Beefs & Bouquets Dec. 6

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A running bouquet to Stefan at Frontrunners. Your customer service is fantastic. I am happy in my Brooks running shoes and appreciate your help in finding me the perfect shoe.

A yummy bouquet to Emily and all the staff at Salsa Man. It was a pleasure to be your neighbour for a few years and I appreciate all the samples you shared with me and my doggy clients. I will miss the wonderful smell I got on Tuesdays of your fabulous creation. The best salsa there ever was.

A big, colourful bouquet of flowers to the Jumping Jiminy’s staff for accommodating a last minute birthday party. And by last minute, I mean on the spot. You saved the day.

A bouquet of smiles to the ladies at the PO on East Wellington Road for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep the cost reasonable for my re-packaged gift to get to its overseas destination.

Thank you to Roger at Focal Point Masonry and Chimney Service for excellent service. I thought I had an expensive problem, but you inspected, said all was OK and did not create a job for yourself. Honest and helpful.

a bouquet to the media. I read the local papers and the provincial ones and watch newscasts on a couple of different channels. All sources did an excellent job of dealing with Remembrance Day. I’m afraid that in much of the United States, it’s become just another reason for a really big holiday sale.

bouquets of heartfelt thanks to Dr. Kenyan, Dr. Forest, Alison, Gillian, Paula, Simon, Lise, Sharon, Corinne, Stephanie, Vi, Tammy, Jayne, Roma and the night nursing staff on the intensive care unit at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for the excellent care they took of our brother David during his short stay in hospital.

a big, beautiful bouquet with many thanks to the gentleman who left a note on my car with the licence number of the car that hit mine and then took off. Your good deed will be paid forward.

a big bouquet to all the people who stopped to help me when my car stalled at the traffic lights at Brooks Landing.

bouquets to the amazing caregivers at Dufferin Place and in the Palliative Care Unit at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for taking such wonderful care of my girlfriend.

a thank you to the male volunteer at the Port Theatre who made our first visit to the Port to see Blackie Band a night to remember. We will be back. Keep smiling.

a big and very belated bouquet of tiger lillies to the wonderful lady at Quality Foods in Harewood for letting me buy some flowers a few minutes before the store opened. The flowers were waiting for my friend when she got to work and I made it to work on time. Thanks for bending the rules a little.

a big bouquet of thanks to everyone in this community who is trying to make a positive difference in the world and spending their time and effort on projects that benefit others. Thank you for making the world a better place for all of us to live in.

a huge bouquet to the friendly staff at Dog n’ Suds Pet Services on Wilgress Road. My dog’s nails are clipped and his fur coat is shiny and clean, all with minimal stress and strain. It is obvious the staff here are passionate about their jobs and truly love dogs.

a bright bouquet to my friends for helping me with the Christmas decorating this year, you guys made it fun, and to my neighbours who have put up their lights. It is a real mood lifter to see all of the lights as I make my way home after work in the dark.

A huge bouquet of baby giggles to Ericka, Georgie, Jay and Sacha at Jolly Giant Childcare Ltd. We are so excited for the smooth transition with our little man and we thank you for being patient with us.

A Bouquet to my former co-workers for the going-away gift card, which went toward the purchase of a new helmet for the ski season. Thanks for enduring my thick-headedness for nearly six years.

A beef to all vegetarians.

A beef to people who pick up after their dog and then toss the bag along the side of the road into the bushes. The trees don’t need decorating, even if it is Christmas.

A Beef to the person who broke into the Kin Hut. You did more damage than anything you stole was worth. The antique trolley fair box has been a part of the Kinsmen Club of Nanaimo for more than 60 years. We would like it back, in any condition. If found, please drop off at Island Inkjet in Woodgrove Centre.

a beef to a fast food restaurant worker who handled money and then cooked up my order without first putting on gloves.

a beef to the person who pulled out a plant from our front yard. I hope it dies and your efforts were wasted.

A GIGANTIC beef to the clown who nearly ruined my daughter’s third birthday by not showing up for the party. You should be ashamed of yourself for breaking a little girl’s heart and then making excuses for your poor organization skills.

Lost revenue to the store that has decided not to give unsold merchandise back to clients. If we want to give our unsold stuff to charity, we will.

a beef. If you have a dog or any animal and it jumps on me and destroys my outfit, yes, that dog will get a shove. It is your dog, control it. I believe dogs should be leashed and collared.

A beef to ‘Buy one, get another 50 per cent off’ sales. If the product was priced reasonably in the first place, you wouldn’t need the gimmick. Who needs two of anything? Especially when you don’t know if you truly like it until you wear it.

A beef to truckers who drive their 18-wheel rigs like sports cars, weaving in and out of lanes with no regard for the safety of other drivers.

A beef to anyone who attended Ladysmith Light Up’s 25th anniversary event and left the streets littered with their trash. Imagine how disappointed you’d be if someone did this to your street.

a disconnected beef to those who have cellphones and e-mail accounts, but never answer either one. It would be nice to get a reply from either one just out of courtesy. I am sure if money was involved, you would get back to me right away.

a beef to my neighbours who abuse the welfare system so they can stay home all day smoking pot and watching TV.

A beef to whoever is responsible for cleaning the change rooms at the aquatic centre. The floors of the change rooms are disgusting. I don’t even want to put my feet on them. Can they not be cleaned a couple of times a day?

A beef to pedestrians who refuse to cross at crosswalks and won’t even look both ways before wandering out in front of cars on dark, rainy nights wearing dark clothing, when drivers are already blinded by glare and road spray. People either have to start taking responsibility for their actions or it’s time police started ticketing stupidity.