Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 6

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BOUQUET To the Nanoose First Nation artists and crafts fair for your beautiful talented work and to Brian Bob who donated the exquisite ring that I won as a door prize.

BEEF To the store. I am 91 years old. Due to my husband’s sickness I get four hours a week to shop, so to enable me to catch a bus I go through fast checkout and I was told five packets of Jell-O was five items. Why make me feel like I was in the wrong pew?

BOUQUET To Caleb Hartman of European Specialty Automotive on Northfield Road.  When he had finished servicing my car I couldn’t get out of my driveway due to advanced age, snow and a steep driveway, so Caleb brought the car up to our house, then shovelled out the driveway (and steps) so that he could park it in our garage.

BEEF To people who ripped the bylaw signs off the walls in our restaurant bathroom. Take your displeasure up with the city, they are the ones who have dictated the necessity of the signs.

BOUQUET To the person who found and turned in our son’s Santa photo that was dropped at Country Club Save-on-Foods.

BEEF To all the people driving cars that don’t have daytime running lights. Sometimes it’s hard to see you approaching and it is also against the law. If you don’t have running lights turn on your headlights.

BOUQUET To Two Chefs To Go for cooking turkey dinner and delivering it to my workplace in the emergency room at NRGH on Christmas Eve as I was working 12-hour shifts.

BEEF To my unemployed neighbour. Just because there are two and a half centimetres of snow on the ground, that’s no excuse not to be pounding the pavement looking for a job. The pavement is still there even though it’s covered by 2.5 cm of snow.

BOUQUET To the two cars that stopped when our dog was hit by a car on Rutherford hill Boxing Day. So glad for kind and helpful people. She is doing remarkably well.

BEEF To the gas stations that charge for tire air.

BOUQUET To Wal-Mart’s grocery team. Having worked retail before, I know how ridiculous shoppers can be. I was in several times throughout the holiday and the associates were always friendly and helpful amidst the chaos.

BEEF To the girl in a red Saturn Vue who gave me and my one-year-old daughter in a stroller the finger as we crossed Dufferin. We were in a crosswalk; you didn’t even have to slow down, let alone stop, and you or your husband would never have the guts to give me the finger if you weren’t safe inside your car.

BOUQUET To Larry at the Hammond Bay Road Midas. Thank you for finding and fixing the squeak in my aging 1991 Toyota.

BOUQUET High-five to the trucks picking up recycling on the evening of Dec. 31 in north Nanaimo. I saw how hard you guys were working.

BOUQUET To my lovely daughter Madison. You are such an amazing person inside and out. Wishing you a year full of excitement, love and laughter.

BOUQUET And a gold medal to Ramsay Lampman Rhodes and Harris Mitsubishi, a silver medal to Cindy’s Hairwood Salon and the Duchen Family and a bronze medal to Johnston and Johnston, chartered accountants. Your support of Nanaimo District Secondary School volleyball helped the senior girls to attain their ultimate goal of being the provincial champions for 2013.

BOUQUET To George of Allsop Road who opened his door to a lost hiker asking for directions on Christmas Day. Several blocks later we three tired hikers and our dog gratefully accepted a drive back to our parked vehicle allowing us to get home in time to get the turkey into the oven.

BOUQUET To all of my generous customers on Caldwell, Collishaw, Uplands, Stonewood, Clubhouse and Rutherford. Thank you so much for your kindness.

BOUQUET To Steve Lebitshnig, owner of Fascinating Rhythm, for always willing to lend a hand to a friend or stranger when needed. The world needs more Steves.

BOUQUET To the man walking on the E&N Trail with his son and three large dogs for successfully helping to find the runaway small white dog on New Year’s Eve. He’s safe.

BOUQUET To the person who found my precious diamond pendant and necklace at Pure Body Balance’s parking and returned it before Christmas. Your honesty and kindness restored my faith in humankind.

BOUQUET To all the hard-working people who gave out samples at Costco this Christmas.

BOUQUET To Sam’s Optical owner Sam Lalh for such good service and knowledge. Thank you for all your help.

BOUQUET From the Robert family to the “angels” of the palliative care united for the high level of loving care you provided for Ken.

BOUQUET To Chase River vet hospital on their compassion and care for our beautiful Bella on her last day. You made this very difficult time so much easier.

BOUQUET To Jill, from city hall’s residential planning and development department. Your meticulous guidance and expertise and above all your approachability throughout the variance process is very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To Karen and Wayne for cleaning up the litter in Cedar every morning.

BOUQUET To the brave young lady who waded the frigid waters of Long Lake twice in rescuing an undernourished great blue heron and delivered it to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association in Errington. On behalf of bird watchers everywhere, you’re our hero.

BOUQUET To the young couple who waited outside the Nanaimo Casino with a senior while waiting for a cab. Being nervous and upset, I neglected to ask the names of these two thoughtful people. Thank you for sharing the cab and seeing me home safely.

BOUQUET To the generous man in Superstore who paid for our groceries. I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

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