High-fives? No way, José! My 90-year-old poppa had his nose broken and then fell down a flight of stairs because of an oafish high-fiver.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 21

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BOUQUET To nurse Brenda at the Port Place walk-in medical centre. I needed stitches in my hand and really appreciate her terrific care and kindness. Both doctors were also terrific. Under stressful conditions, they all do a wonderful job for us.

BEEF To the owners of the dogs who poop in the Sid Clark Gyro Park. Nobody can use the park now. Please have some consideration for others.

BOUQUET To the management of Mr. Lube for offering all veterans a free oil change on a recent Friday. There are many ways we show our appreciation for those who have or are currently serving in the armed forces, but this was a unique and heartwarming gesture by a business prepared to sacrifice the bottom line to demonstrate its support.

BEEF To the beefer about not queuing up at red lights. In driving school, we were taught to stop far enough behind the car in front so that if you were hit from behind, you wouldn’t hit the car in front of you.

BOUQUET Thank you to the golfer who had the courage to speak up against the Trump hat. The golf course is no place for political debates. We all just want to enjoy the game and escape from the daily political drama.

BEEF To all pickup drivers who back into parking spaces. If there’s a sidewalk behind them, the back end of the truck leaves little or no room for pedestrians on the sidewalk; on top of which we have to breathe in your exhaust as we try to get by.

BOUQUET To Jacquie and her amazing crew at Sears Optical. Thank you for the time you made a house call to my 102-year-old mother at Dufferin Place. Thank you for the extra effort fixing my glasses when I couldn’t afford a new pair. I will miss your wonderful service.

BEEF To a dentist who drilled two holes in my incisor teeth without explaining why. I now realize that these holes need filling every two years as incisor teeth bend slightly. I do not go to see this dentist any more.

BOUQUET Much thanks to Yvonne, manager of Terminal Park McDonald’s. On Remembrance Day, a veteran was unable to come into the location to have his favourite Egg McMuffin and coffee. She hand delivered it to his home, free of charge, after her shift.

BEEF To the religion solicitors who knocked on our door. Our four-year-old opened the door an inch and said “my mom is busy.” I came down the stairs to see you pushing the door open as our four-year-old tried to shut it. Next time the surveillance footage will go to the police.

BOUQUET To Lily Moss, the little girl who presented me with a hand-drawn thank you card at the Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Nanaimo cenotaph. She recognized that I was a veteran because I was wearing my UN beret and medals. Lily, you made my day.

BEEF To people dumping their garden waste in the forest along Oliver Road opposite Sam’s Way. There is a ‘no dumping’ sign. Take it to the Nanaimo Recycling Exchange and the regional landfill for a small fee like the rest of us.

BOUQUET Thank You to Dr. Cameron for the amazing surgery, and to the staff that cared for me as I recovered. My experience was wonderful, despite the circumstances. My six-week stay at NRGH was an eye opener. The nurses that cared for me were exceptional, always giving 120 per cent. Your kindness made a terrible fall bearable.

BEEF To all those drivers running red lights all through Nanaimo. This has been a trend that has been getting worse through the years. Where are the police?

BOUQUET To Chase River Veterinary Clinic professionals who recently tended to our elderly cat. He passed away with loving care from you all, and we appreciate so much the time and effort you went to explain to us what happened to him, and your affirmation that our decisions had been correct. We miss him from the bottom of our hearts.

BEEF To those who park on the sidewalk. Please show some consideration for those in wheelchairs, with walkers and the blind, who have difficulty contending with obstructed sidewalks.

BOUQUET To the switchboard staff at the City of Nanaimo who sent a work crew to clean up after people who are dumping garbage in our back lanes and along roadsides. Thank you for addressing my concerns and trying to keep our city clean.

BEEF To the beefer who thinks LGBTQ refugees don’t deserve the support from the local church. Why do you feel the need to complain about someone helping someone else? They are our community. Love thy neighbour.

BOUQUET To cats – most are loving and intelligent, and often reflect how their owners or people treat them. I am concerned for those that allow roaming cats in dangerous places such as the city, because I am scared for those cats in this society that can be cruel and unkind.

BEEF To the beefer about city council “throwing staff under the bus.” If you knew the truth of the matter it is more like “draining the swamp.”

BOUQUET Huge rave to a guy named Ryan at Quality Foods on Bowen Road who bought a turkey for my friend who couldn’t afford ones, without even knowing her personally. You’re a kind man, thank you.

BEEF To those obnoxious and thoughtless individuals who, after using it to open a door, just drop their paper towel on the ground, leaving it for the peons.

BOUQUET To the traffic control lady at Rutherford and Nelson with the braided pigtails. Work is almost done on the roundabout and we will miss your smiling face and cheerful waves.

BEEF To the arrogance and greed of the RDN board who believe that voting themselves raises will be perceived as anything other than ‘pigs at the trough’ by increasingly burdened taxpayers.

BOUQUET Thank you to the photolab staff at London Drugs, Port Place. They are very knowledgeable, amazingly patient and go out of their way to help, awesome service.

BEEF To Canada Post for charging exorbitant prices for parcels sent to Europe. The same parcel sent from Europe to Nanaimo costs five times less than one sent from Nanaimo to Europe. This policy is prohibitive to people from sending Christmas gifts to relatives abroad.

BOUQUET To the employees at Kal Tire on the Island Highway for their professional and courteous care of my vehicle. They have always made time to check my tires, order new tires, and repair a flat tire with smiles and make me feel like a special customer.

BEEF High-fives? No way, José! My 90-year-old poppa had his nose broken and then fell down a flight of stairs because of an oafish high-fiver.

BOUQUET To absolutely great employees at Quality Foods Northridge. Cassidy, Gordon and Stella make you want to return to this location. I hope that management will compliment them for going the extra mile.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail bulletinboard@nanaimobulletin.com.

Beefs & Bouquets

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To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail bulletinboard@nanaimobulletin.com

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