Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 31

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BOUQUET To Art’s Plumbing and Heating for your prompt, courteous and affordable service when our hot water tank gave up.

BEEF To the five joggers running up a blind hill on both sides of the road. You were lucky no other car came over the hill – some would have been killed.

BOUQUET To TD Canada Trust at Turner Road and consultant, Priscilla. Within 30 minutes, she brought stability back to my life. Without a doubt, the service they provide is over and above.

BEEF To the people who turned down the store and gas station on Hammond Bay Road. We lost approximately 15 full-time jobs and caused the local pub to close.

BOUQUET To all of our wonderful patients who sent cards, chocolates, gifts and homemade goodies to us. Thank you so much for all the warm wishes over the holidays, we appreciate each and every one of you at Applecross Dental Clinic.

BEEF To the federal government for not installing our area mailboxes yet. Really tired of our postman complaining about a few leaves or twigs in our driveway.

BOUQUET To the paramedics who picked me up off the floor when I collapsed in Port Place shopping centre. Also to security, the nurse and all other who assisted.

BEEF To the rude customer who swore and stormed away in frustration at something totally out of the cashier’s control.

BOUQUET To the paramedics, firemen and emergency staff at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital who came to my mother’s aid and the staff at First Memorial for all your help and support.

BOUQUET To the individuals who came by, one every five minutes, to ask if I was OK with my broken-down car across from Rock City Elementary School. And the fire truck, too!

BOUQUET To Elijah and staff at the Medicine Shoppe at Terminal Park mall for the friendliest service in town.

BOUQUET To the gentleman at Country Club Centre who purchased a bear for my daughter. Thank you very much for your generous gift – she loves it.

BOUQUET To five-year-old Ethan Graham who, with his parents’ assistance, fulfilled his heart’s desire to provide free hot chocolate for people in need downtown. What a beautiful gift of compassion.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo MS Society and Kiwanis complex for the Christmas luncheon. Our son, his wife and we enjoyed it.

BOUQUET To all who supported Bayview Elementary School families this Christmas season: Secret Santa, Moksha Yoga clients, Rotary clubs, Nanaimo Community Living, Dover Bay Me to We, Bayview PAC and the Bayview staff.

BOUQUET To the Rotary Club of Nanaimo for their Christmas tradition of a full turkey luncheon for Bayview Elementary School. Thanks to Mr. Lube, Thrifty Foods, Mrs. Riches, Strong Nations bookstore and John Barsby Secondary School for their support.

BOUQUET To Mary Paul of the cosmetics department at London Drugs North Town Centre. Your kindness, helpfulness and creative ideas were a tremendous help, making shopping so pleasurable.

BOUQUET To Eliza and Christine from Vancouver Island University and Karen from Island Health, and the United Way Central and Northern Vancouver Island campaign associates for your hard work making a difference during our campaign season.

BOUQUET To everyone on my five paper routes. The homemade cookies and treats were so good. My customers make it so worthwhile in the heat of summer and the cold snow.

BOUQUET To all the people who put up Christmas lights this year. It makes the city look so festive during the darkest, coldest nights of the year.

BOUQUET To Applecross Vet Hospital during my tearful goodbye to my small dog. Understanding by all staff most appreciated.

BOUQUET To Wendy Lou, at SPCA on Labieux Road, for her compassion, caring, knowledge and understanding in the time of need.

BOUQUET To all those who make new year’s resolutions, but especially to those who, rather than make personal resolutions, resolve to make the world a better place.

BOUQUET To the folks who donated their spare change to the Coins for Kids fundraising drive. The money that went to the Great Nanaimo Toy Drive and the Nanaimo Boys and Girls Club helped dozens of families this year.

BOUQUET To KPK Goldsmith at Woodgrove Centre for re-sizing a ring for me before Christmas. He did a great job and was very professional.

BOUQUET To the emergency room nurses and sixth-floor nurses, especially Gaydene, Rene, and support staff for looking after my husband when he broken his ankle just before Christmas. Also to Dr. Paul Voorhoeve for repairing his ankle.

BOUQUET To the staff and residents at Berwick on the Lake for hosting a lovely Christmas tea with the proceeds going to Nanaimo Community Hospice. Guests were treated to tea, treats, music, silent auction and visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.

BOUQUET To shoppers who were polite and patient while Christmas shopping this year. Cashiers and other shoppers don’t need to hear the negativity of others.

BOUQUET To all the people on my routes who tipped me this Christmas season. A Merry Christmas to all of you, and the best to you in 2016.

BOUQUET To all the people who generously gave to charity at Christmas this year. Many people in Nanaimo don’t have the money to provide for their families what society expects at this time of year but thanks to you, Christmas was made a little bit better.

BOUQUET To the weather. We couldn’t have asked for a better day on Christmas with beautiful sunshine and blue skies.

BOUQUET To Mary and Kiyo for letting me take over their yard and carport while I do my papers. It is very appreciated.

BOUQUET To all the News Bulletin’s readers. Best wishes and good luck in all your endeavours in 2016.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail