Beef to those who decide that the coffee shop mixing station is the place to blow their nose.

Beef to those who decide that the coffee shop mixing station is the place to blow their nose.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 20

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BOUQUET Kudos to the beefer who wrote in about the mess on Estevan and Princess Royal. There is also a mess at the entrance to Terminal Park Mall by the bank. Also, the Dufferin Crescent extension that is the entrance to Westhill Mall. The roads are fine as they were.

BEEF To thoughtless people who buy ‘rescue’ animals without checking out the seller. Thieves steal and sell pets because it is an easy and safe crime.

BOUQUET To the person who found my wallet in the parking lot of Quality Foods intact and turned it in to the office. As an old veteran you have proved my belief in good people once more. May God shower you with blessings this Christmas.

BEEF I am writing this to express my deep concern with regard to the ‘wet house’ being inserted into the tiny community of Newcastle. It was expressed that because the residents of Nanaimo consume illegal drugs in their own homes, it is perfectly acceptable for the wet house to use the same practice. So, the takeaway is that the provincial government and their partners, including the City of Nanaimo, have knowingly legalized the use of Schedule 1 narcotics (heroin, cocaine, etc.) for use on their 250 Terminal Ave. site.

BOUQUET To our paper boy. We are so thankful for your hard work. You get up early to deliver the newspaper before school. Much appreciation to be able to read the paper with our morning coffee.

BEEF To the city employee who told my elderly neighbour last winter she could be fined or sued if she did not clean the ice off the city sidewalk. The city should not threaten the public into assuming its responsibilities.

BOUQUET To Revy RV. Not only did they have great customer service and parts, they went above and beyond with the missing piece in my trailer. They replaced the part with a higher-quality part. Then-picked up and redelivered my trailer after fixing the problem. Thank you.

BEEF To the beefer complaining about Albertans (again). The home I originally sold in Calgary was not an over-priced oil-rich home; it was a hard work and sweat-equity priced home. I sold my home for twice what I paid for it three years ago in over-priced, real-estate-rich Nanaimo. Albertans were not oil-rich, Canada was. The oil sands employed people from all places including all the provinces and Vancouver Island.

BOUQUET A companion and I just had lunch at Milano’s. They have gone over and above the call when it comes to decorating for Christmas! The atmosphere is totally joyous. Not only is the service excellent , the food is very good.

BEEF To the petition about the migrants. Did you also ask people if they will put them in their homes? You are so welcoming to the strangers, but people from north Nanaimo do not come to support our business downtown because too many homeless people are there. Shame on you.

BOUQUET to Barron’s Home Appliance Centre for fixing the electronics on our stove. You could have given up and sold us a new unit, but persevered and figured out the problem. Great customer service.

BEEF to the north end auto service centre. You are sadly lacking in time management skills if a 4 p.m. appointment means that at 4:40 p.m. the vehicle is still sitting outside untouched. You have lost my business.

BOUQUET To the customer service at Michael’s Nanaimo store. While calling with a question about a product I was put on hold and they did not have a pre-recorded music. To fill up a pause the employee started to sing himself imitating recorded melody. This truly made my day.

BEEF To B.C. Housing – a 25-person maximum at community meetings with 10 being staff, two security guards present and last-minute location arrangements doesn’t sound very transparent. What are you afraid of?

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo for finally putting in supportive housing for the homeless. The problem will never be fully eradicated, but this is a giant step for those who want to turn their lives around for the better. What a holiday gift this must feel like.

BEEF To B.C. Housing who justifies its payroll by putting up some bunkhouses. Very lucrative indeed.

BOUQUET I’m a big fan of the recycling bins. I’m an arthritic 76-year-old with bad shoulders and I can wheel them around just fine. The bigger blue and green bins mean I make less trips to a recycle centre with cardboard and yard waste. Thanks to the volume of recycling, the black bin usually is half empty every two weeks.

BEEF To the thief or thieves who are stealing from me. I had my furnace oil stolen in October and now my outside Christmas decorations in November. It is tough enough being a senior on a pension without having people stealing from you.

BOUQUET Thank you to the smokers who don’t dump their car ashtrays on streets and in public parking areas. To those who do: What are you doing?

BEEF To our pools that allow swimming lessons and fun swims during all welcome times. Makes it hard on the seniors and pre-school children to enjoy when we have to deal with crowded pools and unruly students. Maybe a separate time for this would be better.

BOUQUET Congratulations to Frank and Marg K. from the Old Garden Topiary. Your beautiful shop and inspirational art was a very special place in our community. Thank you for sharing it with us.

BEEF To our schools. I think swimming lessons and fun swims are not educational. I think teaching our students academics it a better use of our taxpayers’ money.

BOUQUET A refreshing and well-deserved thank you to Broco Glass’ Roxann and staff for their exceptional and friendly customer service for promptly repairing my car window which was vandalized during a recent break-in while visiting the Lower Mainland.

BEEF To those who decide that the coffee shop mixing station is the place to blow their nose. The dairy containers, stir spoons and napkins are exposed to this disgusting act.

BOUQUET To Attman Homes – Cody and his crew for the outstanding job they did in replacing all the tiles in our condominium downtown. Love what you’ve done. We can’t thank you enough.

BOUQUET To Christine at Triple T Party Rentals. Thank you so much for the 12 tables you supplied for our annual Christmas craft sale. You are the best.

BEEF To the city for taking away the left-turn signal at East Wellington and Bowen Road. Do they realize the traffic now is typically blocked down as far as the East Wellington overpass? Also the driveways are blocked to bowling and the post office? That area is growing rapidly and it will only get worse.

BOUQUET To the guys who came to my rescue on Island Highway and Turner Road where my VW Golf broke down. They pushed me up hill to safety and fixed the problem. Truly my guardian angels.

BEEF I agree with the beef to the city bylaw officers. You never can get a response to a phone call or an e-mail from them.

BOUQUET To Marina at Food Connections for her work and generosity going above and beyond helping so many people with mental health challenges.

BEEF To those with disabled parking permits: if the disabled person is not exiting the vehicle, do not park in the designated spot. Others who need the larger space because of their mobility cannot exit their vehicle while you sit there.

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