Beef to the man at Departure Bay Beach who actually started running in a foot race to a picnic table as he saw my 12-year-old daughter approaching it. You were so kind to offer her the table you already had as a consolation prize.

Beef to the man at Departure Bay Beach who actually started running in a foot race to a picnic table as he saw my 12-year-old daughter approaching it. You were so kind to offer her the table you already had as a consolation prize.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 15

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BOUQUET A big thank you to the staff at Hearthstone Artisan Bakery in south Nanaimo. Everything is so delicious and they make custom orders. You’ve made a hard time in my life a lot brighter. Thank you.

BEEF To our city council. After a 22-per cent property tax increase this year I now find I am funding $187,000 for shopping cart collection. Really? Is this your idea of good governance and fiscal responsibility during a difficult time?

BOUQUET To the Dairy Queen at Country Club. The manager assisted our school with a very kind act of generosity which was so very appreciated during these times. Thank you so much for being a business that goes above and beyond to help the community.

BEEF Come on now people! Don’t tell me that we are using the COVID-19 virus as an excuse for not cutting our lawns and especially our boulevards throughout Nanaimo. Take some pride. Keep our city looking beautiful.

BOUQUET A big social distancing bear mama hug to my newest nephew. Welcome to the world! We’re trying to fix it for you.

BEEF To whoever trimmed the trees and brambles at the end of my cul-de-sac in the Wellington neighbourhood; I don’t have as much privacy now.

BOUQUET To the woman who said to me, “Do you not see the arrows?” as I was walking up the supermarket aisle against them, and to whom I insulted. That was mean-spirited and unworthy of me. You were in the right and it’s on my conscience. I’m truly sorry.

BEEF On two occasions lately I have been close to those natural gas-powered buses when they went into what sounds like a high rpm scream. Not good. I suspect it has something to do with the fuel system.

BOUQUET To the letter writer concerning COVID-19. You’re bang on with your assessment of the situation the fear-mongering has put us in.

BEEF To my neighbour doing repairs outside. One of the guys uses foul language gratuitously; it’s unpleasant to listen to and I find it tacky.

BOUQUET Hey guys, please do not whistle in grocery stores. Don’t you realize that your droplets fly even further than when you talk? Also I don’t like your whistling any more than you would like my singing. Be nice and be kind.

BEEF To the cyclists who don’t walk their bikes across the Lions Great Bridge. There are signs at both ends asking cyclists to dismount.

BOUQUET To Central Island Veterinary Hospital for all the hard work they put in around the clock to triage sick and injured pets in the midst of this different time, sometimes holding back their own tears while giving bad news as well. They do their job well and not always at the best of times. Thanks to all the staff for always putting the animals first.

BEEF To the RCMP officer driving out of Cedar. You were going 80 kilometres an hour on Cedar Road in the area of the posted speed limit is 60km/h. Where the area turns to 50km/h you continued your speed of 80 km/h. This is excessive speeding.

BOUQUET To the off-duty police officer who was so kind and generous with his time to change a very challenging flat tire in the drugstore parking lot. Thank you. You are outstanding.

BEEF To the people who don’t tip their server even though the service was great and food was good. I hope you realize it has cost me money out of my own pocket as I have to pay out a portion of the total amount of my sales to the management. For instance if the bill was $100 I have to pay out $4 regardless if I was tipped or not.

BOUQUET I recently spent the night on the third floor of NRGH following gall bladder surgery. I was very impressed with the kind and professional treatment I received from every one of the staff there. Special thanks to RN Theo for nursing me through a difficult night and to Dr. Ruxton Brown who was the best surgeon I could have had. The staff in emergency and recovery were also awesome.

BEEF To the man at Departure Bay Beach on Father’s Day who actually started running in a foot race to a picnic table as he saw my 12-year-old daughter approaching it. You were so kind to offer her the table you already had as a consolation prize. You should be so proud of yourself.

BOUQUET To the generosity of the Lantzville Legion members and Lantzville and Nanaimo residents who donated more than 400 kilograms of food and more than $5,000 cash to the Loaves and Fishes Community Food Bank. The cash translated to $29,000 buying power. Awesome!

BEEF To the purple PT Cruiser, tossing your beer cans out the window into someone’s front lawn; just be aware there are cameras everywhere and your plate number is recorded. I wonder if you are the same kind of person who thinks it’s fine to toss any kind of garbage into our beautiful city streets?

BOUQUET We wanted to convey a warm thank you to the couple that payed for our delicious dinner at the Longwood Brew Pub restaurant. Your act of kindness made our birthday celebration a memorable one. Paying it forward alters our cultural identity. A random kindness is unforgettable.

BEEF To the fire chief for miscalculated guesses to costs for the new fire hall. She should get into politics for a sure fit.

BOUQUET To FYI for making prescription safety glasses accessible to all front-line health-care workers. Your generosity will definitely not go unnoticed. I am so taken aback at how FYI was so professional, I felt like you were part of my team, who cared about my PPE situation. My colleagues and myself thank you so very much.

BEEF To the man with anger issues at the grocery store. You may have only needed a bottle of water but to be so ignorant to the door attendee was way out of bounds. Flipping over carts and swearing made you look so manly.

BOUQUET To the bylaw enforcement actively ticketing owners of single cars parked in the trailer-only parking area at Charlaine boat ramp. This is a great motivator for people who choose to ignore the signs.

BEEF To all the socialists pulling down statues and erasing history. I dare you to go live in one of the four communist countries left on the planet to experience your utopia.

BOUQUET To my Rock City neighbours for the plants, cards and gifts. Your thoughtfulness cheered me up and made my 94th birthday in isolation very special. I’ll see you on my walks.

BOUQUET To the Queen’s Hotel for cleaning and painting the facade of the building, bringing new life to an aging building.

BOUQUET I agree very much with the writer who said that the social media should have more positive things to say instead of horror stories. I do not know why so many people think in a negative way. I guess they enjoy being miserable. There may not be a second wave of this virus.

BOUQUET To all the nurses in the palliative care unit at NRGH who made sure my father was always in comfort in his last days. You truly were angels by his side and my mother and I are forever grateful.

BOUQUET A very belated thank you to the kind person who found our dog’s collar at Mary Richards Bennett Pioneer Park. It got lost when our pup went into a bramble bush. And thank you for leaving it at the entrance where we would be sure to look for it.

BOUQUET To the staff at Country Club Starbucks for always asking how their customers are, even in the drive-thru, and always being so kind with a smile on their faces.

BOUQUET To the lady who during COVID-19 continues without fail to buy and bring groceries to a few elderly people who cannot leave their homes. She stands a ways away and chats with them after ringing the bell. May you stay strong and safe.

BOUQUET To the young men driving the City of Nanaimo garbage trucks who come down the alley between Pine and Machleary. You have both been so kind and I thank you so much for helping me with my green bin.

BOUQUET To all the staff at Wexford Creek seniors residence for keeping our family members safe. You are doing a great job.

BOUQUET To all of the staff – cooks, management, ownership – at Milton Street Pub, for every single time I’ve left pleased, happier than a clam. Thank you so much.

BOUQUET To the 7/10 Club, Stone Soup and Salvation Army for being on the front lines for our homeless folks and anyone who needs a meal. These groups have been out there from the start of COVID-19.

BOUQUET To all the weird hair during COVID. The beefer tried to shame you into going only to a professional, but why not cut your own hair? Frankly, when I look around me, I see too much sameness. Don’t be a clone, be adventuresome. Think for yourself. Independence is liberating and it’s fun.

BOUQUET To the lady in front of me at Country Club Starbucks who paid for my tea – thank you! You brightened the day of a complete stranger. I will pay it forward.

BOUQUET I went into London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre wanting to make a photo book which meant a lot to me. Spencer G. came to help me; between him helping other customers he never forgot about me in the corner trying to put my book together. I walked way feeling wonderful, almost like I made a new friend. Hats off.

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