Beef to people who catch neighbours’ cats in traps. Our little rescue kitty suffered a torn claw in your trap. I’m sorry if he peed in your yard. You sure showed him.

Beef to people who catch neighbours’ cats in traps. Our little rescue kitty suffered a torn claw in your trap. I’m sorry if he peed in your yard. You sure showed him.

Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 8

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BOUQUET To the beefer about postal fuel charges.

BEEF Mayor and council are responsible for the high taxes homeowners need to pay. The 7.3-per cent increase contemplated for 2023 is disgraceful considering the money that has been squandered on the uncalled-for road work such as Metral Drive and Front Street when many areas of the city still have ditches and no sidewalks. Now council wants to engage 40 firefighters over a short period of time. It’s time that mayor and council fulfill their fiduciary duty and not simply approve projects and budgets proposed by city administration.

BOUQUET To News Bulletin columnist Ian Thorpe for his annual review of local sports.

BEEF We’re asked to spay or neuter our pets but there is no longer any low-cost programs in Nanaimo for seniors and other low-income pet owners to help with the cost of spay/neuter surgery or vaccines. Because of this, expect fewer pets to be treated and more litters born.

BOUQUET To Posh Nails. Great environment, very clean and bright. Staff pleasant, professional, great job Sarah. Altogether a soothing spa experience.

BEEF To selfish, littering smokers. I spent 10 minutes picking up your filthy cigarette butts out of the street outside my home. Your habit harms you and everyone else, including polluting our environment.

BOUQUET Thanks to Eli and Gary in the tool department at Home Hardware for being so helpful, friendly, and funny. Great service all around.

BEEF Nobody can keep track of government spending. There should be an investigation into private bank accounts. Unfortunately, this will never happen.

BOUQUET To Debbie and the Lee family for donating a large jar of coins to the Coins for Kids charity. Your generosity was much appreciated.

BEEF All too often, people are throwing their garbage over the bank of Newcastle Avenue above the Harbourfront Walkway. This is not the residents but more likely people dropping garbage at night who won’t take it to the dump or dispose of it properly. This pleasant walkway is being spoiled by these lazy, selfish slobs.

BOUQUET Thank you to Norm M. His name has come up hundreds of times over the last dozen years and probably many more. He has been there for many horse owners for various things. Just his name makes everyone smile.

BEEF It’s about time council put a freeze on all spending for 2-3 years, no more projects, only basic wages, upkeep of roads, etc. We voted a new council in so they would change things so we could all afford to live in Nanaimo. Things never change, so why vote?

BOUQUET To Hans for providing a wonderful atmosphere for all the now-retired horses. You have given a stable, welcome home to our many horses for more than a dozen years. Also, a bouquet to Carrie, our farrier, for looking after each of the horses in the way needed per circumstances. All hooves are not created equal. Thank you for caring.

BEEF To the local politicians. The City of Nanaimo wants to hire 40 more firefighters plus 11 new staff positions. The RDN wants to hire 28 more full-time positions. All of these are six-figure jobs. Please think of the taxpayers before okaying this.

BOUQUET To Julie C. for the radio interview. She was so articulate in her tribute to local ‘bright light’ Craig E.

BEEF I agree with the beef about the Canada Post fuel surcharge. When did that start? I sent two items on Vancouver Island and two out of province. Canada Post must be linked to Trudeau. Not good, not right. It cost this grandma and great-aunty lots of extra costs – rethinking Christmas 2023.

BOUQUET To my kind neighbours Lee and Jack, my snow angels. Thank you so much.

BEEF To public works which wouldn’t pick up recycling because of snow. I couldn’t move it, being older, and broke the tail light on my friend’s truck.

BOUQUET To Cas in the photography department at London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. Patient and very knowledgeable to a senior with no computer knowledge. Lovely job done on my album. Good person for the store.

BEEF What is the Trudeau government thinking, bringing 500,000 people each year into Canada? There are citizens who have paid taxes all their lives and have built up this country who are now living in their cars and on the streets, use the food bank and fight for their survival. The medical and housing systems are collapsing because of bad government management. I wonder what will happen to our pensions? This is a scandalous story and will go into our history books.

BOUQUET To the awesome and supportive nurses at the community virtual care program. I appreciate their care and monitoring getting me through COVID. I can’t say enough good things about these nurses and this program.

BEEF To raisins. We were doing just fine without you.

BOUQUET To the couple who paid for my and my toddler’s meal at Gina’s. We were wet and hungry after a long swim. The quesadilla was delicious and the surprise of you two paying was so thoughtful. Thank you.

BEEF To people who catch neighbours’ cats in traps. Our little rescue kitty suffered a torn claw in your trap, vomited eight times after we got him home, wouldn’t eat the next day, and spent two days hiding under bed covers. I’m sorry if he peed in your yard. You sure showed him.

BOUQUET To our caring neighbour Gerard in Willow Park for shovelling us out every snowfall recently. It is neighbours like you whom everyone appreciates.

BEEF To property managers who demand a credit check as a condition of renting. The only info you’re allowed to see is my proof of income, rental and utilities payment history, along with reference letters from previous landlords, and not my consumer history. That’s none of your business.

BEEF A friend and I met for a coffee at a coffee shop. Practically all the tables were occupied by people working on their laptops with one cup of coffee, it looked more like an office, so we left and found another coffee house and immediately found a table where there were signs saying no laptops or students during certain hours. We will be going there in future.

BEEF I sent in a beef and it was the one displayed on Facebook. Unfortunately more than half of what I wrote was edited out. Including the fact I had to be in the left lane. And the other driver stopped in the lane to wave and smile. Everyone thinks I was in the fast lane and being a ‘Karen.’ This will be the last time I have anything to do with Nanaimo News Bulletin. This is a perfect example of how the media twists things.

BEEF To Nanaimo’s bylaw department. Do your job instead of passing the buck.

BEEF To the grumpy man who works at the garden store who continues to be beyond rude to customers. It’s been over 10 years of you treating customers this way, time to retire.

BEEF These new assessments are based on the hottest market in years while knowing for six months the market has been cooling and house prices are down. This is taking advantage of citizens and it is a hardship for those of us on pensions and low incomes.

BEEF To the driver of the truck that exited the parking lot opposite Cilaire Elementary at such a speed that you then skidded and fishtailed for several metres before finally gaining control, while the kids were on the sidewalk. A little fast and reckless in a school zone, don’t you think?

BEEF To whoever is feeding critters peanuts near Departure Bay school. This is the first year I’ve had five squirrels in my yard fighting till one lost an eye and the other had its tail ripped off. Squirrels have unshelled peanuts in their mouth. Today I found a rat nest in my woodpile, a pile of peanut shells in with the poo.

BEEF To the nanny state hugs-and-kisses justice system. Stabbings, shootings, unchecked drug use and overall lawlessness in Canada. What happened to this country under Liberal rule is downright criminal.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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