Bouquet to the eight-year-old Mountain View Elementary student who made door decorations to collect money to ensure a family at our school could enjoy a Christmas dinner. Your kind-hearted nature and generous spirit are so appreciated and admired.

Bouquet to the eight-year-old Mountain View Elementary student who made door decorations to collect money to ensure a family at our school could enjoy a Christmas dinner. Your kind-hearted nature and generous spirit are so appreciated and admired.

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 5

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BOUQUET To all the volunteers at Morrell Sanctuary. I walk there every week with my dogs and am grateful for all the work you do to maintain the trails, paths and parking. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for giving me a chuckle when I looked at the 2022 waste pickup schedule. The colour scheme has been changed; surely there will be no more complaints?

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin for publishing my beefs. The passive aggressive art of beefing is far more satisfying than screaming into my pillow.

BOUQUET To the eight-year-old Mountain View Elementary student who made door decorations to collect money to ensure a family at our school could enjoy a Christmas dinner. Your kind-hearted nature and generous spirit are so appreciated and admired. Thank you for being a super awesome human and kudos to your parents for raising such a wonderful boy.

BOUQUET To the lovely couple at Browns Social House who paid our bill with the only request we pay it forward. It made our day, such an incredibly kind thing to do.

BOUQUET To the Discount Battery Warehouse. I took in a vintage toy and the the staff member not only got the right replacement battery and charger but he wired a new harness so it would run. It was unexpected and I was delighted with the service. Thanks. Another good reason to shop local.

BOUQUET Huge thanks to Paul at Barron’s Appliance Centre who repaired my oven just in time for holiday baking and Christmas turkey.

BOUQUET Many thanks to Michelle at Maison Cookware and Bakeware who helped make my first cake a success. Perfect bundt pan and great recipe.

BOUQUET To Papa John’s Pizza for surprising the bottle sorters at Food for You with pizzas. It had been a particularly cold day for sorting outdoors. They warmed us up both physically and in our hearts. Thank you. You are awesome and have my business now.

BOUQUET Many thanks to the Dover Bay Secondary band for the outdoor impromptu Christmas concert. It made our day.

BOUQUET To my sister Leigh B., tireless volunteer with many charities and groups. Energetic, knowledgeable, compassionate – Leigh shows up to help out at Eden Gardens, Salvation Army kettles, Rotary, vaccination clinics, and more. Thank you.

BOUQUET Thanks to Kathleen and her husband for supporting families at Brechin school every Christmas. Their compassion and giving brightens so many lives and their thoughtfulness is so appreciated by everyone.

BOUQUET To the ladies at the cash registers at the 49th Parallel grocery in Cedar. They were super helpful to me when I locked myself and my little dog out of my car a few days ago. Your kindness was very much appreciated.

BOUQUET Thank you to the person who handed in my black shoulder bag at the Brooks Landing Tim Hortons. You demonstrated my faith in honesty and consideration in people. Merry Christmas, many blessings on you and may kindness visit you multi-fold.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo plow truck drivers for getting on top of clearing the snow from the roads very early on a Saturday morning.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Clippers ticket agent who provided excellent service to rectify a transaction malfunction through the website.

BOUQUET Thank you to all of the tradespeople who are working their hearts out to complete their projects with quality and care. Your work and time is highly appreciated. A special nod goes out to the Colonial Counter Tops staff who have exceeded all expectations, and are some of the kindest people around.

BOUQUET To the surgeon and nurses at NRGH, whose care and professionalism removed the stress regarding the usually dreaded colonoscopy.

BOUQUET I’ve gone through a variety of crises lately, but then I got a card from my youngest son. It had a duck in a canoe with a paddle on a very rough sea. It said “things may be tough now.” Inside, I read, with a big smile and thumbs up, “but you’re tougher.”

BOUQUET To Papa John’s Pizza for the generous donation delivered to the Saturday morning crew volunteering for the bottle drive at Loaves and Fishes. Thank you to the regulars for showing the Aspengrove students the ropes and to the students and teachers for their time.

BOUQUET To nurse Joanne in ambulatory care for her wonderful and caring assistance during my surgical procedure.

BOUQUET To the lady at the Nanaimo North Town Centre Tim Hortons drive-thru. Sweetest and best service ever.

BOUQUET To Enviroclean Residential and Commercial Cleaning. Your team rocks. COVID-conscious, detail-specific and the best clean team we have ever had.

BOUQUET To the lovely angel who paid for our groceries at Real Canadian Superstore. You have no idea how much this gesture meant to our family; we are struggling and had just turned in cans and bottles to scrape together a bit of money to put some food on the table. Your gesture will never be forgotten. Blessed be.

BOUQUET To Lee G. and the entire Grover Communications staff for their generous and continued support of the Mudge Island Citizens Society fire equipment. Your kindness and support for this small community deserve a big thank you.

BOUQUET A very big heartfelt thanks to Paris at Virgin Mobile for going above and beyond to help me.

BOUQUET To the crew of Knott’s Landscaping for cutting back the thorny trailing rose bushes that had overtaken the sidewalk on Metral Drive. We pedestrians appreciate the now much wider, user-friendly walkway.

BOUQUET To the mountain bikers who took it upon themselves to repair bridges on Copley Ridge Trail after the floods. They did a great job and it was much appreciated by all those who use the trails.

BOUQUET To Craftsman Collision for the awesome work they did on my older Toyota. I was in an accident (not my fault) and did damage to the right side of my immaculate, low-mileage car. Was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Looks like it came out of a showroom. Thank you to all the staff for the incredible job you did.

BOUQUET To the Groveland home that is a Christmas spectacular both inside and out.Thank you for sharing your Christmas spirit and acts of kindness with so many.

BOUQUET To everyone who supported the Shoebox Project in Nanaimo this season – we collected 100 shoebox gifts that were delivered to Island Crisis Care Society. Thanks also to Nanaimo North Town Centre, CurVa-Voom and Thrifty Foods for acting as drop-off locations.

BOUQUET We have a long driveway shared by three elderly neighbours. We saw a young man shovelling all our driveways. He wouldn’t take any payment. He said people had been good to him and he was paying it back. Thank you.

BOUQUET To Dana, Cheryl, staff, and customers at London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre for their generous contribution to our seniors at Arrowsmith Lodge and Cokely Manor. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

BOUQUET To Debra at Andrew Sheret and Splashes. Our product arrived damaged and needed replacing and she has been amazing throughout the whole process. Even though it has been delayed, she has been in constant contact to keep us informed.

BOUQUET To the first-aid staff at Country Grocers on Bowen Road who came to my rescue when I tripped and landed on my face. They calmed me and called the ambulance. Also a bouquet to Deb who called for help and drove my dog home.

BOUQUET To the lovely couple on the ferry to Departure Bay. How could I ever tell you how much it meant to me that a perfect stranger came and consoled me in my grief? I will never forget your beautiful face or that of your companion in the car. You’ve touched my heart.

BOUQUET To Penny and the staff at Port Place London Drugs for providing a gift for every resident at Wexford Creek Seniors Residence. Along with the general public’s overwhelming support, the Stocking Stuffers for Seniors program was very much appreciated and heart-warming.

BOUQUET To Big O Tires. They generously squeezed me in to install winter tires on my car and finished in record time. Outstanding customer service extends to their employees, who received extra time off to be with their loved ones this holiday.

BOUQUET Well done Shyla on the birth of my great-granddaughter in Kelowna. From a very happy nanny in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To my paper boy Aiden for all your great service. Always a smile on your face, and a pleasure to talk to.

BOUQUET Thanks, Ed, for your generosity at Lantzville Pub with the Coronation Street Club.

BOUQUET To the young man who got out of his car to help a senior citizen with a walker cross a very busy Norwell Drive. He then continued to assist him to the store down the road. Hats off to this rare young man who seems to remember the good old days of helping one another.

BOUQUET To everyone able to decorate their home with Christmas lights. A wonderful way to brighten up our lives.

BOUQUET To Bavarian Motors and Klyntt and staff. Appreciate your great service always. Cannot say enough about your great work.

BOUQUET To the cashier at the Bay. Thank you for your assistance, firstly for helping me find the area to look for what I wanted (even though it wasn’t your department) and secondly for allowing a Christmas gift bought in the Bay’s Ottawa store at full price four days earlier to be returned and resold to me for the new sale price. You were so pleasant to deal with, and made me feel valued. The Bay is fortunate to have you as an employee.

BOUQUET To all the nurses, doctors, support workers, technicians and everyone at NRGH. You are all amazing at what you do. I have had occasion to be at NRGH as a patient and for many follow-up tests. Impressed is not the word. You are all angels in uniforms. A special thank you to Chad, Marnie and Ruby in medical imaging. You make a stressful time less scary. Thank you. Bless you all.

BOUQUET To my daughter. Guess what? I love you.

BOUQUET To those who have sprinkled Christmas flakes and adorned branches along trails. It puts a smile on my face and encouraged me to follow suit. Such a simple way to bring joy.

BOUQUET To the dedicated kitchen staff at the Salvation Army’s New Hope Centre. They work tirelessly to provide healthy, delicious meals to people in need in a friendly and caring manner.

BOUQUET A heartfelt thank you to Charlie Brown’s Health Foods owner and staff for 40 years of shared memories and laughter.Especially grateful to all the customers and friends. With you, the years went by so fast. Will never forget you all.

BOUQUET To those struggling with OCD, anxiety, depression, self-harm, intrusive thoughts, PTSD, or the scars of abuse. I see you. I believe you. You are not alone. Wonderful people are out there to help you. You are all my heroes.

BOUQUET Enjoy the beauty around us. Listen to the relaxing music. Laugh more. Strive for inner peace. Good way to start the new year.

BOUQUET To Sleep Country which made buying a mattress and box spring a dream come true. The in-store service and delivery were excellent. Thank you, you restored my faith in customer service and caring.

BOUQUET To the young man handing out candy canes and chocolates to workers whom he came in contact with throughout the day. So thoughtful. Thank you. It really lifted my spirited as a cashier dealing with the hustle of Christmas.

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