Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 19

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BOUQUET To the staff at Staples who secured my phone after I had left it by the fax machine.

BEEF To the gas stations in Nanaimo that consistently charge more for fuel than anybody. You might have to buy gas there but you can stop buying pop, chips, coffee, smokes, etc., to get their attention.

BOUQUET To chaplain Karen Hyde. Since I said “Yes to the dress” on baptism day, you’ve really been helping me understand the basic instructions before leaving Earth and I just want to say thanks.

BEEF To all of the stores playing Christmas music in early November. Christmas has become a sell, sell, sell, buy, buy, profit-driven event, leaving people in debt afterwards. I will be volunteering for the less fortunate as my gift.

BOUQUET To the tradesmen who did exceptional work toward the renovations done on St. George Street. Your hard work and dedicated efforts made toward completing your jobs in a timely manner were greatly appreciated.

BEEF Not so much a beef as a suggestion. Why don’t grocery stores put paper towels next to the broccoli so you don’t have to shop with wet hands after selecting your produce?

BOUQUET To the staff and fellas from Nanaimo Correctional Centre who have cleared the banks along the Parkway of broom, dead trees, etc. Your efforts at grooming our green space is eye pleasing and appreciated.

BEEF To drivers who find it necessary to speed through yellow and red lights. I watched six of you do this in less than an hour. A beef to the police for being invisible and not enforcing traffic safety better. School zone near my house has not seen a speed trap in six months but you insist on setting up on the highway.

BOUQUET To Adam and his staff at Quality Foods on Turner Road for working so hard to get the Ladies Auxiliary at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 257 donations and super price for our roast beef meal. We served more than 225 vets, service men, branch members and the public.

BEEF To the city for leaving an illegally dumped chair in the lay-by on South Victoria Road. This area is an attraction to the morons who constantly dump their refuse and old furniture. A sign deterring dumping activity wouldn’t go amiss.

BOUQUET To the two girls and others for coming to my assistance and helping me after I fell on the sidewalk at Brooks Landing. Your kindness and concern was very much appreciated.

BEEF To the duct cleaning company.Unprofessional attitude, lousy workmanship. Refunding money is not a fix to the problem of a job not done properly. How many others seniors who don’t check are getting ripped off?

BOUQUET To the amazing staff at Dufferin Place. You treat the residents with respect, dignity and genuine care. Your attention to their physical and emotional well-being is stellar.

BEEF To computer hackers plying their tricks in Nanaimo. They telephone you and say they are calling from Microsoft Windows to fix your slow running computer or something similar. No one will ever call you about your computer having a problem. They are only after your information to rob you.

BOUQUET To the lady at Quality Foods Nov. 7. Thank you for the mini red carnation. My heart smiled. I paid your kindness forward to a young man playing the guitar outside the store.

BEEF To the people who use the off-leash park at Beban Park. Every morning I take my dog to the park and pick up all the poop that was left behind – sometimes two bags full. Do you not realize the smell and disease that this would cause if left?

BOUQUET To the guy who works at the Terminal Park Petro-Can station. He came to the rescue of a lady with a flat tire. I was trying to help her but I haven’t changed a tire myself in 30 years and I didn’t have the muscle power.

BEEF To the man who lost control of his large white dog, which caused me to fall and end up in an ambulance four weeks ago on Remembrance Day. Just to let you know I am on therapy for my neck and have a large dental bill, not to mention the broken nose. This will be a painful recovery, but I do hope I never see you again.

BOUQUET To Dr. John Olesen at Seven Sails Dental Centre. He always goes above and beyond to make sure my dental visits are pain free and not stressful. He has the best office staff – always friendly and helpful.

BEEF To the emergency vet for the unprofessional way they dealt with my dog’s spaying and subsequent infection. One of the vets actually told us we couldn’t prove the infection came from them. My dog is currently at another vet.

BOUQUET To the gracious gentleman in front of me at Thrifty Foods Port Place who paid for my groceries. You are a special person. It would be a much better world with more people like you.

BEEF To the architect for the terrible job that was done on the new store. Finding the entrance is a joke and the parking lot is a nightmare. Hope you don’t get a bonus for this job.

BOUQUET To all who have served in the military and sacrificed for us. One day a year is not enough to remember them by.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for not installing a roundabout on Mary Ellen Drive. With holiday traffic, it’s a long wait to get out of the shopping centre parking lot.

BOUQUET To our vet MaryJane Bowie, who saved our Tabitha. She was on medication and was on her last life when Dr. Bowie intervened and within six months all was well and our six-year-old cat is back with us as playful as ever.

BEEF To editors who want everything e-mailed to them.

BOUQUET Our little rescue dog lost his way near the Parkway Trail at the Northfield Road-Island Highway junction. He is back safe and sound thanks to the kindness of so many people, including a fine young man on his bike who rode quickly to Cavallotti Lodge; to the lady with two dogs who hung in there for us and the lady with the standard poodle.

To submit a beef or bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail