Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 25

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BOUQUET For Jackie, Guy, Kim and Carolyn for their excellent care while I was a patient on the third-floor surgical unit. They really care.

BEEF To the couple walking down Townsite Road. She threw garbage on the ground and I suggested she dispose of it at home. She shrugged and said, “Someone else will pick it up,” while he shouted a derogatory term used against people with mental disabilities. You two make our city ugly in more ways than one.

BOUQUET To the staff at Budget Blinds, particularly Tara, Pete and his co-worker for such a fantastic job in our house.

BEEF To the lady driving southbound on the Parkway at Mostar and Jingle Pot roads for running the red light and almost hitting me and the truck in front of me. I laid on the horn and had to stop and all you did was finger me, like it was my fault.

BOUQUET Touring through Woodlands Secondary School’s 60th anniversary open house was a very celebratory and unforgettable experience. Special thanks to all who prepared such a delightful and memorable occasion.

BEEF To the irresponsible dog owners who bag up their dog’s feces and then throw it in the bushes in the park. Twenty bags were picked up in Saxer Park the other day.

BOUQUET To Dish on Bowen Road. The food is delicious and the service is impeccable.

BEEF To the transit system for having the longest express bus in the world that stops at every stop. Also all the missing schedules at the bus stops.

BOUQUET To Bill for the great job with the new, improved antiques, vintage and collectibles sale at the Wellington Hall. Lots of interesting items and different vendors.

BEEF To diesel engines. I almost got poisoned following a diesel truck through a drive-thru in Nanaimo last week.

BOUQUET To Robby, Leanne, the Oxy staff, the community of PI, and everyone else who donated time, money and silent auction items. We couldn’t have pulled off without your support.

BEEF To those truck drivers who park on Mary Ellen Drive to get coffee. These tractor trailer units are often parked in a turn lane or block the only access to Highway 19, so that vehicles accessing the highway have to cross a yellow line into oncoming traffic.

BOUQUET To Dr. E. Smith and his surgical team for the care given to me in the hospital. Chocolate hugs to my special nurse, Ann.

BEEF There are no public washrooms at Buttertubs Marsh. Every once in awhile my group goes there for a walk and someone always needs to go to the washroom. At least have a portable toilet at one of the parking lots.

BOUQUET To our fabulous garbageman who always puts our garbage can back so nothing will blow away. You could show our recycle person a few things.

BEEF To self-important businesses that have a dulcet female voice advising, by answering device, phone number, alternate,  fax and e-mail very rapidly.

BOUQUET To the kind and thoughtful person who brings my garbage cans to my garage door. It is so appreciated on Glencraig Drive.

BEEF To the people complaining about the goat bumper stickers. They represent an excellent Island establishment and tourist attraction – maybe it’s time for you folks to lighten up and find something better to worry about.

BOUQUET To staff at Nanaimo North Town Centre and the caring patrons who went out of their way to help find my missing five-year-old daughter during the Chinese New Year celebration. I am deeply grateful for your time, efforts and empathy.

BEEF To people who complain, and to those who seemingly complain every day, and to those who complain about other people behind their backs.

BOUQUET To all the teachers, students and volunteers who put the 60th Woodlands Secondary School anniversary celebration together.

BOUQUET To a special lady who found my wallet outside Nanaimo Bakery. My heartfelt thanks for your honesty and saving me having to cancel and replace driver’s licence and credit cards.

BOUQUET To those who not only wear their pink shirts, but back it up with tolerance and respect for others.

BOUQUET To the few SDC professional nurses who know their cellphone is not part of their uniform.

BOUQUET To those who see others alone and sad and they try to show caring and love.

BOUQUET To each individual involved in putting on Shrek: the Musical. The show was awesome.

BOUQUET To the Dairy Queen at Country Club Centre. You did a wonderful job on my son Tanner’s Mickey Mouse birthday cake. You guys never fail to impress me.

BOUQUET To the gentleman tidying up at Super Shine car wash. I had trouble getting my change and he was friendly, helpful and kind. I will definitely be back.

BOUQUET To the ladies who came to comfort me when I fell in the parking lot of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. I had sprain and strain but no breaks so all good.

BOUQUET To the Mid Island Vintage Tractor and Equipment Club for its outstanding support and help given to us as a result of my husband suffering a stroke.

BOUQUET To John and Linda Wicks, former owners of The Black Bear Pub. Thanks for 26 years of good times that you and your staff have given our community. You will be sorely missed.

BOUQUET To Joyce and Wayne, tho of the best landlords a gal could ask for.

BOUQUET To all the generous volunteers and supporters of Woodlands Secondary School’s 60th anniversary celebration. We thank students and staff, former staff, alumni, businesses, musicians, athletes, parents, and community who made the event a success.

BOUQUET To the kind gentleman who went the extra mile to obtain a grocery cart for me at Costco, when he could see that I was struggling to make the long trek to pick one up to lean on. Having breathing problems, this was greatly appreciated.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail

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