Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 8

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A bouquet of pink and cream roses to the lady at Growers Direct for her kindness and compassion when we were choosing flowers for our baby granddaughter’s funeral.

A beautiful bundle of roses to Nanaimo Theatre Group and all of the organizers, crew, performers, silent auction donators, and volunteers involved with the GalArvon fundraiser for making it such a wonderful success. My night was full of love and laughter that I will carry with me always.

A Huge bouquet to all the customers of Puss N Boots Boarding Lodge for Cats that have made the past six years so great for me. I’m going to miss each and every one of you while I am on maternity leave. Hope to see all your faces and my little furry friends again in a year.

A Huge bouquet to Dr. Mathews for everything you have done for us. You have been a wonderful doctor and I can’t wait till our little miracle arrives. Congratulations on your retirement. From Yenita and Scott.

Bouquets to AC Taxi driver Randy and dispatcher Pat for alerting me that my credit card was being taken advantage of after the third stopoff.

Many, many thanks to the staff and golfers at Winchelsea View Golf Course who helped my husband when he had a serious fall at the course. The good wishes and concerns of many friends is greatly appreciated. We love this community.

a bouquet of chicken wings to Kevin Nixon for helping an injured lady down the stairs. You are such a jolly fellow and your quick actions actions will be greatly rewarded soon.

Roaring Cheers of Thanks to the many businesses who support Nanaimo District Secondary School’s football fundraisers, including: VI Raiders, Tofino Air, David Nairne & Associates, FUEL, the Wave and Wolf radio stations, The Bay, Quality Foods, Thrifty Foods, Starbucks, Red Roaster, Persona Hair, Arbutus Building Supplies, Nanaimo Clippers, Allnorth Consultants and the Old City Station Pub.

a huge thank you to all the instructors who helped me and my fellow classmates succeed in obtaining our pleasure craft operator card. The boating course was offered by the Nanaimo Power and Sail Squadron.

A special note of thanks to the skippers and crew who offered their boats for the Pirates Cove Cruise during the boating course. The class was an invaluable experience and well worth the price I paid.

Many thanks to the fellows who helped my husband change a flat tire near the Winchelsea View Golf Course.

A big bouquet to Mr. Young, the principal at Seaview Elementary School. He is patient and understanding and truly cares about the kids. He knows each student by name and takes the time to help when students are having a tough time adjusting. I hope he stays at Seaview for a very long time.

bouquets to the woman who helped me find my 8-year-old step-son at Port Place shopping centre. You came out of nowhere in my little moment of panic and saved the day. I didn’t get a chance to thank you. From a flustered mama of two.

A bouquet of thank yous to the lady who took the time to pick up two seniors who where holding on to a bus post in a storm recently and took us to our destination.

A huge bouquet of yellow roses to my wonderful wife for all of your year-round love and the special nursing and care following surgeries to both of my eyes. You’re the best, hun.

A huge bouquet to Film Buff Video for going above and beyond. Your compassion for this ill and sad movie renter brightened my day.

A bouquet of red roses to the Island Chimney workers. An excellent job on our fireplace and chimney.

A big thank you to Randy and Sara from Nanaimo Association for Community Living. Your help in finding me new respite is much appreciated.

A bouquet of Canucks tickets to Alice and Traci who organized a very successful raffle for the Pleasant Valley Elementary School Grade 7 year-end trip. You women are extraordinary.

A huge bouquet to Auto Check Automotive for being the most honest and knowledgeable shop we have ever been to. Fantastic customer service, too. Thanks from Tim and Trish.

A happy face bouquet to Lorraine at the post office on East Wellington Roadd. My 3-year-old grandchildren are really thankful for her help with their necklaces and neat stickers.

A thank you to the beefer for voicing the beef about hybrid parking spots. I completely agree with you. I also saw the sign and thought that was the most absurd thing I’ve seen.

a huge beef to some Costco customers. I was appalled to watch the treatment of the hard-working ladies and men who offer customers samples of food and goodies. Some take samples without saying “thank you” and one woman actually told one of the ladies to “try to keep up a little better”. I also watched people pick up samples, smell them, and put them back down again. Then the entire tray has to be thrown away.

a rotten beef to he who complains of everyone taking advantage of him. It always takes one to know one.

A bigger beef to the unbelievable beefer who complained that a store staffer “approached”  them without being asked a question. The beefer omitted to mention the staffer probably asked if there was any assistance required. If you’re that annoyed, shop at another store.

a rotten beef to Nanaimo transit for increasing monthly bus pass rates by 11 per cent next year. That is too much for some of us who work only part-time. I don’t want your new service expansion, then.

A big, orange, grinchy beef to a north-end store for not allowing Salvation Army Christmas kettles at their location.

A rotten beef to the couple in the Bay recently. They used the “F” word and cursed at our son-in-law and two-year-old grandson, who was in the stroller, after our son-in-law stopped to tend to his son. A piece of doggie doo in your stocking.

A sad beef to a team travelling to Vancouver recently. After standing in line 15 minutes for breakfast with a group of seniors and two players, the rest of the team showed up and jumped to the front of the line. Even after mentioning line etiquette to them, they completely ignored us and got their meals first. It was even mentioned to the head coach, who chose not to comment.

A huge Beef to the irresponsible person who thought it was appropriate to release their tame rabbit in Bowen Park. My dog found your rabbit, probably about 20 minutes after you dropped it off. Your rabbit didn’t even know enough to run. To all pet owners who dump their pets: please rethink what you are doing. They do not stand a chance out there.