Beefs & Bouquets, July 2

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BOUQUET To the Claro Learning Centre for a wonderful year-end ceremony at Swy-a-lana Lagoon. Congratulations to the dedicated staff and the successful achievements of each student. It was a truly inspiring event.

BEEF To anyone complaining because Cedar people are getting their secondary school back. You have your secondary schools – let Cedar have its secondary school.

BOUQUET To Woodgrove Chrysler for always going above and beyond with their customer service. You went the extra mile in finding us great prices on our parts and repairing it in a timely manner.

BEEF To whoever is responsible for the pieces of scrap iron bolted to the concrete behind Frank Ney’s statue in Maffeo Sutton Park

BOUQUET To Nancy at Sears menswear. Thank you for going to bat for me to retrieve my points after my account had been mysteriously closed. All the phone calls were very much appreciated.

BEEF To people who, when stopped for a traffic light, leave two to three car spaces between cars making it impossible for a vehicle to make a left or right turn off the road. Please be courteous to your fellow drivers.

BOUQUET To those who arranged our Victoria trip. The museum and the Imax theatre were very enjoyable and informative.

BEEF To the gym that puts up monthly rates and still expects us to pay for additional classes. Also, no new equipment has been purchased.

BOUQUET To Lisa C. at Seair Seaplanes for always giving exceptional service to my sister and I.

BEEF To the city and parks department for limiting the size and vendors at the Thursday market in Maffeo Sutton Park. Look at Parksville.

BOUQUET To the Hamel family for their hard work and planning of the Westdale Leslie Park improvement project.

BEEF To the people who have garage sales. Do you not remember that you put those signs up all over the place? Then can you remember to take them down, especially if there’s no date on them?

BOUQUET A son has a special bond with his mother. Time can be slow. Time can be fast, but time can also heal. Jim, you’re a great son and I’m so sorry. Dad.

BEEF To the housekeepers at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital on their breaks helping themselves to kitchen food. Those items are for patient use only, not for you to supply yourselves for your coffee/lunch breaks.

BOUQUET Me and your mother always said that if we had a choice between a million dollars or a great daughter, we’d take the million dollars because we already have a great daughter. I’m so sorry – thank you, Kerry. Dad.

BEEF To the rude neighbour who talks so loud on the cellphone that the whole neighbourhood can hear his business. Tone it down please.

BOUQUET For Charlotte, at Uplands Tim Hortons, for you conscientious and caring attitude.

BEEF To the people who clap, shout, and scream in the circle on Cameron Island.  Just imagine that happening outside your own bedrooms and living rooms. You are disturbing the peace as well as being just plain thoughtless and rude.

BOUQUET For Jeanette, my Avon lady, who always goes above and beyond.

BEEF To the people at Westwood Lake who think the geese wandering around are tame and want to be petted. Leave them alone before someone gets hurt.

BOUQUET To the woman who dumped her cat at the SPCA because she was pregnant.  Cats can carry toxoplasmosis but if Daddy cleans the litter box there is no problem. Even Mummy can do that if she takes precautions such as gloves.

BEEF To the ski resort for eliminating the affordable midweek pass and discounted books of tickets for the upcoming season. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you. Good luck as myself and my friends won’t be supporting you anymore.

BOUQUET To Midas N. Island Hwy. Thanks to Mike and his crew for prompt service while I was having my water pump replaced. They met the deadline and answered all my questions in a very professional manner.

BEEF To the owners of the German shepherd in the Altavista area. Your dog is aggressive and unpredictable. It is unfair to others to walk your dog where there are other dogs. My dog is now terrified of big dogs after being attacked by your dog.

BOUQUET To Jim at Intell Alarms. Thirty-plus years and two houses later Jim is still the best. A quick phone call and it’s done. Good service every time.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not ensuring all fire hydrants are functional, especially in this dry weather. My insurance is based, in part, on how close I am to a fire hydrant.

BOUQUET To Adam at Davey Tree Service for his kindness to the senior lady on Sandpiper Place.

BEEF To the person who stole my grandson’s new sandals from the cubicle in the family change room at the Beban Pool area. There were only eight children and five adults.

BOUQUET To Damien and all the other employees at Trojan Collision who worked so hard on my truck. I can’t believe the before and after, they did wonders on my truck. We highly recommend this place, fabulous people and a job very well done.

BOUQUET To all the generous donors of post-secondary scholarship awards from the many grateful Class of 2015 recipients.

BOUQUET To the amazing lady in the shiny VW Beetle who did a turnaround on Lost Lake Road to ensure that my two large dogs were OK and to offer any assistance.   The dogs were laying in the cool high grass and this wonderful lady thought there might be a health issue/accident with the dogs.

BOUQUET To Karen, office manager at Nanaimo Veterinary Hospital, who does a great job of taking care the requests and needs of the dog owners. Also thank you to Dr. Domigan for all the great dental work on our little Ella.

BOUQUET To proud Canadians celebrating Canada Day this week.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail

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