Beef to the two women with the small white dog helping themselves to the donation bags for diabetes. You have been reported, along with a description of your vehicle.

Beef to the two women with the small white dog helping themselves to the donation bags for diabetes. You have been reported, along with a description of your vehicle.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 22

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BOUQUET To the beefer about the very loud background ‘music’ during TV shows and documentaries. I totally agree and there have been times when it is so loud, I have turned off the TV as the speaker is drowned out by the music. Even adjusting my hearing aids doesn’t help. The sound should be background, not foreground.

BEEF To the government policy on being double vaxxed to enter a restaurant and other enterprises while there is no law for their workers to be vaxxed or tested. How does that even make any sense?

BOUQUET To Shawn of Junk in our Trunk. The scratches on a table during a move were fixed willingly and perfectly. No wonder they were voted No. 1 in Best of the City.

BEEF To the doctor. All patients, staff and other doctors wear masks, but you have been seen multiple times without one on only to put one on when you’re close to the patient area so it looks like you’re following the mandate. What makes you special? We have to follow guidelines by sanitizing, masks, vaccination info, etc. I think you would refuse you treat me if I didn’t.

BOUQUET To Adair Tree Service. Chris and his workers worked so very well trimming and chopping my many trees. Left my yard very neat and tidy. Thank you.

BEEF To the gas station for jacking the price of regular fuel to 1.64 per litre during the shortage while everyone else stayed around 1.54. Not cool. Will not return ever.

BOUQUET To the crew working on the Laguna Way water main replacement project. Watching this crew from our windows has been a lesson in what genuine skill, precision and teamwork look like. We are grateful for the professionalism and courtesy shown to residents as we manoeuvre around the street, and impressed by the tidiness of these wonderful workers.

BEEF To the whoever at the city thought it was a good idea to send workers out with a leaf blower to blow leaves around on trails at Westwood Lake and Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park.

BOUQUET To the incredibly kind and patient agent at the ICBC driver’s licensing office on Metral Drive who assisted my mother. She provided one of the best customer service experiences we have ever received. Huge thanks.

BEEF Neck Point is such a great spot to walk and bring the kids to explore and then they go check out the fairy doors and people are literally leaving garbage inside of the fairy doors. It’s bad enough people are nailing little doors to the trunks. Parks are supposed to be natural.

BOUQUET To our hydro crews. We had a tree across the line. They removed the tree and restored our power in less than an hour and a half. Way to go guys and gals. Out in miserable conditions and giving such great service.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about city councillors who are concerned about the climate crisis. Local actions such as encouraging biking and walking and not driving are also important if we are to maintain a liveable climate.

BOUQUET To Dan at the public library. He was so patient with this dinosaur. Friendly and willing to show me how to find books, check out books, order in books. Hopefully I can do it all on my own next time.

BEEF So there’s a ban on fireworks in Nanaimo, but not if you obtain a permit? So we’ll pay for more policing because our city has now gone into the business of selling permits for fireworks and then increasing taxes to pay for extra services to ticket those who don’t have a permit. Can someone from our city council explain?

BOUQUET To Dr. Olynik and staff at Island Oral Facial and Implant Surgery for the excellent service extended to me for my recent oral surgery. Truly a patient-focused health provider with a wonderful work environment.

BEEF We now know where our tax money is going – fencing the city. So glad to see that mess behind the old fire hall gone. Where next? Lots of islands out there. Enough is enough. There are people who were visiting but won’t come back to Nanaimo because of this mess. Very disappointing.

BOUQUET Thanks to the city for providing the tools and trees to replant at the Cable Bay Trail park. Thank you to Tree Canada, U-Haul, and private donors for the trees. A tree-mendous thank you to all the volunteers who helped first with the work bees at the park to remove invasive species and for replanting the trees. Looking forward to seeing the park grow greener.

BEEF I believe everybody profits from the sacrifices our veterans brought, so we can live our life the way we live today. I mean everybody. There should be no question about whether to raise or lower our flag.

BOUQUET To Highview Optical. You guys are simply the best. Thank you for replacing my broken glasses.

BEEF To all the people who burn garbage in their backyards and wood stoves.

BOUQUET To Glacier Industries right from the reception to service to payment. They were able to get my furnace serviced the same day I called (even though the traffic was all tied up in Lantzville for hours), order the part and install early the next business day. Efficient, professional and friendly.

BEEF To the city councillors who promote the doughnut philosophy. Very unrealistic.

BOUQUET To the guy and his son heading to school on Strathmore Road who stopped and called me out for mishandling my dog after she caused an accident with my three-year-old. You were 100 per cent right in calling me out on my overreaction and and I wish more people were like you. Thanks.

BEEF To city council and city planners trying to force neighbourhood groups to become formal bureaucratic organizations. Let the groups that understand their area help out and not impede them. We are volunteers who give our time freely unlike others in the process. Do developers have to give you minutes of their business meetings? Let’s Reimagine Nanaimo together with less bureaucracy and more neighbourly input unfettered by draconian criteria. Isn’t that what real community engagement is really about?

BOUQUET To all the paramedics and all emergency services personnel whom I saw responding to people who needed care in the downtown area on a busy Friday afternoon.

BOUQUET You know you can always rely on prompt, friendly service from Van Isle. Their timing couldn’t have worked out any better to send out their yearly septic ‘check-up’ letter. Thank you Kyle and Diana. So pleasant to deal with.

BEEF Inflation is going up and up without end. Prime Minister Trudeau is printing money day and night to satisfy all the complaining. That government will ruin our future. Something has to change soon.

BOUQUET To whoever turned in my wallet at Boston Pizza, and another to the worker who gave it to me. Thank you.

BEEF To the city for fencing off all the grassy areas downtown. Degrading strategy to limit disadvantaged and marginalized people from the only green space they have access to. Note: Homelessness isn’t going away. Take the fences down.

BOUQUET To Lantzville residents for challenging council on the amendment to the OCP. Nanaimo residents should take note of this and follow suit.

BEEF To the anti-vaxxers who disrupt Remembrance Day ceremonies and hospitals –they are bullies. I’d like to see them show up at a biker’s convention and pull their stunts. What’s next, daycares?

BOUQUET Thank you to the two kind people who stopped on Hammond Bay Road when you noticed my friend and I were in trouble. Your concern for others needing assistance was very welcome especially when cell service is so poor in that area.

BEEF To the van owner. Leaving three kitties in there for almost two months now is just cruel.

BOUQUET To the amazing, generous and inspiring man who was paying it forward and bought my son a laptop at London Drugs while shopping with his son. Please accept our deepest thanks. You were kind enough to pass it along, so therefore we will be sure to do the same.

BEEF To the people demonstrating building the pipeline. Without oil we will fall back to the Middle Ages. Life expectancy will fall. No cars, no warm houses in the winter. If the pipeline is dry, oil will come from other countries, Saudi Arabia, for example, with higher cost.

BOUQUET To my son’s school for confiscating cellphones during class. And a beef to the big tech companies for robbing our youths of their brains.

BEEF I am disgusted at the anti-vaxxer woman who took to the microphone to spew her garbage during the Remembrance Day ceremony in Kelowna. Kudos to the people who confronted her. RIP vets.

BOUQUET To Alexa of Island Mediquip – she was super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly when I was in the store looking for walker parts. Excellent customer service.

BEEF To the person who ran the stop sign at the north-end mall and then lied to ICBC, saying I ran the stop sign. You were going so fast, broad-siding my car, making it undriveable.

BOUQUET This is in response to a Beef found in a previous issue of the News Bulletin: “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie.” (Sign found in a public toilet in Cape Breton, N.S.)

BEEF To selfish anti-vaxxers. If they think their immune system will see them through, then when they get sick they should stay home. Let the hospital treat people who have done everything right.

BOUQUET You are definitely an oak tree of dignity and tolerance as you face the wild boars of prejudice in this community. Plus you are a poet. I loved your beef but I am truly sorry about this situation.

BEEF To the gutting of the museum for no good reason. Have we lost common sense? Why make problems where there aren’t any? Enough is enough. If they make the changes I will no longer support the museum.

BOUQUET To my university professor who, 40 years ago, convinced me to keep toilet seats clean: “When you pause to take a leak, no need to hover o’er the seat – because the mighty spirochete can jump a good six feet.”

BEEF To the regional district for wasting money wanting a foot bridge over the Nanaimo River to nowhere. Stand on the Cedar bridge with all the search and rescue volunteers and look at the flood. Better re-think before kids go there, or anyone else.

BOUQUET To those who report the continual illegal fireworks displays to the city. Bylaw officers need to be posted 7 p.m.-2 a.m. this coming Christmas and New Year’s, specifically in the Departure Bay Beach area, to enforce the noise violation.

BEEF To the two women with the small white dog helping themselves to the donation bags for diabetes in Parkwood. You have been reported, along with a description of your vehicle.

BOUQUET To all the staff at London Drugs for being professional, kind, and working so hard. Always a pleasure to shop there.

BEEF To the city for making it more difficult for occupants of two new condos/apartments by implementing two different sizes for parking. I haven’t noticed vehicles getting smaller, have you?

BOUQUET To the team doing the vaccinations, in particular Sam who saw I was having a problem and promptly jumped in to help. A caring, compassionate young man who made my day.

BEEF To Extinction Rebellion. You people like the woods so much, you should get a job there, just like your parents did. Pay your taxes.

BOUQUET To Wexford Creek. An incredible team from the minute you walk in. Bouquets to Meg, Matt, Alexa, the nursing staff and care aides – you are all making a difference for so many. Thank you for making difficult times a little bit easier for us. Kudos to all of you.

BEEF To the hairdresser at the seniors’ residence who chops all the ladies’ hair too short and now they can no longer have their hair set in rollers.

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