Beef: I took my daughter to a north-end restaurant. I had toast and two sides of bacon, she had eggs benedict, and we had two pots of tea with two teabags each. $58 with tip. Absolute robbery. Never again.

Beef: I took my daughter to a north-end restaurant. I had toast and two sides of bacon, she had eggs benedict, and we had two pots of tea with two teabags each. $58 with tip. Absolute robbery. Never again.

Beefs & Bouquets, Feb. 1

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BOUQUET Huge thank you to Danny at NRGH physiotherapy. We had a long, hard road to get me were I needed to be. I worked hard and you were right beside me helping all the way, thank you for being you.

BEEF To the complainer about those not using self-checkout lanes. I always prefer to use a lane with a cashier, because I appreciate the smile of that cashier and the service that is provided. The human connection is critical to that person’s well-being, as well as mine.

BOUQUET To Jan the paramedic who stayed with me after I suffered a medical incident on the ferry. Your professionalism was outstanding. I also wanted to commend the staff in the emergency department who were totally overwhelmed with patients but treated them all with respect and care. Thank you also to the paramedic who was on his way home after a long shift and then helped me after I collapsed. Thank you for all of your help.

BEEF To the city for the huge tax hike. People are struggling just trying to get food on the table. Also, residents are required to shovel the snow off the sidewalks, however the city doesn’t even clear off the snow on its designated areas.

BOUQUET To Kellie in the Superstore pharmacy. You are one of the kindest, sweetest people. You are a hard worker and I commend you for all you put up with. Thank you for being amazing. Never let the bad ones get to you.

BEEF We drive from one end of town to the other to go to our favourite place for fish and chips. We understand the prices going up with inflation and costs, but we do not understand the portion sizes and we sure do not understand the 45-minute wait time. Customer service is very slow and needs improvement.

BOUQUET To the nice lady at church who came to talk to the newcomer. I am sorry I did not recognize you from last time. Please come and say hello next time. Thank you.

BEEF To the advocates for a new hospital tower. First you have to address the high amount of people choosing to retire here on the Island from all over Canada, never having worked a day in B.C.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who paid for our groceries at Country Grocer. With so much going on in the world, it’s good to know there are still good people out there. You confirmed our faith in the goodness of people. We’ll pay it forward. Bless you.

BEEF To the poorly communicated swim schedule. They kick the lane swimmers out at 1:30 p.m. to make way for aquafit. It says nothing on any schedule about this. I don’t begrudge the aquafit people a scheduled time. But the pool has a responsibility to communicate the schedule clearly. I have no trust now for the printed and online schedules.

BOUQUET To the greatest musical accomplishment ever written, Handel’s Messiah, and to all dedicated singers, musicians and directors who have performed it at concerts.

BEEF To customers who put things in their cloth bags while shopping. Nothing should be concealed until it is paid for. This is a common practice for well-known thieves. It’s very frustrating for security and staff; however, checking everyone’s bags at every exit might be a solution.

BOUQUET To the man ahead of me in the checkout lineup who secretly asked the cashier to add my grocery items to his bill. Your generosity has been paid forward to Loaves and Fishes. I hope many nice things come your way in the new year.

BEEF The premier’s electricity credit is not really a credit at all. We’ll be paying this back over the next few years. The utility company will show less profits than previous years and in turn will ask the provincial government for a rate increase to make up for the $100 credit, plus other expenses. We all may think you got some time for nothing but really they’ll be getting it back from all of us soon.

BOUQUET To the woman and two teens – one an exchange student – at a restaurant in Nanaimo. They paid for my friend’s and my meal. So kind and unexpected. It will be paid forward. Thank you.

BEEF To the beefer about the both-sides-of-the-mask beefer. I agree, wear your mask indoors; however, who are you to tell someone when not to wear it? Mind your own business if it doesn’t affect you directly.

BOUQUET To the employees at Gas N Go at Morden Road. While delivering newspapers I had a slow lead in my tire which I wasn’t able to fill anywhere as all the air pumps need tap for payment. One of the employees used her personal card so I could fill my tire and wouldn’t even accept payment. She made my night.

BEEF To our health-care system. My brother-in-law vacationing in Thailand made a direct appointment with a specialist in two days, had a gastroscopy the next day. I waited in a lineup one and a half hours to see a family doctor. I’ve been waiting five months for the referral to a specialist. What is wrong with this picture?

BOUQUET Thanks to Neil at Apple Auto Glass who promptly and kindly fixed my car. He took my worries and replaced them with a smile. Candy who provided services was also a pleasure to meet.

BEEF To mayor and council for the adverse Metral Drive design funded by taxpayers. For safety and better traffic flow, at least restore the right-hand turn lanes on Enterprise Way, Metral Drive at Aulds Road and elsewhere. Concrete curbs are too sharp for turning from side streets.

BOUQUET Come on, people – it’s a new year. Let’s stop the grumbling and take a moment to appreciate the good life that we have. It could be a lot worse.

BEEF I took my daughter to a north-end restaurant. I had toast and two sides of bacon, she had eggs benedict, and we had two pots of tea with two teabags each, as it would have been like drinking dishwater otherwise. $58 with tip. Absolute robbery. Never again.

BOUQUET What a lovely surprise. The Departure Bay Scouts gave the residents of Origin at Longwood beautiful Christmas cards for all of us on Christmas morning. Our hearts thank you muchly.

BEEF To the grocery store for charging $5.99 for a three-pound bag of apples or $3.99 each if you buy three. Many seniors have no space to store large amounts and cannot carry nine pounds and get frustrated at paying for smaller amounts. Bouquet to Country Grocer and other stores that charge half when buying one item that is priced at a two-for-one price.

BOUQUET To Orville at the Moose Lodge for donating his time and humour at the meat draws every week. All proceeds go to charities in our community. Nanaimo needs more people like him. Thank you, sir.

BEEF Why the disproportionate number of ‘beefs’ over the last month? Readers need more positive comments. Please consider some kind of even representation of both. We read enough bad/sad/depressing news as it is.

BOUQUET To Elijah, pharmacist-owner of Medicine Shoppe on Terminal Avenue, and his friendly staff. Elijah always goes above and beyond to help everyone. His knowledge of pharmaceuticals is the tops. All the very best to you in the new year.

BEEF To the lack of sanity. There are government-funded sites for citizens to safely inject and smoke illegal substances, but after busting my hump all week, my strata can prevent me from enjoying a cigar outside on my patio.

BOUQUET To Steve, Marcus and families on the 200 block of Westwood Road. Great neighbours at all times. Also, great snow shovellers.

BEEF to B.C.’s Ministry of Finance. Fiscal 2022-23 revenue forecast a $5.5-billion deficit last February; the latest update is a $5.7-billion surplus. That is an $11.2-billion dollar swing on a $68-billion budget. Are our bean counters and economists that incompetent that they operate with a 16-per cent error ratio? I read a quote years ago that said ‘God created astrologists to make economists look good.’

BOUQUET To 2023 and all those who are positive. Beef to those who are not positive and live in a ‘negative Nelly’ world. I will not be brought down to your level, ever.

BEEF To Nanaimo for not having more walk-in clinics.

BOUQUET To my six wonderful neighbours who came carolling on Christmas Eve. What a treat. So nice to keep an old tradition alive.

BEEF To all litterbugs. Have more pride for your city; make it look nicer. For the mall that does not bother removing it, I guess you do not care either.

BOUQUET To the manager at Lee’s Chicken at University Village Mall. Great customer service and she knows how to make gravy.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about what they got for free from the charity at Christmas time. Stop and realize that clients have increased by over 25 per cent in Nanaimo while donors have dropped substantially. Be thankful for what you were able to access this amazing non-profit.

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Beefs and bouquets

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