Beefs & Bouquets Jan. 24

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A Bouquet to the Idle No More demonstrators for their peaceful, meaningful conduct. I applaud your articulate and dedicated leaders.

bouquets for all of the employees at B.C. Ferries. Thanks for the friendship, the laughs, the smiles and thanks also to each and every one of you for who you are. Happiness always.

A bouquet. When my old pickup truck broke down by MacKay Precast Products, the owner, a nice young lady, stopped and phoned for a tow truck.

a bouquet to the bus driver at Townsite Road who pulled ahead 30 metres to pick up an elderly lady who was running to catch the bus.

a Bouquet to Quality Foods for not only giving me a free turkey, but also cutting it in half for me so I can have the second half another time.

Bouquets of spring flowers to Mary and Kiyo who treat me, their paper carrier, so well. I am so lucky to have them both in my life.

Thank you to Jessica at the Nanaimo News Bulletin. She is a special person to work for and she is also a good friend. From Sandy Brimacombe.

A blessed New Year to my son, Sean M. Your Christmas gifts of a duvet to keep me warm and a gift certificate for groceries were appreciated. Most of all, the Christmas card with your special letter brought me to tears.

A rosy bouquet to Steph. She came over and cooked supper for grandpa and I and washed all the dishes, too.

a bouquet to the person who turned my daughter’s purse in to the lost and found at Woodgrove Centre. Good karma will follow you.

A big bouquet to Quality Foods stores, which closed both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. What a fine example they set for our town.

A big bouquet to a north end gas station for not raising gas prices before Christmas – unlike the other gas grinches.

Thanks to the young lady who paid my grocery bill last month. You not only made me grateful, but also my church because I passed the good deed along. God bless you.

a Bouquet to the Fitzgerald triplets. They are not only exciting to watch, but they are also talented players. With 108 points so far this year, it is a loss for the Nanaimo Clippers.

Thank you to every person on my five paper routes. You all treated me so well for Christmas and throughout the year. From the teddy bear cart lady. Puppy dog kisses and kitty pats to all the dogs and cats on my paper routes.

a grateful bouquet to our hero Joe Campbell who plows our roads at Long Lake Heights whenever it snows. When I am snug in my bed at night, I hear his snowplow go by many times. Joe, who works so hard to keep us safe while we all sleep, never misses a snowflake. He is kind and reliable and goes out of his way to help us all out. You’re the best, Joe, and we all appreciate you.

Many thanks to the stylish and clever people of this beautiful city for voting Quintessential and Q Shoes “Best Store for Ladies Wear” in the Nanaimo News Bulletin’s Best of Nanaimo for 2012.

a Bouquet of wrenches and screwdrivers to Larry at Hit Fair Auto for being an honest, no nonsense, dependable mechanic.

A bouquet to the driver at the intersection who knew the rules of the road. Thanks for not waving me through when it was not my turn, for not sitting there not knowing what to do and for not racing through trying to beat me, since it really was your turn.

An enormous bouquet to the gentleman in the black jeep who appeared out of the snow at Rosstown and Bowen roads recently. He pushed two of us out of the slush so we and traffic could move again.

A Big thank you to those wonderful people who stopped to help push my stuck car out of the slippery snow at the corner of Departure Bay and Argyle roads recently. A special thank you to the woman who then drove me home. I parked my car as I had had enough of driving in the snow.

thank you to Meals on Wheels drivers who delivered meals through snow and sleet recently. All meals were delivered as usual.

a beef to my north Nanaimo neighbours. Please stop throwing scraps out for the seagulls. They are hanging out on the street lights and making a mess on our rooftops, sun decks and cars as they wait for their next feeding.

a beef to a local thrift store for raising prices. Some people in this market need a bargain.

A beef to the people who constantly question and insult my boyfriend for parking in disabled parking spots. Yes, he is young, but that doesn’t mean he is not disabled. Those spots are not just for old people to use. They are for anyone whose doctor has said they need them. Stop judging and look into juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and other such diseases that affect a young person’s mobility.

a beef to the driver who swerved around me at high speed in the parking lot when I was backing up.

A beef to all scammers, but particularly those who take advantage of grief situations. Every time there’s some kind of disaster,  generous people give money to help relieve the situation and scammers set up false Internet and charity accounts to take people’s money. How low do you have to sink to do something like that?

A beef to the paper carrier who leaves the papers shoved into the fence to get soaked when it rains. It is only about six metres to the house. Why not do the job right?

A beef to the person who is hanging out in public washrooms watching what we are doing. That’s why I don’t use public washrooms. You are sick. Get help.

a beef to the ungrateful person who complained about getting half their expected Christmas bonus this year. Maybe you shouldn’t have got any. Half is better than none at all in this economy.

A beef to transit policy. I’ve ridden HandyDart exclusively for several years because the bus stop is just a tad too far away. I recently acquired a walker and thought I could ride the bus again, but I was told I couldn’t take a walker on the bus. If a wheelchair and a baby buggy were on the bus at the same time, the driver would have to kick me off.

a big beef about the Port Authority’s deal with a Sidney-based company regarding the downtown Nanaimo Boat Basin. You will now see big yachts and access will be blocked for fisherman and small boat owners. Shame on Nanaimo city council for being complacent and irresponsible.

A beef to the person who keeps stealing my newspaper. I know you’re not taking it to read, since that would require literacy. Can’t you use some other material to start your burn barrel fires?

A BEEF to the people who welcome back hockey as if nothing happened at all. The fans deserve compensation for footing the bill.

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