Beefs & Bouquets in the July 1 print issue of the Nanaimo News Bulletin.

Beefs & Bouquets in the July 1 print issue of the Nanaimo News Bulletin.

Beefs & Bouquets, July 1

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BOUQUET Thank you to all the nice people at the Medical Arts Centre at Port Place, Dr. N. Parkin and registered nurse Cheryl. Also thank you to all the nice people in the ambulance, in the emergency room in the hospital who were taking care of me like my family.

BEEF To the people who are leaving notes on people’s cars that have Alberta plates when they come into B.C. This is ridiculous, you should be ashamed of yourself treating people like this. Some B.C. residents have family back there so you are offending us as well. I apologize to all Alberta people for this horrible behaviour.

BOUQUET To the person who mowed the boulevard on Tenth and Park. The neighbourhood looks much better.

BEEF To the city councillor who preaches such utopia as the ‘new normal.’ It already existed but unfortunately the sheep-like mentality of politicians globally has ruined that forever.

BOUQUET Thank you to the person who paid for my ice cream in the drive-thru at Dairy Queen. I will pay it forward.

BEEF I work at a retail store where every day, thieves come in, fill up their bags and backpacks which they have stolen from us to begin with and then just walk out the door as if it is their God-given right. So who suffers? The poor, honest workers. Hours get cut in order to pay for all the loss. Very, very disappointed with the way this city is turning out.

BOUQUET To Laurie from Island Eco Energy for being so professional while installing my heat pump on Turner Road during these crazy times. I love it.

BEEF To the large group of about 30 hikers at Enos Lake. Your blocking of trails was inconsiderate and against provincial health guidelines. As a group of senior citizens, you should know better.

BOUQUET To the gent in the blue Saturn ahead of me in the McDonald’s Terminal Park drive-thru who paid for my coffee and muffin. I promise to pay the good deed forward.

BEEF To whoever is shooting off firecrackers at 7 p.m. on our street. Scaring dogs and wildlife is not a good way to celebrate your community and support workers.

BOUQUET Is it my imagination, or are Nanaimo’s rhododendrons simply spectacular this year?

BEEF To those concerned about sidewalk social distancing etiquette. If you are so concerned about me/others walking past you at less than six feet, wear a mask. Dr. Henry has said social distancing is not always possible and, if you are concerned, wear a mask or just stay home.

BOUQUET To the mechanics at Mitsubishi. Especially the young man who was quick to fix my car. Amazing staff as always.

BEEF To the woman who called out to me, my son and my mother-in-law that we did not have to wear masks in our car outside the coffee shop. My in-law is 83 years old and we don’t live in the same place. My son and I have been wearing masks to protect her. I am not sure what your rationale was for judging us, but mind your own business. You are the one politicizing masks, while I am the one trying to keep my loved ones safe.

BOUQUET To Kathy and Perry at Snip and Stitch Sewing Centre for coming to my rescue, now I can finish my brother’s birthday quilt. Great service at this trying time.

BEEF To the supermarket in Nanaimo for fundraising for Victoria’s Royal Jubilee Hospital ICU when our local NRGH ICU is one of the oldest in B.C. What gives? Local fundraising should be prioritized for local projects.

BOUQUET To the man and his father who left me a generous and unexpected tip. My work week and income have been drastically reduced and I was short of grocery money. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the drivers using Chapel Street to Commercial Street. More than 80 per cent do not stop at the stop sign at Commercial. The police should monitor this intersection and issue tickets to violators.

BOUQUET Thanks to the mountain bikers who made that trail on the Abyss.

BEEF To the big box store for selling in its garden centre the herbicide that kills bees. Other stores have it locked up.

BOUQUET To Minister of Transportation Claire Trevena, Chief Coroner Lisa Lapointe and Cpl. Brigitte G. for acknowledging and responding to my concerns over the intersection of Yellow Point, Hill and Michael Road, which was the site of a fatality. Thank you to Bryce P. for his amiable and professional inclusion of me in troubleshooting the issue and keeping me informed as to the decisions being made. Lastly, thank you to all the drivers who slow down and give me space whether I be walking with a dog, horse or just my own two sneakers.

BEEF To our chief health officer. You should have unequivocally stated that all protests are banned if they exceed 50 people gathered. If you can ban large music gatherings, you can ban this kind of gathering. Your concern has rightfully been our health; don’t compromise your moral compass in order to please the protesters.

BOUQUET To the person who sent in a bouquet to the woman who found their purse in a shopping cart kiosk: it was me who found it. Some of those around me questioned my decision to turn in your purse. I knew it was no question, but I am grateful to be able to hear the positive impact anyway. Thank you.

BEEF Westwood Lake is one of the most popular places in Nanaimo and there is just not enough parking. So frustrating on a hot day with a car full of excited kids. Often vehicles overflow onto the road and into residential streets. The City of Nanaimo knows this and owns enough property to accommodate but just can’t manage to get it done.

BOUQUET Thank you again to the kind man who helped me at the recycling depot. My arthritic hands are forever grateful for your act of kindness. We need more people like you. Please stay safe.

BEEF The library is an essential service, especially for those people who otherwise have no access to the internet.

BOUQUET To health-care workers who have kept our seniors safe, police, fire, ambulance, doctors, nurses and all essential workers who are there for all of us. Stay safe, strong and thank you.

BEEF To the golf course for destroying all the swallows’ nests on their patios.

BOUQUET To Raj and his team at Christensen Collision. They are efficient, professional and do top-quality work.

BEEF To city council yet again; you’re still continuing to drop the ball especially with people who are homeless. Nanaimo’s shame is growing.

BOUQUET To Jim, Tony, and Warren at Staples in Brooks Landing shopping centre for excellent customer service with my Fitbit watch. I was more than satisfied. Thank you.

BEEF To the B.C. government for not continuing with the travel restrictions on B.C. Ferries. They should only be carrying essential goods, not travellers.

BOUQUET To Al at End of the Roll for all his patience, time and effort in helping me create a splash guard for my outdoor fountain, finding a little piece of indoor-outdoor carpet that works perfect. Awesome service, really nice guy. Thank you.

BEEF To the thief who stole my two boxes of baking soda from my shopping cart.

BOUQUET To the Madrona ultrasound technician. Thank you for the warm, real and one of the most comfortable conversations I’ve had in a long time. You were a gem, thank you from my big heart to yours.

BEEF I agree that drivers in Nanoose are fast-paced, even in parking lots. Are you in such a hurry? For what? Slow down or move back to the mainland and shop in the city.

BOUQUET I was in Home Hardware and made a purchase. I forgot the bag and purchase in the cart by my car. When I called the store, sure enough someone brought it back into the store and they were holding it for me. There are very good and honest people in this world and we have many in Nanaimo.

BEEF A certain pub owner in town is using intimidation tactics to make her staff work during and after the pandemic even if they have pre-existing health concerns for themselves and in their families. She’s telling her staff if they do not come back right away and work full time she will make sure that they lose their CERB and she will issue them a new ROE saying that they have quit.

BOUQUET To the councillors who voted no to the $400,000 special bike lanes. To those other councillors, accountability will be your political downfall.

BEEF To a certain store not having its end-of-the-month sale because of the virus. Should this not give you more reason to have it?

BOUQUET To the staff at Lakeside Gardens. Your diligence in keeping our loved ones safe during COVID is greatly appreciated. We all are extremely lucky to have you looking after our family members.

BEEF To people who buy those look-alike weapons. There have been several incidents that could have been more serious.

BOUQUET Thank you to whoever was responsible for paving the Parkway Trail. What a pleasure to ride our bikes on a bump-free trail.

BEEF To the school district. $900,000 for the demolition of the former career resource centre gets an F.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo North Town Centre London Drugs electronic department for repairing my Macbook and providing amazing customer service. In the future I will be purchasing all my electronics from here, and recommending the electronic department to my friends and family.

BEEF The whole of Yellow Point Road is a hazard. The rough patchwork pavement along with the chopped-up and non-existent shoulder makes for a dangerous ride. Are these conditions the reasons accidents happen?

BOUQUET To the angel who bought me hamburger at the Country Club Save-On-Foods. It made two meatloaves and fed four happy people.

BOUQUET Thank you to Nikki for paying for our groceries in Country Grocer. God bless you.

BEEF To those who live in 55-plus parks, just because there is no sidewalk doesn’t mean you need to walk in the middle of the road.

BOUQUET My wonderful physician Dr. P.J. Boshoff rates among the best, his knowledge of healing is excellent. With this virus out there, he calls to check on me. He is a kind gentleman, I am grateful to be in his care. Many thanks.

BEEF To the woman or man who witnessed a dog apparently being abused in a school park. Did you call the SPCA?

BOUQUET To a nice HandyDart bus driver, Ron. Thank you for your help. Also a bouquet to bus driver Jody for his nice personality helping all bus passengers, cheering them up with his smile and by his words in this difficult time.

BEEF What is the city thinking? Saving takpayers $40,000 on the community policing office and putting in bike lanes at a cost of $400,000. Money can be put to better use, don’t you think?

BOUQUET To my husband Bruce, you were right, I was wrong.

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