Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 4

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BOUQUET To Evelyn, our wonderful neighbour, for the donation of the computer monitor, kindergarten keyboard and speakers. Thank you from our students.

BEEF To all you brainwashed and low-information climate change fear mongers: CO2 is not a greenhouse gas as you have been led to believe. It is natural, non-poisonous and plants require it.

BOUQUET To the voters at the recent civic election at Oliver Woods. Large numbers, polite, friendly and patient. Great for democracy.

BEEF To humankind. Can’t we make anything that works anymore? It seems as if every other week there’s a recall of something that was meant to help us but turns out to be dangerous or even deadly.

BOUQUET To responsible, rational dog owners who get that dog behaviour can be unpredictable and so they keep their dogs on leash in all our city parks. Another bouquet to those who use a halty or muzzle on their aggressive dogs.

BEEF There are people who were born in this country and have lived here all their lives who don’t know In Flanders Fields or its significance. Is it no longer part of our heritage?

BOUQUET To Phyllis Birch who had a huge heart and sat with an injured deer at the side of the road and kept him warm and calm until the veterinarian at Woodgrove Animal hospital treated him for broken ribs and made arrangements for his shelter.

BEEF To most Americans, their Thanksgiving is sacred and most businesses are closed for the day. Yet on Nov. 11, not only are most businesses open, it’s a reason for a big sale.

BOUQUET To Barry and Carol Anderson for making a father and daughter’s experience at the Mötley Crüe concert memorable beyond description.

BEEF To a moving and storage company for not returning all of my belongings.

BOUQUET To Madame Nadia at Pauline Haarer Elementary School for helping her Grade 5 class review and debate mayoral candidates for the recent municipal election. Such great learning for these kids and she made it fun.

BEEF To all the gas station owners in Nanaimo who put prices higher than they should be and our government who warns them if they come to check.

BOUQUET To Tim Hortons for their Timbits soccer program. The youngsters must love their team shirts, too.

BEEF To people on electric scooters with no red flags. Traffic needs to know where you are.

BOUQUET To the employee who cleaned up a real mess of V8 juice (my wife dropped it) at the Great Canadian Superstore. She was quick and cheerful, and gave us another bottle for free.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for plowing road snow onto the sidewalk and then expecting homeowners to make it disappear. If you fail in this magic trick you can be fined.

BOUQUET To the Ladies Auxiliary Legion No. 257. They have generously contributed money to help provide nutritious snacks for the students of Park Avenue Elementary School. We send many thanks your way.

BEEF To cyclists and pedestrians dressed in black, especially when it is raining they are almost impossible to see. I stopped my car twice to warn that with no lamp or reflector drivers can’t see them and both gave me abuse.

BOUQUET To everyone who came to my 55th birthday party and being very generous with your gifts. Thank you to Milano’s Ristorante for having such wonderful food and wonderful service.

BEEF to the guy at the gym who goes around in bare feet. Since you feel so at home, why not just leave a toothbrush by the water fountain, too.

BOUQUET To the Remembrance Day section in the News Bulletin. The paper always does an excellent job remembering those who serve and sacrifice for us.

BEEF To the Canadian government that was one of three countries, along with the U.S. and Ukraine, to vote against a U.N. resolution against the “glorification of Nazism.” My grandfather fought in the Second World War and must be rolling in his grave.

BOUQUET To Jayson at Urban Style Salon in Harewood for always a great haircut and style. He’s truly a credit to his profession.

BEEF To the fire department concerning my worries about candles being placed outside on a property. If that caused a fire in your area, you would say differently.

BOUQUET Thank you for leaving News Bulletin editions in the Living Forest Campground. I read the newspaper cover to cover, like to go through the sales flyers and do your puzzles.

BOUQUET To all the guys who helped push a stalled vehicle from the Bowen Road and Island Highway intersection. It was nice to see so many guys help – great small city attitude.

BOUQUET A shout out to ‘Anna’ for making so many children happy by volunteering for the Frozen event.

BOUQUET To the kind person who bought my lunch at Pizza Hut. Your kindness has not gone unrecognized.

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritan and wonderful staff at Costco who helped my father after he fell in the parking lot on a cold, rainy night.

BOUQUET To all the protesters on Burnaby Mountain against the Kinder Morgan pipelines. Hopefully people power and common sense will triumph over the destruction and short-sighted greed of the federal and provincial government.

BOUQUET To T.J. and the Abba Flooring team for their fantastic customer service. You made a dog and his owner very happy.

BOUQUET To Darren, Clay, Brian, Shane and all the players involved for helping to save the life of teammate Kelly. Their quick action of CPR and the use of the defibrillator turned a tragic event into a miracle.

BOUQUET To play-by-play man Dan Marshall and colour commentator Daryl Major, who do a great job broadcasting Nanaimo Clippers hockey games on 106.9 The Wolf.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail