Beef to the lady in the beige vehicle losing her mind. It was a 30km/h school zone. If you were abiding by it there would not have been an issue that I pulled out in front of you, I would have even apologized to you.

Beef to the lady in the beige vehicle losing her mind. It was a 30km/h school zone. If you were abiding by it there would not have been an issue that I pulled out in front of you, I would have even apologized to you.

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 19

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BOUQUET To our wonderful neighbours in the Butcher Road-Shadow Mountain Road community who used their snow blowers, quads with plows, and those with snow shovels who have worked so hard to help those unable to clear so much snow. Your collective work on behalf of the neighbourhood is duly noted and very much appreciated.

BEEF To the oral surgeon’s office. You do all this screening for your patients but continue to let some of your staff go unvaccinated and continue to have employment. Double standard?

BOUQUET to Joseph M. for coming over to clear my driveway. He is cheerful, efficient and willing, and I appreciate that he is also very reliable.

BEEF Now the City of Nanaimo wants to tax rainwater runoff. Not even the Beatles’ Taxman saw that one coming. How long before they tax the air we breathe?

BOUQUET I just want to thank all the people who are driving the trucks through the city to handle this load of snow and keeping the streets as clear as they possibly can. If you know someone who is driving, thank them very much.

BEEF I agree with the beefer who expressed his dismay over the excessive tax and service fee increases our Nanaimo city council approved. We will need to elect more fiscal hawks on council in the next election. Tax increases that exceed inflation plus population growth must be considered incompetence on the part of our city.

BOUQUET To the kind, thoughtful person who left his warm house in the Coach House Drive area on a snowy and cold Christmas night. He brought two snow shovels to help dig our truck out of the deep snow. We are sorry we did not get your name, but a huge thank you. You were our hero. It proves there are lots of good human beings.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries for adding extra sailings that help spread the virus while other government agencies recommend not travelling.

BOUQUET To the wonderful snow plow worker who saw that it was taking a long time for me to shovel the end by the road. He backed up, repositioned his rig and scraped off a huge piece of my work. What a wonderful man you are. Thank you.

BEEF To the grocery store manager. You keep advertising $1.95-a-pound hams but no Nanaimo locations have any. Swapping those with $5.99-a-pound hams in store doesn’t cut it.

BOUQUET Heartfelt thank you to Ian and Julia for helping me to pack for my move. Besides the hard work they provided, their support and kindness is deeply appreciated.

BEEF To the lady in the beige vehicle losing her mind on Wellington Road. It was a 30km/h school zone. If you were abiding by it there would not have been an issue that I pulled out in front of you, I would have even apologized to you, but you proceeded to terrorize my kids and I by laying on the horn, aggressively tailgating us, and then pulling beside us in the middle of the road raging and making obscene gestures.

BOUQUET To Ocean Grace Dental for helping me on Christmas Eve. My holidays would have been terrible and painful if it wasn’t for Dr. Longchamps and her amazing assistant Annika. Thank you so much.

BEEF To people who look down on unprivileged people and talk bad about them behind their backs and make it hard for them to get a job because they don’t look the norm.

BOUQUET To city workers who responded quickly to our recent snowfall event. Streets were cleared very quickly.

BEEF Employers that don’t offer dental benefits should just be honest – they expect their employees to donate teeth to their business.

BOUQUET To all the hard-working knitters and crocheters who make squares or assemble them into blankets for the Nanaimo chapter of Blankets for Canada. Thanks to your nimble fingers we delivered 247 blankets to seven organizations that work with people experiencing homelessness and others in need of warmth here in the city. Stay safe and warm and keep up the good work.

BEEF To the Cascadia subduction zone. You spend all your time threatening Islanders with your little wiggles. Meanwhile, the San Andreas Fault Line and the Eurasian/Pacific plates make headlines around the world. You haven’t even accomplished anything of note since 1946. Never met a lazier group of tectonic plates – you’re an embarrassment to earthquakes.

BOUQUET To the young woman and the two gentlemen who stopped to push me up Fitzwilliam Street.

BEEF To the transportation board. Uber should be able to operate on Vancouver Island. There absolutely is a need, a want and it’s just sensible. It reduces impaired driving, more convenient for passengers than taxis while not destroying existing taxi businesses, creates simple employment and above all it’s part of the new world transportation system that we need.

BOUQUET To Elite Image. They were amazing in formatting and printing a poem written by our dad many years ago encouraging people to give to United Way. Imagine our total surprise when it was completed with more copies than we had hoped for, and they would not accept payment. What a wonderful gesture that should not go unnoticed. Thank you.

BEEF To delivery drivers who leave packages without even knocking or ringing the bell to see if we are home, and leaving them where everyone can see them.

BOUQUET To the person who donated five quilts to the Haven Thrift Store in December. I personally know three very happy, lucky children who received them as gifts and can’t begin to thank you for your time, talent and generosity.

BEEF To the person who left a dog and its puppies out in the cold weather. You are heartless and should be charged with animal cruelty. I hope you never are allowed to have another pet in your lifetime. Thank goodness someone has helped them and taken them to the SPCA.

BOUQUET To Laurie at Old Navy for going out of her way to price change a sale item after I purchased it – she is one of the retail workers who make me want to shop at Woodgrove Centre. I will be sad to see her retire – the new generation of workers is not the same.

BOUQUET I just want to thank someone who was on Selby Street who decided to whip the snow off my car and all around it near the Oxy liquor store. Very big thank you and wish I could do it in person.

BEEF To the two young men dressed as Santa who came down our street and sang off-colour Christmas songs on our doorsteps.

BOUQUET To all the giving volunteers of Nanaimo, and to Volunteer Nanaimo for helping co-ordinate so much. You are all a very important part of many homes in our fair city. Your tireless energy and willingness to help make such a big difference in many people’s lives. Thank you from the heart.

BEEF While other provinces are implementing boosters after three months of a second vaccine dose, Dr. Bonnie Henry steadfastly refuses to modify her six-month requirement before booster. I am 66, had my second vaccine shot over six months ago and still no invite.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin carrier for Sandpiper Place who managed to deliver the Dec. 29 edition dry and safe to our front porch. Five days of snow in the street was no match for your dedication. You succeeded while the city plows and garbage collection still have not. Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.

BEEF To people who park in disability spots who are not disabled. Just because you have a tag doesn’t entitle you to park in those spots if the person with a disability is not in the vehicle. So many times I see people parked in those spots run out and jump into their vehicles while a person with a disability is struggling through the parking lot. Shame on you, give a care to others.

BOUQUET To the Pactow Transport workers down at the Seaspan barge, without you to load and unload the ferry we would not have the groceries and goods that are delivered up and down the Island. You are the core of the operation. Thanks to all for your hard work over the holidays and pandemic.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for sending out utility bills just before Christmas that are due before seniors get their pension cheques. Also for increasing our property taxes and user fees. How does a senior on a fixed income get ahead?

BOUQUET A special thank you to all the housekeepers and dietary staff at Wexford Creek care home. You do an excellent job at keeping everything clean and sanitized for our families and all the other staff. Your care and compassion for the residents and visiting family members is exceptional. You are the true heroes who keep everyone else safe and employed. Keep up the great work.

BEEF To my family members for inviting my elderly parents to Christmas dinner where there were two unvaccinated people attending. How selfish can you get, especially with one parent having underlying health concerns.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo parks department for completing the fencing of the May Richards Bennett off-leash park. It is a huge relief to know our dogs can enjoy the freedom of running freely and not have to worry about them running out of the park and being hit by a car.

BEEF It sickens me to see an unvaccinated naturopathic doctor run his business without a COVID exposure control plan in place to protect his patients. And in addition, to know he was allowed into a restaurant because the owner is a patient of his. Unprofessional and selfish.

BOUQUET To the pharmacy at Shoppers Drug Mart on Fifth Street that went above and beyond to get vaccine booster shots for clients who had booked but the vaccines never arrived. And bouquets for the pharmacist at Real Canadian Superstore who gave some of his supply to cover the shortage. The two pharmacies worked together to make it happen. Thank you both.

BEEF To the TV news shows, advertisers, stores and people who wish us ‘happy holidays.’ I am celebrating Christmas, not a holiday.

BOUQUET To Jeff at Jeff’s Tree Service. A big thank you for stopping to help us on Christmas day. While trying to navigate some steep hills covered in deep snow, you very willingly came to our rescue after our car experienced mechanical problems. Thank you for your generosity and driving us to our destination. All the best in 2022.

BEEF To the beefers complaining about the wonderful fairy home doors in Neck Point Park. My children make sure I take them to the park every weekend to check out the fairy homes. They bring them so much happiness and a bit of magic into their lives. The park is a public place for all to enjoy.

BOUQUET To the Lantzville couple picking up roadside trash on Superior Road. The heavy duty garbage bag was so very full. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

BEEF To the healthcare professionals who capitalize on a broken system by taking on a multitude of overtime shifts at double and triple time because of the absences, and then call in sick for their regular shift, creating more absences and the need to call others in turn for overtime. Slick system.

BOUQUET Thanks to my family and my Cantabile friends for keeping me safe, healthy, and interested during the past year.

BEEF To the contractor for not keeping our highways sanded and de-iced regularly through winter. Christmas night was joke. Also go around the communities you look after and fill big potholes especially in the Cedar area. Taxpayers pay your wages.

BOUQUET To the man, part of a group of children and adults on the Doumont Trails, who dug me out of the ditch and wouldn’t take any money for it. As long we have dads like that the kids will be OK.

BEEF To the beefer. Instead of reporting animal cruelty to the News Bulletin, such as leaving three kitties in a van for two months, please contact B.C. SPCA. They will investigate and possibly save these little lives from further harm.

BOUQUET To Andy, the angel who happened to be passing by on Westwood Road with his John Deere bobcat and stopped to help this senior plow out a snowed-in car. Saved me hours of labour, not to mention my back. So appreciate neighbourhood people with kind hearts. I will pay forward your good deed.

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Beefs and bouquets

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