Beef to people who use cotton swabs in ears and who do not put oil in ears the night before they want their ears syringed. (The News Bulletin)

Beefs & Bouquets, July 13

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BOUQUET To a choir called Sound Wave along with a three-piece band entertaining a packed Brechin United Church. The choir director named Holly was fabulous. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

BEEF To the person who stole the lid of my garbage can on Cottleview Drive. Why do that? I am on limited income. Return it, please.

BOUQUET To Rochelle, Dave and Joan for constantly being there for me. You are all more family to me than my biological family.

BEEF To the beefer. The annual parade of flags on every Canada Day is to celebrate that we are a diverse country made up of First Nations plus people who came from various other countries and who are now all Canadians together.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo RCMP and EMT for their courageous and expert de-escalation and non-violent removal of an irrational young man on the corner of Promenade Drive and Front Street at 4 a.m. They all did a fine job, especially the first officer on the scene.

BEEF To the people who bring their dogs onto the beach at Departure Bay. On-leash or off-leash, no dogs are allowed until the end of September. The city needs to patrol after 5 p.m. as these people feel there are no consequences to disobeying the bylaw.

BOUQUET To the best landlord ever. Thanks Mike G. for being so fair, flexible and supportive, and making my new home as awesome as it is.

BEEF To my coworker who owns a coffee cup shaped like Dr. Who’s TARDIS. Whenever he goes to the lunch room there’s never any coffee left in the pot when he leaves.

BOUQUET To Pamela at Rona’s for helping me find the best paint and tools that I needed to do the job.

BEEF To people who use cotton swabs in ears and who do not put oil in ears the night before they want their ears syringed.

BOUQUET To Wayne and Leona for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Wayne is the best fisherman in Nanaimo. Imagine how much I love the trout, and Leona is the most creative and generous person, ever.

BEEF To The two young visitors who fled the off-leash park saying they couldn’t afford to pay for the damage their dog inflicted on one of mine. Twelve staples and $250 later, this pensioner thanks you for your thoughtfulness.

BOUQUET To the very nice person who paid for my 85th birthday dinner at Milano’s. What a lovely surprise. Thank you. I will pay it forward.

BEEF To the prime minister. It is so wonderful that Canada can help the immigrants. But, what about Canadian taxpaying citizens? We all need help too. I took my son into my home, but the government took away his living allowance. Now have to sell my home. I did have a treat on Canada’s 150th by putting two slices of cheese in my sandwich for dinner instead of one. We didn’t have the heart to really celebrate Canada Day, so just stayed home.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my wallet after I’d dropped it at Lowe’s. I hope you too will experience the kindness of strangers should you ever need it.

BEEF To the beefer about our electoral system. The B.C. Liberals have been lying to all B.C. residents for well over 16 years now and it was long overdue for the so-called ‘losers’ to take control in Victoria and kick the Liberals out of power. I’m glad you won’t vote again.

BOUQUET To the person at Browns Social House restaurant for turning in my cell phone after it had fallen out of my jacket.

BEEF We are unhappy about houses in the north of Nanaimo being purchased and left unattended. The house next to us is unoccupied and the grass in the yard is over a metre high. Unsightly and bylaws tell me they will do nothing unless it is strewn with garbage. This is just not right.

BOUQUET To all the staff at Nanaimo Toyota for just being so excellent and always figuring out the mechanical issue at hand. Special kudos to service manager Leroy and customer service rep Tyler for always being so exceptional. Also thanks to Reid Hugh for helping with our charity fundraiser.

BEEF To the city for not having enough maintenance crew working during big events like Canada Day. Every garbage can was overflowing trash and spilling out everywhere.

BOUQUET To the RCMP officer in an unmarked vehicle who pulled over a convertible with young women in the back seat. At least one had no seat belt and was perched precariously at the side of the car. What were the occupants of the car thinking?

BEEF You in the trailer court are not alone. Welcome to the new ‘me’ generation that doesn’t know the meaning of respect for the older generation that have put in their 50 years of getting up for work and would now like to sleep in.

BOUQUET To the Trumpster nationalist who almost articulated a solution for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. Why not move her factory from China back to the U.S. and employ American workers?

BEEF To the city and its building inspection department for ignoring its own building and occupancy permit rules. How many calls and how much evidence does it take to get you to do a real inspection and then actually act on it?

BOUQUET To the kind soul who turned in my shopping bag with my favourite shoes in it.

BEEF and also a bouquet for the distracted driver who did not even slow down at the red light on Terminal Avenue and Departure Bay Road in a blue SUV. I do not know how you didn’t hit me as I was turning left onto Terminal, but I am sure that we both had angels looking out for us.

BOUQUET To Tyler and his crew for a great job of moving and setting up our furniture.

BEEF To former prime minister Stephen Harper for failing to grant Omar Khadr his charter rights. This was beyond dereliction of duty and all the way to gross incompetence.

BOUQUET To all the contributors, writers, artists and poets for WBP’s Canada’s 150th Anniversary Anthology. Big thank you to all the sponsors for helping this happen.

BEEF To the girl on the red and white motorcycle who threw her lit cigarette butt on the street on Harewood Road. It was hot and the wind was blowing. My wife walked out and put it out. Are you kidding me?

BOUQUET On Mother’s Day, I was having lunch at Ricky’s alone. When I went to pay my bill, I discovered some kind person had paid it. Thank you. I have paid it forward.

BEEF To people, especially adults, who constantly lick and suck their unwashed fingers when eating and then when they get an upset stomach, diarrhea, etc, they blame the food, or worse, the restaurant or store where they bought it.

BOUQUET To those who are trying to get the nursery land to become a park that all Nanaimo citizens and visitors can enjoy.

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