Beef to the beefers complaining about drivers with upside-down Vancouver Island decals on their vehicles. There is no such thing. You’re associating a correct orientation with the commonly used Mercator map – a colonial-era Euro-centric model that arbitrarily places north at the top and south at the bottom and is considered to have many other distortions.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 5

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BOUQUET To the ER doctor at NRGH who 22 years ago took the time to ask me about my mother. You changed her diagnosis from bipolar to schizophrenia. The change in her medication changed our lives. I never knew your name but I think of you often, thank you.

BEEF To people who are given a job of authority, albeit for a very short time period during an election, and who abuse the situation. Election workers are there to do a job to the best of their abilities, not to be picked on by you.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful women and men who work in the pediatric ward at VIHA. My daughter was in your care for 12 days and she was incredibly well cared for and attended to. Bouquets to Sandra, all the nurses and attendants, the pediatricians, Dr. Bowering and Scott S.

BEEF To the beefer regarding dogs in the park at Departure Bay. The rules are for everyone, just because you don’t agree doesn’t make you exempt. Maybe you do clean up after your dogs, many don’t. The rule is no dogs on the field. City of Nanaimo should enforce the bylaws the city makes.

BOUQUET To John at Barron’s Appliances for helping put back together the burner for my 40-year-old McLary stove. She’s an antique, but I love her. Thanks for your patience, John.

BEEF To unruly neighbours and an eyesore yard over the years. Beef to them for reaching over our fence into our yard to cut away at our big beautiful maple tree without asking.

BOUQUET To the beefer who hates overuse of the word ‘grab,’ like the person in our strata telling people ‘grab a brain’ and leaving ‘don’t park here’ notes.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about the dealership making a claim on the bumper you admitted to backing into. Years ago, a senior backed into my bumper and created $1,000 worth of damage. There is a foam section under the flex bumpers and they will crack if driven into but you can’t see it.

BOUQUET To Nature Trust of B.C., City of Nanaimo and Friends of Buttertubs regarding the protective fencing they built around the western thatching ants. Huge nests located just off the pathway at Buttertubs Marsh. The informative signage is also appreciated.

BEEF To all the people complaining about what types of foods people so choose to eat; it’s none of your business. Eating healthy, plant based or organic can be costly in this economy. You have no idea the hardships people endure; put your negative energy to something more productive, please.

BOUQUET Nanaimo Community Kitchens wishes a king-sized bouquet to thank Jerry and the staff of the Queen’s for hosting a marvellous Oktoberfest fundraiser.

BEEF As long as we keep torturing animals for entertainment, we are uncivilized and barbaric. Please stop.

BOUQUET To Dr. Torrie, Dr. Somerville, Dr. Arbelaez and all the nurses and other surgery ward personnel who were able to get my emergency surgery performed so quickly. I know many of you worked extremely long hours to get through the list of patients requiring surgery on the two days I was there. Our medical system may not be perfect, but it could be a lot worse if it wasn’t for the dedicated personnel in the ward.

BEEF To the hit-and-run driver at Calinda Drive and Hammond Bay Road. Do the right thing.

BOUQUET To the lovely lady who brought the muffins to the shop. Thanks again.

BEEF To strategic voters. You stand for nothing, so you deserve what you get, just like sheep who can easily be led astray by a smooth-talking politician back east.

BOUQUET To the employee at the Country Grocer on Bowen who found me a pumpkin on Halloween morning when they had been sold out since the night before. We always get great customer service but she went far above and beyond.

BEEF We need a turning lane on Bowen Road going south at Dufferin Crescent turning toward Country Grocer. If a person is crossing the intersection, it can take a whole light, holding up the whole lane of traffic.

BOUQUET To the kind citizen who found a dealer plate on the highway and returned it to an insurance agent, who in turn got it back to the rightful owner. We really appreciated your help in finding it.

BEEF To unions and for the disruption and unpleasant behaviour aimed at the larger general public. We don’t disrupt your work day. Promote other ways to present your concerns democratically between parties. Adopt a more considerate attitude to the public.

BOUQUET To City of Nanaimo public works for their quick response to jobs suggested by citizens, especially when safety is involved. Next job on your list should be the parking lot at Neck Point.

BEEF To all the drivers speeding in the wrong direction through the new barrier at Rock City Road to access Uplands. I too disagree with it and find it frustrating, but you’re going to kill someone turning into oncoming traffic. A beef to the city for putting this in in the first place and then failing to monitor it.

BOUQUET To my beautiful girlfriend who lights up my world. You’ve given my life so much purpose and I love you for it. I can’t wait to start a family with you and grow old together. Keep shining bright like the star that you are.

BEEF To the B.C. government for running a biased survey about time changing. We were given only two choices, keep changing or Daylight Saving forever. We need to go back to Standard Time and stay there. Science has shown us that we need all the morning sunlight we can get. Daylight time denies us this.

BOUQUET To whoever turned in my two keys at Longwood Thrifty’s. They weren’t even on a proper keychain but are very important keys. You saved me a big headache and thank you.

BEEF To the city for making Opal Road off of Rock City Road actually dangerous. You aren’t supposed to turn onto Opal from Rock City now, and you aren’t supposed to turn left off of Opal, but I see people doing these things every day. This is going to cause an accident. This shouldn’t have even been done in the first place, but why you didn’t just throw up a few concrete dividers and make it completely a dead end?

BOUQUET To all the drivers I see who are driving the speed limit, using their indicators and not doing distracted driving.

BEEF To the letter writer who blames her political party’s loss in the federal election on racism and “whitish” beliefs, whatever those are. They didn’t lose because of their candidate’s skin colour. They lost because of their unattainable ideals and policies.

BOUQUET To David at the Great Canadian Oil Change at Country Club Centre. All seniors are treated like gold and they check your tires as well without being asked. Very much appreciated. Hope your manager realizes how much business you bring in by being kind and knowledgeable.

BEEF To the person who stole my towel from Beban Pool, making me dry off with my shirt. Is nothing safe from thievery in Nanaimo anymore?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo and its traffic engineers. They have reduced excessive traffic on our residential side road from around 1,400 plus vehicles per day down to around 400-500 vehicles.

BEEF To the traffic-controlling intersection at Opal and Rock City Road. The fact that a convenient turn to the left is now blocked just plain sucks. There’s now so much traffic on the intersection of Uplands and Departure Bay Road that there are lineups down the street. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

BOUQUET To a wonderful cashier named Laurie on the Queen of Oak Bay who went above and beyond to safeguard a wallet that had dropped and contact the right parties to make an announcement to find me, the owner. I was just in the process of calling my credit card company to cancel what I knew was contained therein, when I heard an announcement with my name.

BEEF It is absolutely ridiculous that northbound traffic on the parkway gives up half of the light so that southbound left turners can turn at Northfield. Put in an overpass.

BOUQUET To Steve Marshall Ford for their usual over-the-top service. And especially to Rob who went out of his way to help a senior on her way to work. His recommendations and instruction with the wiper blade issue, and immediate aid with the technical phone challenge made it a wonderful start to a beautiful day.

BEEF To the beefers complaining about drivers with upside-down Vancouver Island decals on their vehicles. There is no such thing. You’re associating a correct orientation with the commonly used Mercator map – a colonial-era Euro-centric model that arbitrarily places north at the top and south at the bottom and is considered to have many other distortions.

BOUQUET To Jillian E. for her kindness and generosity at the recent federal advance poll. It was much appreciated.

BEEF Nanaimo, is this an island thing or what? The left lane of highways and parkways is for passing. Why is this so difficult to understand? Move over. Maybe you’re turning left somewhere way down the road, but until you get there, get out of our way.

BOUQUET To the lifeguards at Nanaimo Aquatic Centre. My daughter has been waiting a very long time to ride the green slide – you made her night.

BEEF To the people speeding in and around the school zone at George Avenue or on the side streets. Recognizing there is construction making walkable improvements in Harewood doesn’t mean taking our quiet residential roads will get you anywhere faster. It’s infuriating to watch and I’m worried for people’s safety. Cut it out.

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