Beef. Someone broke into my husband’s truck which was locked. I want to wish this thief not all the best in the new year.

Beef. Someone broke into my husband’s truck which was locked. I want to wish this thief not all the best in the new year.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 27

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BOUQUET We were very pleased with the quality and friendly service provided by Classic Care of Nanaimo. Their technician arrived promptly on schedule was very friendly and efficiently removed the blinds from our premises. Mick, the techinician returned as scheduled the very next day and re-installed the blinds. The blinds were returned to us like new.

BEEF Parents picking up their kids at Ney school feel they own the whole road, parking on both sides and leaving us with barely a single lane to come and go, and then doing dangerous manoeuvres that put us in danger.

BOUQUET To the staff of NRGH in the medical imaging department. After a recent visit, I just have to commend everyone there. All the concern about my test was quickly alleviated by your compassion, friendliness and efficiency. Thank you so much.

BEEF To the property management firm that requires a consumer credit check as a condition for securing rental housing. Your policy means a family or individual with not very good credit could wind up homeless in their search for a place to live.

BOUQUET My sincere thanks and huge bouquets to Nanaimo Fire Rescue for their assistance and kindness, and to the people whom came to offer their help to me after my accident by the train tracks on Waddington.

BEEF I avoided a collision with a woman who turned her N-licence car left, from a right-turn lane and crossed my car’s path. I mildly shook a finger back and forth. This woman made sure she found me in the mall and very loudly berated me for shaking a finger at her.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo’s new city council for supporting the RCMP in closing our “drug and theft house” on Metral Drive. This has been a problem in our neighbourhood for years. Thank you.

BEEF While driving north on Island Highway, the train was also running north alongside the highway. The traffic light at Northfield turned red for everyone until the train passed. We were not crossing any tracks. All this achieved was a traffic back-up.

BOUQUET To the kind person who helped my dog on St. George Street when he escaped from my yard. Thank you for the note you put through my mail slot – I will get my gate fixed.

BEEF To city traffic people. Bowen Road traffic is a major blunder, Bowen at East Wellington, Northfield or Dufferin are totally hopeless.

BOUQUET l would like to give a large bouquet to the staff at the first floor internal medicine department and the medical imaging department at the NRGH for the wonderful care and treatment I received when I was recently a patient there.

BEEF An 86-year-old taxpayer and library card holder was denied use of washroom facilities and told to go elsewhere by three staff members. Washroom was in good working order and not being repaired.

BOUQUET To Broco Glass for the wonderful and timely service provided. I had to take my children to a Christmas party out of town and you were able to get me an earlier appointment and resolve my side glass window issue. Great service.

BEEF To the lady who nearly hit my neighbour’s child as she walked through the crosswalk on Hammond Bay Road. The kid was wearing a very bright pink sweatshirt and was visible for several metres back. Pay attention.

BOUQUET A positive shout out to the Vancouver Island University participation in the Santa Claus parade. It would be great to see more instances of visible presence like this from the university in our community. A very valuable institution in Nanaimo.

BEEF Someone broke into my husband’s truck which was locked and stole an ashtray with approximately $50 worth of toonies and loonies, prescription reading glasses, a caliper, two knives and two flashlights. I want to wish this thief not all the best in the new year.

BOUQUET To the wonderful lady who rescued my purse left in the basket outside and took it into Shoppers Drug Mart. You made my day and my Christmas. Thank you does not say enough for your kindness and honesty.

BEEF To the person beefing about those who did not wear and buy a poppy it does not mean we do not care. No one is obligated to donate.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo businesses that allow the Salvation Army kettles to occupy the fronts of their buildings during the kettle campaign. Thank you for your community support. I will be spending my pension income at your businesses all year round.

BEEF To the person in the white van who stole our inflatable gingerbread man from our yard in Harewood. You were caught on surveillance camera and we’ve given it to the RCMP. What a horrible thing to do at Christmas.

BOUQUET To 2 Burley Men Moving Company. They moved our 120-year-old upright piano with the greatest of care, and the rest of our furniture in record time. Not a scratch anywhere.

BEEF To the Canadian government about to sign the UN Global Compact for Migration.This nation-killing agreement will cost us a lot more tax every year with no benefit to Canadian citizens.

BOUQUET To Michele M., a customer service agent; your daily acts of kindness and huge heart are a great reminder that all of us could be a little kinder. Thank you for sharing that special piece of you every day. Merry Christmas!

BEEF To the racist Canadian. I work with a very ethnically diverse group of people from all over the world. Whether immigrants or refugees or International students, they are not the ones calling in sick and missing shifts. They are the ones who regularly work two jobs and support family back home. And they sure don’t live in tent city.

BOUQUET To Beefs & Bouquets for allowing readers to share good deeds as well as challenges to report; it is a great service – many thanks for your reporting.

BEEF To the previous Nanaimo mayor and council, shame on you for not doing anything to curb the criminal activity and violence downtown. To the new mayor and council. Please address this as a top priority before it’s too late.

BOUQUET To the quick response from Nanaimo Towing for such immediate assistance when my car died, and also special thanks to the driver who checked it thoroughly for me.

BEEF To NDSS for not teaching the kids about the importance of traffic flow as they cross the road to the bus stop. Vehicles are stopped in multiple directions to allow a trickle of kids to cross, when they can be taught to wait until there’s a group, then cross. Elementary schools have crossing guards for this reason.

BOUQUET To all the people who donate their time, money, food, clothing, or toys to make Christmas a better experience for those less fortunate than you. Pat yourselves on the back for what you are doing but please remember that the less fortunate are that way all year round.

BEEF To the library children’s section which is monopolized by children’s computers. I never see children in the library looking at books.

BOUQUET Huge kudos to the Milner Recycling and Gravel Mart employees who are doing such an awesome job of keeping Biggs Road clean. Much appreciated.

BEEF To the person on Entwhistle Drive who thought it was OK to follow and approach two nine-year-old girls and then proceed to yell and scream at them. The police and community know about your actions.

BOUQUET To the person complaining about utility bills sent online. Phone and request paper bills. All utilities will accommodate those of us with difficulties with computers.

BEEF To the people who left behind a deplorable mess at tent city. Take some pride in where you live.

BOUQUET To Matthew from the Real Canadian Superstore in Nanaimo’s online shopping department. He knows how to make things right and puts the customer first.

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