Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 13

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BOUQUET To Dr. Tyler Stitt, his lovely wife and Monty’s friend, Carol. Thank you for coming to us at such a sad time in our lives. Your kindness and compassion will not be forgotten.

BEEF To the man interviewed on TV who complained that the city works department should have kept a watch on the weather forecast and they would then have known to plow the streets. The snow was a surprise to all of us, including the forecasters.

BOUQUET To the very kind gentleman who stopped his truck in the middle of the road and, with another gentleman, ran to help me up when I fell by the ticket booth at the ferry terminal. The parking attendant stopped traffic so my son could pick me up and two ladies helped me into the car. There are wonderful people in Nanaimo.

BEEF To every second driver on Rock City Road. I live on the road with young children and a teenager that delivers newspapers, and people are constantly speeding much faster than 50 kilometres per hour. There are two schools close by, too. You need to slow down before you kill someone.

BOUQUET To my kids who spend time with their grandmother at home and make her laugh and not let her stay alone.

BEEF To the person who stated they were on a crosswalk on Dufferin Crescent; there is no crosswalk there. I am sure your one-year-old’s mother would have been pleased to know her daddy is jaywalking across busy roads with their little girl where there are no crosswalks.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful drivers who concentrate on what is going on around and ahead of them instead of texting, phoning or reading the newspaper.

BEEF To those influences that would have us focus on social issues and political agendas around the Olympic games.  Lets get back to what it should be about, namely the spectacle of sport and the hard-won efforts of the athletes to get there.

BOUQUET To Usher Roofing for a thoroughly professional job on our home. The men arrived every morning, worked steadily throughout the day and cleaned up the debris at day’s end.

BEEF to the sadistic person who shot a Canada goose multiple times and left her to die on Elk Street. The unforgettable look of despair and pain in her eyes will haunt me forever. Karma will find you someday.

BOUQUET To Vicky Macdonald for her time, patience and intelligence. Your hours of tutoring my daughter in math was so kind. We now have passing grades and a confident girl.

BEEF To the lady on the ferry who let her child run wild and failed to realize that by having her back to me, her furry hood was impinging on my personal space – I was trying to put my head back to rest. Be aware of your surroundings.

BOUQUET To paramedics Sue and Jim and their assistant who delivered me to the emergency room and the caring staff who received me. Nursing staff on the sixth floor were very attentive. To Dr. Cameron who put me back together, a very big thank you.

BEEF To the elderly male, foul-mouthed, bullying coward who approached a female player in a threatening attitude on a neighbouring tennis court at Beban Park.

BOUQUET To Kelly who assisted me home from the dance studio. I’m recovering very well thanks to all the kind and caring family and friends.

BEEF The city of Nanaimo needs to synchronize its traffic lights on Island Highway, particularly at the three extremely close intersections between Cedar Road and Maki Road.

BOUQUET To Boston Pizza and the staff for making my grandson’s fifth birthday party memorable. The kids got to wear chef’s outfits and make their own pizzas. The staff was great and the pizzas were delicious.

BEEF To the person handing out fake handicap parking violations on the Family Day holiday, the day we received about five centimetres of snow. The only sign of handicapped stalls being there was under the snow. Next time use your common sense. My wife, my son and I had a good laugh at your ignorance.

BOUQUET To Tim Hortons for the best new hockey song.

BEEF to the City of Nanaimo for not having a snow-shovelling bylaw. The sidewalk on Stewart Avenue is so covered in snow and ice that pedestrians have to walk on the road. It is totally unacceptable for the walking route from downtown to the ferry to be that dangerous.

BOUQUET To the men and women who deliver the mail through all weather. Weeds to the senators in their cushy chairs.

BEEF To the pedestrian who scolded me for almost running him down in a crosswalk. From the looks of it, you probably won’t be able to afford a motor vehicle anytime soon, so I will indeed try to be careful in the future and watch out for you on crosswalks.

BOUQUET To those Lantzville people beefing about a cenotaph in their park. Why don’t they take all their time and energy and the $150,000 to build the cenotaph to use for the veterans now who could use a ride to the doctor’s or some groceries or a wheelchair.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo North Town Centre mall for hosting the Wellington Band’s gift-wrap service for the past 11 years. Thank you for supporting the musical endeavours of our students.

BOUQUET Thanks to Karl at TD Canada Trust on Bowen Road. He went over and above with customer service. I so wish all professionals we deal with daily were as wonderful as him.

BOUQUET For the fellow who was very willing to phone BCAA when we had a flat tire, thank you. And the fellow on the bicycle and the RCMP for stopping to see if we needed help. And BCAA for fixing the tire. Thanks to all.

BOUQUET Hearts to the sweet and handsome fellow that I met at Co-op on the corner of Eight Street and Bruce Avenue on Jan. 24. I was getting fuel and I watched you as you stopped and talked to a little dog at the door. I wished we had stopped long enough to talk.

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