Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 5

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BOUQUET To the young man pushing a little girl in a stroller onto the ferry at Duke Point, who carried a heavy bag of Christmas presents onto the ferry for a struggling elderly couple.

BOUQUET Thanks again this year for the hard-working elves that made up the wonderful baskets for Barsby Secondary School’s needy.

BOUQUET To the girls at Terminal Park Cobs. Such customer service. The smiles and the ‘how are you?’ make such personal service. Shelly sure knows how to run an excellent bakery. The new girl is a great addition –  always smiling.

BOUQUET To the city councillor who made it on This Hour Has 22 Minutes; finally Nanaimo is recognized for more then the Nanaimo bar. Bravo to him for standing up to a bully and making the citizens of Nanaimo proud.

BOUQUET To the family who took out a full memorial in the Bulletin. I am very sorry that your beloved Sam passed away. Your love and dedication to your furry family member restored my faith in humanity for a moment. I read it to my family, and I admit, I shed a tear. He was obviously very loved.

BOUQUET I was seriously injured recently in a car accident and brought to NRGH emergency. Over the next three weeks, the care and skill of the ICU and third-floor physicians, nurses, all the staff was phenomenal. Thank you.

BOUQUET To my beautiful girlfriend Tammy.  Thank you for looking after me, and with all your help getting my health and life back on track. It took us awhile to get here, but you were worth the wait. I love you very much.

BOUQUET To the man on Davies Lane who heard me spinning my tires and came over to help shovel my truck out of the driveway. You stayed until I was safely on my way. It was a generous act of kindness that was greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To the staff at Westhill Pharmasave on Bowen Road. I have been getting my family’s prescriptions here for decades and they all go above and beyond. David, Meghan, Karen and all the others are fantastic. I hope you are around forever.

BOUQUET To the family living on the corner of Murray Street and Park Avenue for their kind deed of shovelling snow from sidewalk/bus stop. A lot of seniors and moms with families use that sidewalk and bus stop on a daily basis. Thanks.

BOUQUET In the spirit of Christmas giving and winter road safety a Christmas angel was sent to me. After hearing of my bad experience at a local tire shop, this amazing woman arranged for new tires and exceptional speedy service at another shop in town. She wanted to make sure myself and my family were safe this winter.

BOUQUET To Jake and staff at Nanaimo Mitsubishi for going above and beyond helping me off the road with a flat tire and following through providing amazing customer service arranging new tires in time for Christmas.

BOUQUET To Speedy Auto in downtown Nanaimo. Outstanding customer service and great job fixing my truck. First auto shop in Nanaimo to treat me as a valued client.

BOUQUET to Jonathan, Ryan and Mohammed at TBooth in Woodgrove, who went above and beyond to help honour my old gift coupons. Thank you for your great customer service.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my purse at Quality Foods Northridge when I accidentally forgot it there. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the café for looking after it for me.

BOUQUET To Alison and Tone with Sonshine Girls Painting. Under strict timelines, Alison helped me select the perfect colours, and Tone and his crew rocked the job. They are such a personable and efficient team.

BOUQUET To Colleen who uses the pay phone at the Lighthouse. I love seeing your smiling face.

BOUQUET To Scott and crew at the Two Burley Men moving company for offering a free move to our newly arrived Syrian refugee family of five. This is such a community-minded company and their generous offer is greatly appreciated.

BOUQUET To the man who is shovelling the snow off my front walkway as I am 94 and so cannot shovel.

BOUQUET Once again, Georgia Avenue School would like to thank the Mid Island Tai Chi Club for its ongoing support in providing fresh fruits and veggies for our students.

BOUQUET To the Superstore staff. As we were leaving Superstore, my wife appeared to be suffering from a medical problem; within a minute, two of the staff were by her side asking if they could help and call an ambulance if necessary.

BOUQUET To Tanesha at the Brooks Landing Staples Print Centre. She was not only incredibly helpful and pleasant, the products she printed for us looked fantastic and helped make our fundraiser a huge success. Also a big thank you to store managers, Kathy and Larry, for their support.

BOUQUET To Dustin at Island Website Design. He is extremely helpful and informed. I highly recommend him.

BOUQUET To Waverlea at Wits End Solutions. She is very gracious with her time and assistance. Thank you so much.

BOUQUET to Sport Chek Nanaimo store manager Richard Slater who donated a new bike to a young boy whose bike was stolen in front of his school. This act of kindness could not have happened to a more deserving young student who would otherwise have gone without. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Les who did my echocardiogram at NRGH. Your kindness and caring manner made the procedure much more pleasant. Thank you so very much, also for the escort.

BOUQUET Usually I ignore commercials but there’s one at the moment that’s appropriate, considering what’s happening in the world. It shows a Catholic priest and a Muslim imam who are close friends.

BOUQUET To all our News Bulletin customers between St. George and Poplar streets. Thank you for your friendliness, generosity and continued support that keeps us delivering.

BOUQUET To Dr. W. Colborne for all your years of service to us. You are going to be hard to replace. All  the best to you in your retirement years.

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