Beef to the auto service centre and its mechanics for telling me to get my husband to drive my new car after I made many complaints about the brakes squealing. I don’t have a husband but I did help build and I drove stock cars for many years.

Beef to the auto service centre and its mechanics for telling me to get my husband to drive my new car after I made many complaints about the brakes squealing. I don’t have a husband but I did help build and I drove stock cars for many years.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 9

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BOUQUET Thank you to the lone piper whose lovely music spread across the water at Neck Point Park on Nov. 11 at the 11th hour as our little group stood for a moment of silence. A most beautiful Remembrance Day.

BEEF To the women at the aquatic centre pool who spent the 25-metre lengths very slowly making their way up the length while gabbing the whole time. Book the leisure pool session instead and let the high-demand, low-availability length sessions free to those who actually want to swim lengths.

BOUQUET Thank you to the woman who saw me struggling to pick up a dropped item from my wheelchair. She parked a few cars up the road and jogged back to help. Much appreciated.

BEEF To all the people who use public areas and leave their trash on the ground. I was taught to leave an area looking better than when I arrived, what happened to our pride of Canada? There are beer cans, fast food wrappers, candy boxes, just about anything you can think of ruining this beautiful country we live in.

BOUQUET Thanks to Nanaimo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram staff, especially Paula. You provided us outstanding service beyond what we expected in a time of heartache and hardship with COVID-19. You are an excellent example of professionalism and hopefully you are recognized at your workplace.

BEEF To the centre in the hospital area for having such unkept grounds. The area around the parking stalls is covered with overhanging branches, blackberry branches, and overgrown cedar bushes. Please show the grounds a little love.

BOUQUET To the city of Nanaimo for installing new street lights. They are far superior to the old orange-coloured lights. It’s like daylight driving down Bowen Road now.

BEEF I’ve lived in Nanaimo for 50 years. Can somebody explain to me why Park Avenue doesn’t go out to Tenth street? By the time you get to Ninth Street, you’ve passed the school so that isn’t the issue. Just another city blunder?

BOUQUET To the owner and staff of the restaurant by Dallas Square that provided complimentary coffee for the official party on Remembrance Day and also made the washrooms available. We need to support our independent family-owned businesses at this time. We will remember you.

BEEF To the COVID nanny state. Why would anyone want to work, run a business, spend money or be productive when you could be shut down tomorrow?

BOUQUET To Bas from Shopper’s Drug Mart at University Village Mall. The most helpful person of the three shops I had called. A simple question on a shampoo was all I needed, Bas went way beyond his job description to answer. You made my day. Thank you.

BEEF To the B.C. government. There are snowbirds flooding B.C. and COVID alarm is ringing. It’s no surprise so stop pretending you are.

BOUQUET To the friendly cashier Maddy at Rutherford McDonald’s, who made my day even after messing up my ice cream cone. We need more friendly people in the world like Maddy.

BEEF To the people who pick up after their dogs then leave the poop bags laying around. How rude is that? The whole idea is to take it away so no one accidentally steps in it or has to look at your litter. Have some respect.

BOUQUET To the city and volunteers who look after the Colliery Dam trails. Well-built and nicely maintained bridges, stairs and trails. An oasis in the city.

BEEF To one of the dispatchers working at the taxi company, when I called to report an assault you laughed, told me I’m lying and hung up. The police have a file now. How very unprofessional and rude.

BOUQUET To Wendy, thank you so much for being you and for all that you do. You are fantabulous and I love you.

BEEF To the beefer who complained of warmer temperatures at the aquatic centre. Surely you don’t expect that seniors and the disabled would be able to warm up with a vigorous workout? Instead of disparaging our most fragile, lobby the city to open Beban Pool. I am embarrassed by your selfishness. From a serious athlete and lap swimmer.

BOUQUET To the leaders at 256 Legion for shutting down before being ordered. It wasn’t an easy decision but it was the smart move. Thanks for keeping your members safe.

BEEF To the auto service centre and its mechanics for telling me to get my husband to drive my new car after I made many complaints about the brakes squealing. I don’t have a husband but I did help build and I drove stock cars for many years.

BOUQUET To city council for proposing the cat control bylaw. It will be delightful to garden without encountering cat poo. The birds will also be grateful.

BEEF To the owner of a consignment store. I left two expensive designer items which were either lost or sold with monetary compensation refused, and all my phone messages ignored.

BOUQUET To the great people at Legal4Us who helped me recover almost $2,000 from an insurance company that was trying to cheat me. I wish I’d known about this service years ago. Thank you.

BEEF To management/owners of stores that admit people not wearing masks, even if wearing one themselves. Your hypocritical attitude is contributing to the spread (and deaths) from COVID-19. What happened to security seen in earlier months? Kudos to management of Woodgrove Centre taking temperatures and giving out masks.

BOUQUET To the staff at Lakeside Gardens, thank you for your care and support to all of the residents in your beautiful facility. You have gone over and above, with warmth and kindness to keep everyone safe and happy.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for paying yet another consultant for a ‘nothing burger’ report on climate alarmism. Yawn.

BOUQUET To Ali Baba pizza. Not only do you have the best gluten-free crust, but when my order was incorrect you rectified the situation immediately. Great pizza and greater customer service. Thanks.

BOUQUET To the principal, teachers, EAs and all of the support staff at Nanaimo Christian School. Your dedication and love for the students is apparent in leaps and bounds. Despite the challenging year, everyone at NCS has provided a kind, calm and safe space for students. Thank you, the entire school community is fortunate to have a wonderful staff.

BEEF I saw a RCMP Nanaimo vehicle driving without the federally mandated daytime running lights. I know the RCMP can get an exemption, but that is normally used for unmarked cars, not general-duty vehicles. What’s up with that?

BOUQUET To Image Optometrists. Their service is friendly and efficient. I had new driving glasses in an hour.

BEEF To the support worker for showing zero compassion for smokers in the psychiatric unit at NRGH. He refuses to take patients out for their one and only smoke of the day because he claims it is not his job. For many especially during COVID this is all they have to look forward to in a day and can greatly calm whatever adversities they are coping with.

BOUQUET To Tom at London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. He got my cell phone working in a few minutes after I had spent hours getting nowhere. He was pleasant and very helpful. You are appreciated. Thank you.

BEEF To the woman shopping, wearing a thin ‘sheep’ face mask, trying to elicit a response from other people in the store, and when nobody would comment, needed to make her statement about wearing masks. The only thing we thought about your statement was that you were rude and were showing no respect to the people like myself who live with compromised individuals, and by the way, listen to the science. Think about someone other than yourself and if you don’t want to wear a mask in public, stay home.

BOUQUET To NAC for making the water temperature swimmable. It’s perfect. A beef to the beefer who not only complained about the temperature but also rudely slammed Beban swimmers. Not everyone enjoys swimming in sub-zero water. Let’s try to compromise here.

BEEF To the city for planting trees under hydro lines along the new walkway on Hammond Bay Road. Don’t they have the foresight to see that they will interfere with the hydro lines as they get bigger?

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo people who shop in locally owned small stores and businesses. Besides supporting our economy to survive, you also minimize the spread of this terrible virus. It would be helpful if many of us would take into consideration where to shop.

BEEF To dog owners who feel entitled and important. The dog-worshipping culture is ridiculous; we shouldn’t have to conform to keep your ‘fur babies’ happy.

BOUQUET To Alicia at the Hammond Bay credit union. You did an awesome job efficiently working on a complex banking problem for me. You made it super easy for me to deal with many interrelated accounts. Thank you again.

BEEF To the lady who pulled down her mask to lick her fingers so she could pull money, which then, covered in her own spit, she placed on a display of bananas for the cashier to pick up. If you can’t breathe in a public place without a mask, I’m sure people don’t want your saliva on their food or their hands.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Art Gallery and the Boarder X indigenous art exhibition, also the skate mentors and the lovely families who came through to skateboard during the months it was open. What a great community feature.

BEEF To the anti-masker. We mask wearers do so to protect loved ones and others, even you. Your selfish and self-righteous attitude about illogical fears is unexplainable to the thousands of Canadians who have died from COVID.

BOUQUET To all the workers at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for your dedication during this pandemic.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for their continued disregard to the Opal Road-Rock City road intersection. What happened to the further studies to be completed with this issue? This eyesore benefits no one, yet adds unnecessary traffic to the Uplands-Departure Bay intersection as well as areas in and around Rock City and Wellington schools. Now we have the added concrete barriers, new line painting, and increased signs to contend with?

BOUQUET To the wonderful person who took time out of their busy morning to personally return the ID I lost on a Linley Valley trail. You have restored my faith in humanity.

BEEF To the B.C. public school curriculum. Why waste time teaching core principles and virtue signalling when apparently the world is ending anyways? Shouldn’t end-of-life planning take the front row?

BOUQUET To Mizz W. at Island ConnectEd school for heeding the seemingly impossible task of training new teachers, staff, new homeschoolers and us old-homeschooling families with absolute grace and kindness. You’re an unbelievable asset to the school and to our lives and we are so grateful for you and all the amazing things you do. We love you.

BEEF To the mall. What is the point of taking people’s temperatures at the main doors when you can walk from the street into two stores which front the road with no testing?

BOUQUET To Dr. C. and RN Danielle who sewed my ear up at NRGH ER. I left there knowing I had been well looked-after. First-class service in a reasonable time frame. The whole team seemed to keep a busy ER flowing smoothly.

BEEF To the two houses side by side that have lower suites for not following Dr. Henry’s rules and having numerous people in and about every night of the week. Everyone knows the rules set by the health officer, so I hope you will do the right thing and stop the numerous guests. It’s about stopping the spread. Next step will be reporting you.

BOUQUET To the nice couple who found my credit card at Winchelsea Golf Course. Really appreciate your honesty.

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Beefs and bouquets

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