopes? Especially when you are delivering mail by hand.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 22

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BOUQUET To the folks who live on the corner of Waddington and Chelsea, your dog flag makes us smile every day on our way to work at the hospital during this pandemic. Please fly it forever.

BEEF To the disruptive, confrontational shoppers who choose not to use the clearly marked one-way aisles. While this style of shopping increases walking, it lessens greatly the interaction between shoppers going down the same aisle, lessens exposure to virus. It’s the only way to ensure a two-metre bubble around a shopper.

BOUQUET To all those wonderful people in Nanaimo and especially those in the Westwood Lake area (you know who you are) who answered Maureen’s call and supported Team Kennedy and Cystic Fibrosis Nanaimo. The response has and continues to be overwhelming and we are truly thankful.

BEEF To the person complaining about the media “ramming COVID-19 down our throats and fake news.” Do you actually live on this planet? Are you an ostrich? What is “tragic” – as you put it – is ignorance of the hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world due to this virus. What is fake about that?

BOUQUET To Mr. Sparkle Exterior housecleaning service for thorough, trustworthy, environmentally friendly service year after year that extends the life of my home’s roof, siding, eaves and deck.

BEEF Why do they let people from the U.S. on the ferries to Vancouver Island? I thought they were only allowed to go to Alaska – Vancouver Island is not a direct route to Alaska.

BOUQUET To McDonald’s Canada for using 100-per cent Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee beans that help insure the long-term well-being of farms, forest and wildlife. Love McDonald’s coffee!

BEEF To the speeders who think Metral is your own personal racetrack, how do you condone going over 100 kilometres per hour? Contrary to your beliefs, there is no passing lane, either.

BOUQUET To local RCMP who with their dog handler captured a young prowler in our neighbourhood during a full moon in May.Thank you for the quick response, you are truly appreciated.

BEEF Americans who have been allowed across the border to go directly to Alaska have been spotted in grocery stores in south Nanaimo as well as Salt Spring Island. They shouldn’t be here, let alone be allowed on the ferries to endanger the health of Islanders.

BOUQUET To the staff at VCA Island animal hospital. We see how incredibly hard all the staff are working during these difficult times. You have continued to be there for all the animals and have endured many angry and negative people. But many of us see what a wonderful job you are doing. Thank you for staying open during COVID. You are all angels.

BEEF To the province. Hammond Bay School is getting about a dozen classrooms for almost $16 million? You can build a mansion in the British Properties for that kind of money. Where are our funds going, certainly not into that school.

BOUQUET To Sharecost for allowing customers who don’t have a truck to take a yard of product one bag at a time. Also to John R. and Dave H. who came out and took over shovelling and loading 10 bags of bark mulch into my car.

BEEF To the out-of-province people spoiling our small Yellow Point park, taking undersized and female crabs and leaving plastics and garbage. It’s once again getting out of control. This park was donated as a wildlife-/nature-viewing area.

BOUQUET To the letter writer for an excellent letter to the editor regarding not allowing any amount of racism. That was very well-written my dear for a 14 year old. Keep up the good work, keep well and stay safe.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about COVID-19 being “fake news.” That fake news has killed thousands of Canadians, more than 100,000 Americans and more than a million around the world.

BOUQUET To the young lady at Mark’s who helped me with getting the red boots I wanted but couldn’t find in my size. She went out of her way to get the last pair in my size. Because of her enthusiastic response to my need I am now the proud owner of red boots. Let it rain!

BEEF To all the people who have turned the section of Uplands Drive between Rutherford and Turner into a speedway. Just because it is four lanes doesn’t change the fact it is still only a 50km/h speed zone. I have seen multiple near misses and it is just a matter of time before someone gets killed on this stretch. Some of the traffic is going over double the posted speed.

BOUQUET To the new territorial acknowledgment on the Island Health website, from an indigenous girl from Nanaimo who has never known or experienced racism personally. Thank you Island Health for promoting visions now shown on the home page of your website.

BEEF To all the worshippers of Dr. Bonnie Henry. You must be delusional to think that the number of deaths out of 5 million in B.C. warranted the economic calamity generations will face because of her guidance.

BOUQUET Thank you Bonnie for your overwhelming generosity to pay for our Father’s Day dinner at Zougla.

BEEF To offices that use a small envelope as a label for a large envelope, why are you wasting two envelopes? Especially when you are delivering mail by hand. Boo on you.

BOUQUET To my friend Louise who found herself with extra time on her hands, due to COVID-19. She decided to sew surgery caps and donate them. One grew to several dozen, all going to students, front-line workers. and businesses in need. With a few extra fabric and elastic donations, she also made some masks. What a great way to turn lemons into lemonade!

BEEF To people who walk off the sidewalk onto a busy road without looking to keep their two metres apart from other pedestrians. I’m sure that bus will kill you. But COVID probably won’t. Just sayin’, is all.

BOUQUET To the special neighbours at RV Resort on the Lake. Sharon (my best friend in the world), Al, Doug, and the kind lady who gave me the beautiful masks, Darryl, they are all angels. We are so lucky. Thank you all.

BOUQUET I would like to throw out a huge bouquet to the volunteers who helped clean up Oliver Woods. Along with a special shout out to Woodgrove Save-On-Foods which supplied the refreshments and snacks for the event.

BOUQUET A long overdue but heartfelt thank you to the 2019 Grade 7 grad class of McGirr Elementary for their gift of a beautiful tree for Justin’s Playground. A special thank you to Kelly for all of your hard work and kindness in replacing Justy’s tree. Our family is forever grateful to all of you.

BOUQUET To the lovely young man and his girlfriend in the Walmart parking lot who offered to help me load my soil into my car. So very thoughtful. Also to the man who helped me reach an item that was high and pushed back on the shelf, and to the clerk who knew how I could get my soil.

BOUQUET To Canada Post. Thank you for your timely delivery of a much-needed parcel. It was shipped from Toronto to Nanaimo in two days. That was regular service, not priority. In these difficult times of COVID-19, this was a very unexpected surprise.

BOUQUET Thank you to the gentleman in a shiny Mustang who paid for our bicycle order at Tim Hortons in North Nanaimo. What a refreshing surprise. You made our day.

BOUQUET To the boys at Country Grocer on Bowen Road. Thanks for cleaning up the jar of pickles my boyfriend clumsily dropped at the checkout. I wish you were allowed to accept gratuities because you definitely deserve it.

BOUQUET Thank you, Tudor Mortgage, for the expert advice you provided when we needed to renegotiate our mortgage. We’re one year into our renewal and we couldn’t be more pleased that we took your advice. Thank you for guiding us to a decision that has resulted in benefiting us financially.

BOUQUET To our TD mortgage broker for her delightful sense of humour. We appreciated the congratulatory confetti-filled envelope!

BOUQUET To Bill and Jean Carter at Bastion Jewellers. I lost a ring and needed a current appraisal done; I had an old one that was from 1997. They had it done in a day, and did not charge me. You guys are the best. Thank you very much.

BOUQUET To the friendly people at the downtown bus exchange, particularly the No. 5 and No. 6 stops. It makes my day to be gifted with a lovely smile or conversation on a variety of subjects.

BOUQUET I would like to thank the amazing, kind, helpful staff at the East Wellington post office location. Also the two lovely ladies at the Shoppers Drug Mart on Mary Ellen Drive. I had accidentally mailed all my ID along with some mail into the box outside their store. Yikes! I was in a complete panic, but was reassured and assisted by the above kind folk and got all my ID back. You all went above and beyond.

BOUQUET To Suzann from London Drugs in the north end for excellent service when looking for an update in my media player. She researched on her computer several options how to solve my problem.

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Beefs and bouquets

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