Beef. I witnessed an older woman as she removed two full garbage bags of cans and bottles from the drop-off bin outside the church. I managed to snap a few pictures of her and sent them to the charity. Some folks have no conscience.

Beef. I witnessed an older woman as she removed two full garbage bags of cans and bottles from the drop-off bin outside the church. I managed to snap a few pictures of her and sent them to the charity. Some folks have no conscience.

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 26

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BOUQUET Even though I like shovelling light, fluffy snow, thank you Jeff for using your new snow blower to help clean my driveway and the sidewalk around Shadow Mountain Road and Butcher Road during this white Christmas. I will keep you on a retainer for 2022.

BEEF To anyone telling anyone else what to do. Remember the good old days when everyone minded their own business? I’m not interested in what you think you know. Just do your thing, and I’ll do mine. Keep your opinions to yourselves and move along with your day. You’re doing nothing more than spreading hate, and your children are watching.

BOUQUET To Steve for surprising us by paying for our last meal of 2021 at the Chinese buffet. Happy new year to you.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed people who burn garbage in their backyards and wood stoves. Not all of us burn garbage; I know we only burn wood, that’s our source of heat for our house. And our garbage goes to the garbage trucks. Find something else to complain about.

BOUQUET Thank you to the wonderful neighbour on Andrea Crescent who plows our driveway with his quad every time it snows.

BEEF To the young lady at the store in the Old City. The energy in there was very uninviting. The lady at the till was rude and impatient. My transaction seemed like a wild inconvenience for her. She huffed and sighed loudly through my purchase and wasn’t wearing a mask. Perhaps an exception for a medical issue but seemed more likely a can’t-be-bothered issue.

BOUQUET To Popeye and the snow angels who kept driveways and sidewalks shovelled for those unable to do their own on the cul-de-sac.

BEEF Why aren’t roads being salted and plowed? Roads everywhere are nightmare.

BOUQUET To all the good neighbours helping each other through the recent snowmaggedon, and the kind drivers stopping to help those stuck – thanks for putting a smile on my face.

BEEF To Nanaimo drivers. Are all the pile-ups not making it clear that you shouldn’t drive selfishly?

BOUQUET To Keegan from Norm’s Plumbing who braved the snowy roads on Christmas Eve to get us a new hot water tank. Move over Santa – Keegan’s our new Christmas Eve hero.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo. We live in what was a lovely peaceful residential neighbourhood. Recently a neighbour was allowed to open an automobile detailing business which has completely disrupted our peace and serenity. We are subjected on a daily basis to increased traffic and noise, glare and vibration. Time to take action and stop the city from allowing any kind of business involving automobiles to be allowed as a home-based business in a residential neighbourhood.

BOUQUET To Brenda, Andreas, Erik and Marcus H. who responded in minutes to a leaking roof problem at Unity Spiritual Centre, going up on the roofs, clearing snowpack and cleaning frozen drains, averting potentially huge damage. An exceptional family. Our deepest gratitude to you all.

BEEF To the grocery store that has half its meat department staff unvaccinated, putting out food for the public.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo Transit for keeping the buses running and on time despite road and weather conditions. Because of the lack of snow clearing, this became the only means of transportation for many.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo and all the people who are deferring their city taxes. If everyone didn’t pay their taxes where would we be? There are people with two homes, two cars, boats, trailers and vacationing down south. There is no requirement for financial hardship at all. Those of us who do pay our taxes have to pay for large increases because of a smaller base of taxpayers.

BOUQUET My elderly mother’s furnace broke down and could not be repaired for a few days. Mark T. at Canadian Tire went above and beyond when he completed my transaction on the phone for a space heater and delivered it to her home personally as I could not pick it up from the store because of the snow. Thank you.

BEEF I witnessed an older woman as she removed two full garbage bags of cans and bottles from the drop-off bin outside the church. She tossed the bags into her dark grey Ford SUV. I managed to snap a few pictures of her and sent them to the charity. Some folks have no conscience.

BOUQUET Thank you to the gentleman in the checkout line at Real Canadian Superstore who gave me his free turkey. It was delicious. Just wanted him to know I made a $25 donation to the food bank since he couldn’t donate it to them.

BEEF The Christmas snow storm proved once again that Nanaimo’s plans and rules for snow clearing don’t work.

BOUQUET To John at Port Place London Drugs in the photography department. He was professional, kind, and very helpful.

BEEF To the beefers complaining about the wonderful fairy home doors in Neck Point Park. My children make sure I take them to the park every weekend to check out the fairy homes. They bring them so much happiness and a bit of magic into their lives. The park is a public place for all to enjoy.

BOUQUET A huge thank you and debt of gratitude to Damien who was so kind and cheerful while he was busy digging me out of the snow drift in which I was stuck. I was so appreciative of his willingness to help and his ability to get me out of my predicament. I’m sure his good deed at the end of 2021 will ensure he will have a wonderful 2022.

BEEF We are certainly frustrated by the lack of snow plowing in our neighbourhood. Where are the resources we all pay huge taxes for? Perhaps the city should obtain some more plows and equipment.

BOUQUET Shout out to Nanaimo Denture Clinic. Most amazing group of people I have ever met. To my Christmas angel Ahmed, thank you for your amazing work.

BEEF To those responsible for keeping the streets around the police, fire and ambulance stations cleared. I think the roads were cleared once. Frequent clearing is needed in those areas.

BOUQUET To the friendly neighbour on the green quad with the plow attachment in the south end subdivision that never gets plowed, thank you for being our snow removal. You don’t know how much it is appreciated. What a thoughtful person.

BEEF To the B.C. Ministry of Health that says it can’t stop us from getting Omicron, yet close fully vaxxed gyms where people go to get healthy.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who rescued me during my first delivery of the day when I got stuck on his street. You are an absolute life saver and I’m so grateful.

BEEF B.C. Hydro just hit an all time record for power use. What’s going to happen when we all need to charge our electric vehicles?

BOUQUET To the gentleman on Haliburton who let my little guy check out his bus on his walk home with his dad. He was so stoked to tell me all about it. You’re a rock star.

BEEF What is a church doing with a $10,000 espresso machine?

BOUQUET To the person who found my red Vancouver 2010 mitt and put it on a fence where I found it. Thank you very much.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo which apparently has run out of salt.

BOUQUET To my Cedar neighbours. This time of the year, I’m so glad I’m here, in the midst of neighbours who do so many favours. Nicole goes to the trouble of bringing her own shovel to clear a path to my barn so I won’t come to any harm. A heavy snowfall is such a worry, but never fear when your neighbour is Murray. His bobcat emerges from its den to clear the snow again and again. Nicole and Karin top off my grocery list with supplies I previously missed. Mary and Dan bring my horses’ feed. To risk the roads? I have no need.

BEEF Because I couldn’t get my vehicle out in the snow I had to use public transportation to get to the grocery store. That was the most miserable and terrifying adventure I’ve had in a long time. Most sidewalks are not shovelled. The bus stops are completely buried in snow and so myself and a mother with a baby in a stroller had to stand on the road.When I was trying to get off the bus, the driver kept driving past my stop, saying he didn’t want to let me off where it wasn’t plowed. Except nothing was plowed.

BOUQUET To my pals Brooklynn and Alex for helping me be safe, sane, and stocked up on groceries when I was snowed in for two weeks. I couldn’t ask for better friends.

BEEF To my landlord who wouldn’t have the parking lot plowed or salted at my apartment. Perhaps a lawsuit is cheaper?

BOUQUET To everyone who shovels and salts their driveways and stairs. On behalf of all delivery drivers, we salute you.

BEEF To the city for plowing the bicycle lanes on Front Street – lanes that are little used even in the summer months – pronto during the December snowstorms. Not a cyclist in sight. Residents in cul-de-sacs had to wait for days before seeing a plow. What a boondoggle.

BOUQUET To the nurses, doctors, health care aides, technicians and housekeepers at NRGH who helped save my life recently when I was ill with sepsis. You all work so professionally and with compassion. Special thanks to ICU and first-floor staff.

BEEF To our health-care system for making us nurses work so short-staffed. We cannot take much more of this. We were already in a staffing crisis before COVID hit. Shame on you for making some of the best nurses I know burn out and walk away from this noble profession. It’s time to strike.

BOUQUET To the lovely young lady and her mom behind me in the Costco lineup who offered to grab toothpaste that I forgot to get. It was such a kind gesture and greatly appreciated.

BEEF To the city, perhaps we could have the snow plows actually drop the blade all the way to the road. Only removing the top layer of fresh snow still leaves two inches of ice underneath and gives a false sense that it’s safe to drive on. Even the highway wasn’t fully cleared.

BOUQUET To the man in the silver truck who goes above and beyond to plow the snow on Graham Crescent. You don’t have to do it but you do and the whole neighbourhood benefits from it. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the drivers along Victoria Crescent. The speed limit has been 30 kilometres an hour along here for most of the year, going 60km/h and yelling at pedestrians in the crosswalk that “next time I’ll run you over” is abhorrent behaviour. Slow down, smarten up.

BOUQUET Our Aunty Pat is relentless in her caring of our grandmother and the pure kindness she shows to everyone she knows. We love you more than words.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo and its frenzy to install traffic-calming obstacles and bike lanes, with the mother of them all on Hammond Bay with its own stop lights. Maybe you could even squeeze a bike lane on what little is left of the road.

BOUQUET To our awesome post office person in Cedar. She hand delivered a package to us on Christmas Eve on her way home from work just in case we needed it for Christmas. This is why I moved to Cedar. Small community, big hearts.

BEEF To the nursery manager, I was employed with you and a male employee made unwanted advances towards me. When I notified my supervisor that it was making me uncomfortable he told me that I apparently gave him the impression that I wanted the advances and proceeded to cover the whole thing up, leaving me with no other choice but to resign. All young women be warned, this is a boys’ club and I do not recommend working for this company.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to Jeremy from across the street. Twice now he has come over and helped me shovel out my driveway that was piled with snow. A very generous, kind and cheerful man. He didn’t think twice about helping.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for deciding to cancel waste collection rather than plow and salt the streets.

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Beefs and bouquets

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