Beefs & Bouquets, July 10

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BOUQUET To the Olympics for their outstanding music at the dance at Bowen Park. Those who were unable to attend missed a great party.

BEEF Now you’re beefing because some people act like it’s lazy summer days all year round. Maybe some people just know how to live the good life.

BOUQUET To ReMax for the fun barbecue. We had a great time and the cooks were outstanding and the band was excellent.

BEEF To the builder, project manager and whatever government body that’s supposed to be keeping an eye on the old five-acre farm at Third Street and Howard Avenue. This is a creek that salmon lay eggs in.

BOUQUET To my hard-working neighbour. Your diligence in paying your taxes and EI premiums means I don’t need to get off the couch and waste my precious time working for a living. If the price I pay for this is your snide comments in the Beefs and Bouquets, then it’s OK with me – you work so I don’t have to. Thanks for being there, buddy.

BEEF To the neighbour who has carelessly left a sprinkler on for two months non-stop. Note the city has been contacted and there may be huge bill coming your way.

BOUQUET To the very helpful bus driver who phoned another driver to help me make the connection on Townsite Road and Vancouver Avenue. Saved me from walking Townsite hill.

BEEF To the Uplands Drive resident who beefed about the city trimming shrubbery. If you had done it yourself you wouldn’t have had a problem.

BOUQUET To Tracy Berg and her Relay for Life team of amazing volunteers who did an excellent job at the event. Their passion, dedication and belief for the event made it a tremendous success in Nanaimo.

BEEF To all the smokers who sit under all the “no smoking” signs at the hospital. Please just gather together in one spot. You are invading my clean air space having to dodge you all.

BOUQUET To the kind and patient lady who guarded my electric chair while I went to get help.

BEEF To the person who thinks he or she has the right to paint crosswalk road markings on Cedar Road. It has not only made a huge mess of the road but is also called vandalism. Can you not walk 20 feet to the actual crosswalk?

BOUQUET To Auto Check on Bowen Road for the friendly and professional service at more than competitive prices. I’ve been taking my car and motorhome to them for the past three years and always left feeling the service was always required.

BOUQUET To native healing walk at Maffeo Sutton Park. The food that was served was a banquet fit for a king. The stories shared by these brave, courageous survivors has given back to me my own self.

BOUQUET To Lorne for caring and giving your time and hard work to make the patios and gardens at Dufferin Place look so beautiful.

BOUQUET To Maureen in Sears ladies’ wear who is always so friendly and pleasant. Why don’t you do the training in your store?

BOUQUET To the people who made possible the trip to the west coast with our fellow club members. The bus ride to Ucluelet was enjoyable and the return trip on the Frances Barkley showed us wonderful scenery.

BOUQUET There are some very wonderful people who paid for a bag that I was purchasing but left my wallet at home. Thank you to the lady who said, “Put it on my bill,” and the gentleman who wanted to also do a good deed and handed her money to help pay.

BOUQUET To the ferry crew member who made sure my case went into the right place to arrive in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To the manager of Rona for his prompt and friendly response to our problem with a fountain.

BOUQUET To Cora and repair crew at Nanaimo public works. Quick and excellent work done to repair uneven sidewalks near ferry. I had a nasty fall while rushing to catch the ferry.

BOUQUET To Steve at Bosley’s on Bowen Road for his fantastic unmatched customer service.

BOUQUET To the Great Canadian Superstore for its kindness in treating kids to a cookie.

BOUQUET To the young male barista on the order counter at University Village Starbucks. You were very sweet to give two thirsty schoolboys grande ice waters without them purchasing anything.

BOUQUET To the many wonderful people who save cancelled stamps for the Order of the Eastern Star. This year we were able to give $9,018 to our cancer fund.

BOUQUET On behalf of the African grandmothers and orphaned children of sub-Saharan Africa who will be directly benefiting from your support of the African Marketplace, the NanGo Grannies wish to say a warm and sincere thank you. The monies have all been sent to the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

BOUQUET To Elaine Peligren at Dominion Lending for her dedication and enthusiasm in assisting South Island Imports with all its financial needs in making something big even better.

BOUQUET To everyone who supported me with such generous donations and encouragement at Nanaimo’s Relay for Life. I walked more than 24 kilometres during the event, in the process raising more than $2,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

BOUQUET To the ‘rigger’ behind me at the Monkido course at Wildplay in June – thank you for your help, from the guy in orange. It was much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Relay for Life Nanaimo chairwoman Becky Knight and all the amazing volunteers and participants who put in a heroic amount of effort and raised almost $70,000 for cancer research.

BOUQUET To the recent retired realtor who stayed and filled out a witness report about my slip and fall in the store in May. Very kind and considerate.

BOUQUET To Saputo for making the decision not to do business anymore with the farm company in Chilliwack that was abusing its cows.

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