Beef to the guy in the heavy-duty truck with numbers on the side who tailgated my tiny car with my daughter and I in it. It was 8 a.m. and icy. You scared us so bad and I was going just under 60 km/h. Then when we reacted you had to audacity to smile and wave.

Beef to the guy in the heavy-duty truck with numbers on the side who tailgated my tiny car with my daughter and I in it. It was 8 a.m. and icy. You scared us so bad and I was going just under 60 km/h. Then when we reacted you had to audacity to smile and wave.

Beefs & Bouquets, Jan. 11

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BOUQUET To the dog on Juniper Street. After all of your adventures, including snorkelling and biking, you seemed a bit down in the dumps. I was so pleased to see that you have closed the lid on that chapter of your life and joined the festivities.

BEEF To the woman at karaoke who didn’t seem too pleased about a gentleman singing an Adele song. Rather rude of you to verbally put down the gentleman singing. Isn’t the whole thing of karaoke to sing and have fun? Might I add how rude it was for you to steal another lady’s cab?

BOUQUET To Jaime at U-Lock Mini Storage, she always provides the best customer service. She always goes the extra mile to help me. They are lucky to have such a wonderful employee.

BEEF To judges and lawmakers. Punishments should be worse than the crime.

BOUQUET To every person who decided to celebrate the spiritual aspect of the Christmas season (Christ’s birth) over the material excesses promoted by the mass media. Jesus is the reason for the season, exemplified by St. Nicholas.

BEEF To the complaints about low voter turnout at the recent election. At 99 years old, I depend on so many for help making it possible for me to still live in my own home. Does the complainant recognize some of us do not have transport always available? Maybe people are disabled or for many other reasons cannot make it too far from their home. This was the first time I’ve missed, so I have certainly done my duty so far.

BOUQUET To ER nurses, doctors and staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. I recently was a patient and for my entire stay at the ER all the staff were very professional, compassionate and friendly towards me and other patients being treated. It is comforting to know that such a high level of care is there when needed. Thank you.

BEEF To the not responsible people at the apartment building who enabled power-mad people to ruin my apartment. I wish you happy new year and thank you for being my friends for many years.

BOUQUET Lots of love to the lady who was waiting six hours in the Nanaimo ER. She left and came back with cupcakes for the staff and patients from her store; didn’t catch the name. Thank you for your kindness.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for the outrageous tax hike, again. Plus user rates. I suggest putting all the non-essential projects on hold. Focus on sewer, roads and water.

BOUQUET I was just a patient at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital’s emergency room and I would like to commend all those who took care of me. I had fallen and broken some bones in my hand. From the ambulance drivers to triage to doctors in emergency and those technicians who take the blood and X-rays and CT scans, my heartfelt thanks. Dr. Melissa and Ethan, and then Dr. J. Stone took such good care of me. You deserve much praise. Thank you.

BEEF To the restaurant for expecting customers to contribute to employees’ MSP fund. Awkward and uncomfortable. I wonder if this will impact on their tip amount? Won’t be going back there.

BOUQUET To the Backyard Wildbird and Nature Store for fixing my hummingbird feeder heater cord when it was freezing outside. Awesome ingenuity by Kobe, who troubleshooted until the cord worked. My hummingbird thanks you.

BEEF To the gentleman in the lineup at the pharmacy checkout. You tapped my shoulder and told me I had butted into the line. I tried to explain to you that I was originally in that spot and got confused by the cashier’s directions. I understand you didn’t see this, but I think you could have listened to my explanation and shown some grace.

BOUQUET To the young gentleman who has been clearing the sidewalks of snow in the Applecross area in north Nanaimo. Thank you for plowing with your outlander equipped with snow plow.

BEEF To the television advertisements – very obviously propaganda – about renewable natural gas.

BOUQUET Thank you to the kind man who saw a woman with a walker in obvious distress and stopped to ask her if she needed help. The rest of us were laden with parcels and rushing off the ferry in the crowd of foot passengers. He recognized something was wrong for the poor woman and stopped for a moment to care. The world needs more caring such as this.

BEEF To the city for the mighty mess of Metral Drive. Took a drive the full length. Two three-way stops added, will be interesting to see what the accident reports might be at these stops. First snowfall of the year I observed the christening of the drive with its first broken concrete curbing.

BOUQUET Gratitude to Dr. L. Pillay with Caledonian Clinic. She has been tremendously skilled, gracious and very encouraging over the past decade to help me survive and achieve my best physical and mental health outcomes.

BEEF To the new kid on the block, B.C. Premier David Eby. Slow down with making a lot of promises that will not happen.

BOUQUET To restaurants that have kept price increases low and not used the excuses of COVID and inflation to either raise prices or reduce their offerings in other ways. Beef to an establishment in a neighbouring community for reducing its three-course new year’s brunch to two courses, but still charging the three-course price.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo councillors for even thinking about a 7.3-per cent tax hike because we are still getting over-taxed while essential services are lacking.

BOUQUET To the sales clerk in the Swim and Fitness Shop who helped me select a new swimsuit. She was very helpful, attentive, and so very knowledgeable about the different swimsuits sold in the shop. I can’t remember the last time I had such great customer service.

BEEF How much longer will the public hold still about the irresponsible government spending? People are sick and tired of listening to the tissue of lies.

BEEF To the beefer who beefs about the beefers on Metral Drive. You must be the councillor who pushed this through along with the rest of council.

BEEF To city council for not even trying to curb spending in this year’s budget. We passed all recommendations from staff which brought us up to 7.3 per cent. One place that is becoming a real waste of money is the cost of council. Who needs them if they are there to only to rubber-stamp everything put in front of them?

BEEF To everyone who continues to complain again and again about Metral Drive: you’re too late. They built it already. They’re not going to dig it all up and revert to the way it was. Let it go.

BEEF To the non-profit for letting their only two employees go right before Christmas, without any sort of Christmas bonus, in hopes of replacing them with volunteers. That isn’t right.

BEEF The Christmas charity food items were no different to what you would receive at any other time of the year. The only addition was a small dollar amount gift card that wouldn’t even allow you to go purchase a turkey or ham.

BEEF To the dog owners who let their dogs run off-leash at the May Richards Bennett Pioneer Park field and do not pick up their dog poop. We play soccer there and often have to do it for you. The signs on the park clearly state no dogs allowed so at the very least pick up after you pet. Dogs are allowed on the trail behind the park.

BEEF To the customers at a restaurant who feel it is OK to comment on my daughter’s slim weight and what she may or may not eat. If she was overweight, would you do the same? None of your business, better to focus on yourself.

BEEF To the drivers who don’t know that when it is dark out, and someone right behind you is flashing their brights, that means you need to turn your lights on.

BEEF To the sales manager who said ‘I’m not busy,’ to his staff member and then turns to the customer to say, ‘I’ll be right back.’ The damage is already done; the customer has felt the impact of how unimportant they really are. You need to do better.

BEEF To the guy in the heavy-duty truck with numbers on the side who tailgated my tiny car with my daughter and I in it. It was 8 a.m. and icy. You scared us so bad and I was going just under 60 km/h. Then when we reacted you had to audacity to smile and wave.

BEEF Will police charge the people standing on the overpass at Norwell Drive and the old Island Highway when their protest for freedom distracts drivers and causes an accident? I have asked people what freedom are they missing, but no one answers.

BEEF To people in lineups who refuse to use self-checkouts because they don’t want someone to lose their job. Have you noticed how many ‘help wanted’ signs there are everywhere, especially for cashiers? I don’t think you’re putting anyone out of a job.

BEEF To all coffee maker makers for making their carafes spill at least a teaspoon of coffee for every cup poured. It’s a conspiracy to make us buy more coffee.

BEEF To the two women sitting behind us at the Christmas show who wouldn’t stop talking through almost the entire production. That was our one big outing of the season for us and you ruined it.

BEEF To swim lessons. You bust your butt to get the kids in and then it’s fun and games with minimal swim skills learned. Kids do what they’re told and they all fail the same level over and over. It’s not the kids, it’s the coaching.

BEEF To the neighbour who fires up his loud gas-powered leaf blower to attempt to blow snow or wet leaves off his lawn and into the street. How is this effective? We get it, you like power tools, but you’re not Tim (the Tool Man) Taylor from the ’90s sitcom. Please consider your neighbours, the overall street safety and the city workers.

BEEF The cost of gas to heat my home in November was $60. The government taxed $30. Why?

BEEF To my family members who can’t seem to get along after my dad passing away. He was the heart of our family and he would be devastated to see all this happening. Christmas was his favourite time of year, we should be remembering the happy times instead of fighting about who said what. All this is fighting is making the grieving so much harder.

BEEF To the person who cut the tree by the landfill. Trees were planted in that area in 2014 to help create a visual buffer area for neighbours and motorists, and one fir in that batch survived in a nice Christmas tree shape. The tree may have been outside the gate but that was trespassing and thievery.

BEEF To auto dealers that add on often unwanted accessories to increase the price and won’t sell a new car or truck for the price on the manufacturer’s website.

BEEF To the lack of a spine of prosecutors in B.C. It’s pretty bad when a person can’t even buy a Slurpee anymore. When a convenience store has to close, people should take notice. Build bigger jails.

BEEF When a sidewalk has been cleared all the way to the end, why would the city plow crew plow street snow all the way onto the cleared sidewalk? I do know they have city maps showing where sidewalks are.

BEEF To beefers who observe crimes or bylaw offences, complain in this column, but fail to report it to the authorities. Your negligence, because you ‘don’t want to get involved,’ makes you complicit in any future harm to your fellow citizens.

BEEF I have no problem tipping at a restaurant, but since COVID-19 came along there has been a lot of changes in service which is understandable for safety reasons. But still, over two years later, management has not returned to proper table service. Less staff equals savings on labour costs. Some restaurants expect you to go up to the cashier and pay and tip before you receive your meal.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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