Beefs & Bouquets Dec. 20

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A Christmas bouquet to the generous woman in Wal-Mart who remembers how financially difficult life with little children can be at this time of year and surprised me with money to alleviate some stress for my family this Christmas. In addition to some unanticipated expenses, I have been dealing with loss this December and your kindness warmed my heart. Please know how grateful I am. One day I will pay it forward in your honour.

a huge thanks to those Nanaimo residents who have spent so much time, money and energy on Christmas light displays. The city looks so beautiful at night.

truck loads of food and money to those organizations working to make life better for the low-income individuals and families in our community. If you can afford to donate to these groups, please do so.

A big thank you to all who made the Randerson Ridge Craft Fair a huge success: Quality Foods, Signs Now, Hornby’s Canopy, Canadian Tire, Sysco Foods, Tim Hortons, McDonald’s and all the wonderful crafters and parent volunteers.

A lifetime of beautiful bouquets to the kind and helpful individuals who helped save my life recently after a diving accident in Nanoose. Without the quick response of many, I may not have lived to thank you. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you all. Wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday.

A BIG Christmas Bouquet to M&J Tree Services for quick service and a big job well done. We definitely recommend them.

A hearty thank you to the young volunteer who gives up part of every weekend to come and keep Chase River Estuary Park clean, safe and usable. He is always pleasant and cordial no matter how much trash and waste some of the public have left behind for him to pick up. Once more, we the locals thank you.

A bouquet to the recycling crew, who leave my empty bin upside down in rainy weather so it doesn’t fill with water. Your extra effort is appreciated.

A thank you bouquet to Kelly from Home Outfitters for helping two seniors get their rebate. Excellent customer service by this individual.

a great big bouquet to the teachers and staff at Coal Tyee Elementary School. I had the privilege of attending their annual Christmas concert and just wanted to say how enjoyable it was. The teachers, students and staff did a wonderful job.

A Happy Christmas to everyone who displays their Christmas lights and decorations for the enjoyment of everyone.

a bouquet of blessings to careful and courteous drivers. May you always be safe on the roads.

A bouquet to the houses on Sam’s Way. Every year they go the extra mile to brighten up our neighbourhood at Christmas time.

Bouquets and many thanks to the city for plowing the snow off the E&N trailway between Northfield and Bowen roads in time for our morning walk.

A giant bouquet of purple irises to Allan, the courtesy vehicle driver for Harris Kia. Allan is the best driver ever. He’s punctual, courteous, entertaining and always a pleasure to ride with. I’m also grateful to Mike and Kolbi in service and Terry in parts. Your honest, pleasant help makes paying for repair time a little less painful.

A heartfelt Thank You and a bouquet of Poinsettias to Marianne and the kitchen elves for serving a delicious turkey dinner at the Nanaimo Ecumenical Centre on Spartan Road. The dinner was for the elderly clients and volunteers of the Nanaimo Seniors Visiting Society. Thanks also to the band – Second Wind – for providing the entertainment, and to the members of the “Crafty Workers” a group from the Nanaimo Harbour City Seniors. This group helped raise funds for the NSVS by setting up a craft sale table and organizing a silent auction.

thanks to the Nanaimo News Bulletin for printing my beef about restaurants that play loud music. I enjoyed a meal at the Harbourview Days Inn in south Nanaimo recently.

A bouquet to the city for quickly cleaning our streets after our first snow storm.

A beef to the increase in costs to recycle yard waste. All that does is make a better argument for people to dump their clippings down a back road or in a ditch. Putting up with the lineups on a weekend is bad enough. Now having to pay more for doing the ‘right’ thing just turns a person off.

a beef to anyone who doesn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom, but especially to the guys who make eye contact with you in the mirror when they’re leaving the public washroom after not washing their hands, as if to say, ‘I know you know I didn’t wash my hands after going to the bathroom and I’m OK with that.’

A huge BEEF equipped with a bright set of flashing lights to those at city hall who have decided that no traffic lights are needed on Mary Ellen Drive in order to get across five lanes of traffic between Woodgrove Centre and Woodgrove Crossing. This location has, in one direction, vehicles exiting or approaching the Parkway and, on the other, the Island Highway. Others are attempting to get across Mary Ellen Drive or are making turns. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

A big beef to the person who won a prize at our recent craft fair, but received the wrong one in error and then refused to return it for the correct prize. You know who you are and you’re the one who has to look in the mirror every day.

A long-standing beef to people who continue to abuse and insult actions by members of the RCMP. Members get involved in situations that most of us would either deliberately ignore or run away from. They put themselves at risk on a daily basis to deal with whatever they encounter. This is not to say that the RCMP is faultless – what national organization is – but without the willingness of members to protect the public, life would be very different.

A big frozen beef to the cold-hearted turkey thieves who stole from the Eagles Hall. It doesn’t get much lower than that. Time to re-evaluate your life.

A smelly eggnog to the person on the bus who stole one of my bags. And shame on those who watched. Truly the Grinch still lives.

A beef to parents who do not control their noisy kids in restaurants and other public places. Please realize that your kids’ screaming, yelling and banging of tableware spoils outings for others.

A Beef. I also agree that unsold merchandise should be returned to consigner if not sold within time limits. This keeps things straight and creates good karma.

a big chunk of coal to the person who cut my Christmas bonus in half. What a great way to show appreciation for a job well done. I feel like the Grinch stole Christmas. Not just mine, but my family’s, too.

a beef. How can the city require homeowners keep sidewalks clear after they plow 1.2 metres of snow from the street onto the sidewalk? Is there some magical wand that makes snow disappear that I don’t know about?