Beef to people who don’t pay attention to where they park. My driver’s side had no room to open the door as someone parked too close to my door. I was so annoyed and had to go to my passenger side to get in but found someone had backed into the stall on that side and I couldn’t get in my car. I had to wait two hours before either one came out so I could get in my car.

Beef to people who don’t pay attention to where they park. My driver’s side had no room to open the door as someone parked too close to my door. I was so annoyed and had to go to my passenger side to get in but found someone had backed into the stall on that side and I couldn’t get in my car. I had to wait two hours before either one came out so I could get in my car.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 29

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BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Curling Centre and all its volunteers who run the junior program. The dedication and expertise shared are very much appreciated.

BEEF To people riding bikes and electric motorcycles. You have your own lanes now, but still cut in front of cars, run lights, and don’t walk your bike on crosswalks. Soon you will have to get insurance to pay for the cars you hit.

BOUQUET To S.J.D. When are you going to invite me over for a barbecue?

BEEF To the group on the Lower Mainland complaining there was not enough warning with what came our way. Everybody has access to the media. No more extra treatment. The whining has to come to an end. We’re all in the same boat. Everybody is in need of assistance. More than 1,000 people lost their livelihood.

BOUQUET To Tom at the photo department at London Drugs at Nanaimo North Town Centre. He took care of a problem I had and dealt with a long lineup of customers in a calm and highly professional manner.

BEEF To the people who park their cars on Opal Road impeding two-way traffic. When accidents on Rock City block traffic, Opal is the next route to many more homes than those who live on Opal. Perhaps an ambulance could navigate the cars but I doubt a fire truck could do this. You are risking the lives and homes of many people.

BOUQUET To the lady with PTSD who was nervously sliding down the hill during our first snowfall. You did a great job and good for you for being braver than I.

BEEF To the radio station that replaced two presenters, one had been with you for eight years, the other for 10, both local with well-supported shows and you replaced them with shows from out-of-province.

BOUQUET To NRGH, the provincial government and more importantly to the staff at the new memory clinic. I recently accessed their services for a three-hour appointment. Four professionals assembled in one site to administer to patients, supplemented by a member of the Alzheimer’s society – excellent services. This type of clinic represents new directions we need to take in the health industry. Support staff I dealt with were excellent as well. Many thanks.

BEEF To anti-vaxxers. Having work done on your home? Check the vaccine status of workers. A lot are not vaccinated.

BOUQUET To all of the humans who focus on the good in the world and who practise random acts of kindness to others. The world is a beautiful place to live because of your love and gratitude.

BEEF The city is suggesting that all neighbourhood associations now be encouraged/rewarded for forming not-for-profit organizations including an AGM, membership list and minutes of all meetings to be filed with the city each year. This just adds one more bureaucratic level to an already cumbersome system, let alone the cost implications. Where is the imagination in this and how does it fit with re-imagining Nanaimo?

BOUQUET To dogs. We have much to learn from you. You make the world a better place and you are loved by everyone with a good heart.

BEEF To people who don’t pay attention to where they park. My driver’s side had no room to open the door as someone parked too close to my door. I was so annoyed and had to go to my passenger side to get in but found someone had backed into the stall on that side and I couldn’t get in my car. I had to wait two hours before either one came out so I could get in my car. Next time I will call the tow truck. People, be mindful of your fellow drivers.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Yacht Club for the most beautiful Christmas sail past in Nanaimo Harbour. The decorations were absolutely amazing and must have been a ton of work. We enjoyed it immensely. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to all of you.

BEEF To the pair of young ladies in Bowen Park who set their husky/malamute on a pair of ravens on the grass in the lower picnic area. That dog tore after them as if it wanted to kill them. Your generation’s guru Greta suggests us older folks are to blame for humanity’s broken relationship with nature. How about holding up a mirror?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo plow truck drivers for getting on top of clearing the snow from the roads very early on a Saturday morning.

BEEF It’s about time the property owner filled that eyesore hole on Front Street. Why is our city council letting them get away with this for so long? We the citizens of Nanaimo deserve better.

BOUQUET To the NGRH endoscopy department and especially Dr. Wells and his team for first-class medical care and for making my procedure so much less stressful than it might have been.

BEEF Six per cent property tax increase for this guy. Same potholes on my street, same graffiti on the wall.

BOUQUET To the parks and recreation department for its great work planting all the native species on the strip of land near the trail in front of the RV park at Westwood Lake. It looks great now and will be even better in the years to come. Thanks so much.

BEEF To the dump truck driver who decided to tip the remains of his load of soil, rock and roots onto the parking area next to Jack Bagley Field. This is not a dumping ground. It’s a parking area and the last thing we need is mounds of soil and rocks.

BOUQUET To M., a retired senior, who volunteers numerous hours clearing debris off the trails at Neck Point Park, using his own tools. This is a rare quality these days and sorely lacking in our society where people indiscriminately drop garbage everywhere.

BEEF To the courier driver who decided to take the quick, easy way out of leaving a delivery notice instead of taking a few seconds to buzz my suite to check if I was here, which I was. You are a careless employee.

BOUQUET To the young man who paid for my latté at the Starbucks at Port Place shopping centre. I was totally shocked and very surprised at your kindness. Thank you and I will pay it forward.

BEEF Fireworks are never going to not happen. Perhaps dog owners should invest in doggy earplugs. People like to celebrate and I say party on, Wayne.

BOUQUET To Mayor Krog and council. You have made excellent decisions and tremendous, positive changes in the city since you have held the offices. Keep going in this great direction.

BEEF To the woman walking away from her car at Hemer Park. Not only did you park crooked, when I looked at how you parked you left me no room to get in my car. Be aware of your surroundings.

BOUQUET A heartfelt thanks to everyone working at the north Nanaimo COVID vaccination centre. You are performing a valuable service to your community and you do it with fun, laughter and compassion. Keep up the good work.

BEEF I go to Neck Point regularly and cannot understand why the parking lot is not paved. Filling the potholes with gravel does not last, and the money spent on filling these holes could be spent on paving.

BOUQUET To the individual who found my earring and left it with customer service at Woodgrove Save-On-Foods. The earring was a memento of my sister who had passed away earlier this year. Your kindness is so appreciated. People like you make this world a better, kinder place.

BEEF To people who never ever tip their domestic help. You tip a hairdresser, but not the person who cleans your toilet seat every week? Cleaning for you is more personal than anything.

BOUQUET To Ron and Pin for their dedication to teaching line dance to us seniors. Truly amazing all they do as volunteers for this program. From my heart, thank you.

BEEF To the pasta sauce. Every time I open the packaging, whether carefully and slowly or fast and angrily, it always tears and always splatters. Sometimes the tab even pulls off and then I have to use scissors. I swear they did it on purpose.

BOUQUET To Joe, the man who found and returned my wallet after it was lost in a taxi. Thank you for returning this. There were some irreplaceable items inside and they were still there. I’m glad there are still some good people out there.

BEEF To the anti-vaxxers who protested at Remembrance Day services. Now the military are working to save people, livestock, infrastructure and livelihoods all across this province. You owe each and every military person, past and present, an apology and debt of gratitude.

BOUQUET To a staff member, Christine, at the passport office downtown. She was very pleasant and extremely meticulous in going over my documents and the application form I had filled out. It is easy to slip up and make a mistake on long forms but I feel confident that she checked what I submitted so thoroughly that there won’t be any hitches in getting my new passport processed.

BEEF To the city for changing all of the street parking for blocks around the hospital to two-hour parking. It is almost impossible for staff to park at their workplace now and patients are struggling to make their appointments on time. We need help with the parking situation at the hospital, please.

BOUQUET It would be fun to see more Lamborghinis and hot rods on the roads. The cars and trucks of today’s world are so boring and have no character.

BEEF To the many employers who constantly whine about not being able to find staff. The problem has never been a shortage of labour, it’s been the shortage of cheap labour. It’s 2021, pay more.

BOUQUET To McPherson Cabinetry and the contractor who recommended them. Thank you for such a positive experience. Your communication has been awesome, your ideas and expertise are game changers and your shared enthusiasm makes this whole thing so much more exciting for us. Travis, you’re No. 1. Always taking our calls and coming over to check progress.

BEEF I live near an elementary school, on Uplands Drive. The speed limit is 30 kilometres per hour – too bad people don’t do it. We need bigger signs or a speed camera before a child is hurt or killed.

BOUQUET To all of our health-care workers. You are true heroes.

BEEF To the coverage of a story about a mob of anti-vaxxers demonstrating against a store’s policy in Nanaimo. They broadcast the mob’s propaganda videos and amplified their message for them two nights in a row. This is not a 50:50 issue. It’s a 19:1 issue.

BOUQUET I lost my wedding ring and had to retrace my steps to all the places I had been that day. I went to Costco and it wasn’t there but the kind woman who helped me sift through the garbage deserves high praise. I went to Regional Recycling and gave the lovely woman who works there my number. Lo and behold a few minutes later Regional Recycling called and they had found my ring. Thanks to Alana for finding it and getting it back to me.

BEEF Governments want to give free drugs to addicts. Do we have to give free alcohol to alcoholics? Do we have to give free food to the obese? Do we have to give free storage to hoarders? Maybe free credits for addicted gamblers? Where does it all end?

BOUQUET Appreciation to Iris at Ultimate Success Weight Loss Centre for her amazing encouragement, direction and support during my 60-pound loss in 2021. Your personality and experience helped me to achieve my goal during a very stressful year.

BEEF Council has a dilemma about whether to spend on new bus shelters. I grew up taking the bus in the years of no benches or bus shelters – didn’t harm me. If it’s raining, use an umbrella. Use our tax money where it’s really needed.

BOUQUET To the staff at the Nanaimo cancer clinic. Thank you for your kind and considerate treatment of my senior father, especially during COVID, and allowing me to be with him during his chemo treatment. It was a small mercy during a terrible time of life.

BEEF Maybe city council should get its priorities straight. Instead of wasting more money on bike lanes (Front Street, what a shamble), that money should be spent on more police or fixing storm infrastructure instead of raising our taxes.

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Beefs and bouquets