Beefs & Bouquets July 18

NANAIMO – Bouquets to food trucks and burritos, beefs to a hung-over party dude and an inappropriate hops plant.

A huge bouquet to Kirkwood Academy’s Miss Leah. Thank you for always going above and beyond, for the hours and hours you volunteer and for the heartfelt dedication you give to our young dancers. You have a beautiful heart and it shows with all you do for our kids.

A huge bouquet for the wonderful people who stopped to help my husband (a senior) when he fell on Commercial Street. Thank you to the couple who helped him up and offered him a seat, to the two young men who ran across the street to assist and the several others who also offered their assistance. Your help was greatly appreciated.

A huge bouquet of Thank Yous to Dan and the team at AC Taxi for tending to details so a wheelchair-bound grandmother could attend her grandson’s wedding on Thetis Island. Nanaimo is fortunate to have such excellent companies and services.

A bouquet to say thanks to the volunteers for their enthusiasm and to the folks who donated their refundable containers at the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust’s Bottles for the River fundraiser.

Thanks from NALT to Save-On-Foods (Country Club Centre) for providing food for volunteers, Starbucks for the coffee to keep us all moving, Country Club Centre for supporting fundraising events at the mall and to Lucky’s Liquor Store for providing the space to hold the event and in-store promotion. Donations of refundables and cash during the Bottles for the River fundraiser totalled more than $1,200.

A large bouquet of tree branches for the nice man who was cutting branches for B.C. Hydro near the Petroglyph Mobile Home Park. It was nice of you to let me use your hard hat and ear protectors. I appreciated your patience with the many questions I was asking. From Caiden, the three-year-old.

A beautiful garden bouquet to Yvonne Vander Kooi from Bird Studio who spent countless hours providing free Art in the Park all week at Forest Drive Park. It is people like you who make this a fun, safe and creative community for the kids of Nanaimo.

A bodacious bouquet to my two lovely friends who read the Beefs and Bouquets section every week and always secretly hope to see a bouquet to themselves. Here are bunches of flowers and love.

A bouquet of cellphones to Ed and Cat at the 7-Eleven store on Bowen Road. They helped me get my cellphone up and running with a great deal of patience, even though the store was very busy. Thanks, guys.

Thank you to Jayne and all the staff at Kelly’s Kitchen Cafe for finding my diamond-filled, teardrop-shaped gold earring. The earings were given to me by my dear Aunt Rose. When I called and you told me you found it, my heart smiled.

A Bouquet to Patricia and her staff at Apple Auto Glass on Cliff Street. I recently took my vehicle in to have a rock chip fixed and they were friendly and easy on the wallet.

A special bouquet to C & S Transmission in Lantzville for the fine work done on my Chevy hot rods. You do excellent work and make visiting your shop a lot of fun.  Well done.

A huge thanks on behalf of everyone who Ms. Rynanen has helped over the years. You have helped many students achieve their goals, including myself and many of my friends. You are not only the best math teacher I’ve ever had, you are also the best teacher I’ve ever had. You go above and beyond to help your students and even those who aren’t your students. You are a superhero.

The cat’s meow to the man from Davey Tree Services, who climbed up a spindly tree in the Brookwood area to rescue a scared cat free of charge. These are the fellows you want doing your tree work. A big thank you to our neighbours, Mika and Randy, for caring enough to organize the rescue and spend their only day off dealing with this problem.

A great big bouquet to the Big Mess, a father and son duo that played in the Bowen Park amphitheatre recently. Funny, talented and entertaining. I couldn’t sit still, the music was fabulous. I can’t wait to hear you again.

A Mexican fiesta to Gina’s Mexican Cafe. They value loyal customers and recognize what makes a business a success. Thank you for bringing Mexican flavour to Nanaimo.

A bouquet to all the food trucks at Maffeo Sutton Park during the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival. It’s so nice to have a choice and to enjoy a meal in the fresh air at the water’s edge at the same time. They should be there all summer.

A beautiful bouquet of red roses to Chris Hamlyn, former assistant editor of the Nanaimo News Bulletin. Thank you for your nice articles.

A bouquet. Broom is a delight to see, especially alongside roadways. The bees enjoy broom and we need the bees. Also it is bright on dark, cloudy days.

A big beef to all opposed to removing the dams in Colliery Dam Park. It is not about your selfish needs and wants, it’s about the safety of the citizens. Since when are you all more qualified than a professional engineer?

A beef. Prices at thrift stores have risen considerably and it’s almost cheaper to shop sales at regular retail outlets now.

A beef stew to the young man next door who asked if my dogs could stop barking because he had a hangover. You should’ve thought of that when you threw that loud rager last night.

A slow down beef to the driver who not only hit a spotted baby deer on Hammond Bay Road this morning, but flattened it. Its mother stood beside her dead baby not knowing what to do. I cried all the way to work. Slow down – this image is something I will never get out of my head.

A piece of mammoth beef to the person who dumped a big-screen TV up above Doumont Road recently, then smashed it to pieces to make it even harder to clean up.  Did you really not know you could take it to recycling for free?

A giant beef to the store that advertises a good deal on an item on a certain day, but when I went to get the item, they didn’t have it in stock. When I asked if I could have a rain check, that request was refused. Sounds like false advertising to me.

A beef to the hops plant that my husband decided to plant. It has grown out of control and its leaves and vines grab me rather inappropriately every time I try to tend to the other plants in the garden.

A beef to dog owners at the Beban Park off-leash area for older and larger dogs. It is a disgrace with poop all over the play area.

A beef about the attitudes of many in the local restaurant industry these days. It seems like most servers think they are doing you a favour by bringing you drinks and dinner. Large groups of people that bring in lots of money for the business are viewed as an inconvenience.

A beef to unemployed people who complain about insomnia. Maybe if you did something during the day, you’d be tired at night and would fall asleep like the rest of us.

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