Beef to the TV station for bumping Coronation Street to the daytime for duration of the Olympics. Some of us longtime fans work and will miss what is happening on the show.

Beef to the TV station for bumping Coronation Street to the daytime for duration of the Olympics. Some of us longtime fans work and will miss what is happening on the show.

Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 15

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BOUQUET The Hospital Thrift Store volunteers on Turner Road would like to thank all the patrons that have made our store a great place to shop and work at. We would like to give a bouquet to everyone who gave us treats, candies, baking and flowers during the Christmas season.

BEEF To my bank. When I informed them that my husband had passed away, all they said was ‘Oh!’ and this after 17 years with the bank. Very poor customer service.

BOUQUET I want to thank Ryan and Paula for being such wonderful people to work for. It was a joy every time I saw you. The story about me in the paper was wonderful.

BEEF To the Alberta leaders who wave the Canadian flag while being controlled by a company from Texas. Our beautiful coastline is part of us, in our hearts and souls, so stand up B.C. and show them Canada still exists in the west.

BOUQUET To the manager at Serious Coffee, Commercial Street, for finding my bank card on the floor and turning it in to the cashier. Saved me a lot of hassle of having to get a new one.

BEEF To the man in Nanaimo who managed a store here, stole from the store and now lives in comfortable retirement.

BOUQUET To a Good Samaritan neighbour in Maureen Way/Sedona Way neighbourhood for clearing snowy sidewalks with his Bobcat.

BEEF Thumbs down to the old Island Highway maintenance department. Litter and garbage is being left on the sides of the road for too long – so unsightly. Please clean up more often.

BOUQUET To the two kind women working at Booster Juice Brooks Landing. I didn’t see the cash-only sign on the door as I carried in my young son who had a chest cold. You allowed me to pay with the coins that I had, the cold drink soothing his sore throat. Thank you.

BEEF To the garden centres that knowingly sell invasive species such as English ivy and the butterfly bush to the unsuspecting public. These are invasive species. Nanaimo works hard to remove them.

BOUQUET To Dr. Climenhaga and staff at Uplands Dental Clinic for squeezing me in at the last minute before Christmas as I broke a tooth. He did a super fix.

BEEF To drivers who can’t be bothered to look before they open their car door when parked next to a bike lane. A cyclist often cannot tell if a driver is in the car when coming from behind.

BOUQUET To Tylan and his team at Nova Wood Flooring. My new floors are gorgeous and the customer service was absolutely excellent.

BEEF To the beefers complaining about pot and tobacco smoke. This lasts about 15 minutes. Not like scented fabric softener from someone’s dryer polluting the air in the whole neighbourhood for hours.

BOUQUET To the Iranian people for standing up to the oppressive ayatollah regime. In the streets bravely demanding the freedom they so rightly deserve, and that the West had a significant part to play in the loss of what was once a better life.

BEEF to the TV station for bumping Coronation Street to the daytime for duration of the Olympics. Some of us longtime fans work and will miss what is happening on the show.

BOUQUET To Fairway Markets for staying open until 7 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Thank you to all the staff who delayed their evening festivities – I hope all of us last-minute shoppers were appropriately grateful and polite.

BEEF To those who cannot or will not learn how to use a merge lane I suggest you stay off the bypass and use roads that do not require you to try and upgrade your driving skills.

BOUQUET to our RDN bus drivers. I have been bus riding over the past few days and have been very impressed by the courteous, knowledgeable and kind drivers who have helped me. Many thanks and a happy new year from a grammy and her grandsons.

BEEF To the individual who chose to use drugs and then left the paraphernalia beside the path next to the pond at Linley Valley. Children are on this path regularly.

BOUQUET I can’t thank Mary and Kiyo enough for all the years of love and friendship. I took over their yard every paper day. I can’t thank you enough.

BEEF To ICBC for allowing motorcycles to be driven in snow and ice. No enforcement on dangerous vehicles with bald tires, no brakes and burnt-out lights.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for using only 100 per cent biodegradable grocery bags. You’ve set the standard for other stores to follow. Thank you ever so much.

BEEF To the joggers and bike riders at 5:30 a.m., pitch black outside on the road, going towards traffic every morning. Someone’s going to get hurt.

BOUQUET To Jordan’s Flooring (Shawn in particular) for being instrumental in giving us a stress free flooring install experience. Our new hardwood floors and new carpet look fabulous.

BEEF Mother and father, when you come over for the weekend, please stop having sex. It upsets my wife and kids and torments me as I suffer from ED.

BOUQUET to the News Bulletin for starting the year with only bouquets.

BEEF To the dollar store that charges double for reading glasses.

BOUQUET Thanks to so many of my neighbours in Deerwood Place Estates. Recently having lost a lot of my independence, Doris, Sana, Lois and Len, Laurie and others are always near. My driveway is always clear, mail picked up and any shopping done for me. A special family thanks to Garry and Chris who keep me worry-free.

BOUQUET To the Dinghy Dock. We celebrated New Year’s Eve with friends. It was great. Wonderful menu, food was delicious, live band with good dance music. Champagne at midnight. Happy new year.

BOUQUET I can’t thank all my paper route customers enough. The words you put in the cards were so full of love and friendship, the tips, too. It is very difficult letting my paper go. Thanks again.

BOUQUET To all involved in saving my house and kitty on Dec. 14 – to the unknown Samaritan walking by who saw smoke and called 911. To firefighters for responding quickly. To my amazing neighbours for their support. And to BCAA and Winmar for their quick response in making my house liveable again. I could have lost everything and all of you made sure I didn’t.

BOUQUET I was in Atmosphere store at Country Club Centre and dropped my wallet. To the two staff who found it, thank you for your honesty. I was so relieved to retrieve all my ID. Big hugs.

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