Beef to the marketers who use the word ‘fight.’ Politicians will ‘fight’ for you, charity will ‘fight’ cancer, agencies will ‘fight’ the war on drugs. All while bullying and fighting is looked down upon in society.

Beef to the marketers who use the word ‘fight.’ Politicians will ‘fight’ for you, charity will ‘fight’ cancer, agencies will ‘fight’ the war on drugs. All while bullying and fighting is looked down upon in society.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 19

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BOUQUET Thank you to Cameron at Mobile Cellutions for true above-and-beyond service. So very appreciated by two cell ‘illiterate’ ladies.

BEEF To the marketers who use the word ‘fight.’ Politicians will ‘fight’ for you, charity will ‘fight’ cancer, agencies will ‘fight’ the war on drugs. All while bullying and fighting is looked down upon in society. I won’t vote for anyone who ‘fights’ in office and can’t keep an open mind to collaborate with others.

BOUQUET Thanks to Save-On-Foods Country Club, Long and McQuade and Darren Nilsson for your support of Wellington Jazz Band’s spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Thank you for assisting the musical endeavours of our students.

BEEF To the city and those who support the Opal Road/Rock City Road intersection change. It was not properly consulted with the people who live in the area. I’m going to keep turning left there, because it sure beats waiting to turn on to Departure Bay Road from Uplands and adding to the congestion of the Rock City school zone.

BOUQUET Thank you to the house that handed out Archie comics on Halloween. My seven-year-old just read his comic for the first time and it is helping to develop his reading skills. He is now interested to start reading my 400-Archie comic collection. Thank you.

BEEF To the beefer thinking it’s OK to shoot someone’s cat. Are you sure it belongs to someone? We have many feral cats due to human irresponsibility and they have a tough enough time trying to survive. Many of us are trying very hard to manage this situation by trapping, spay/neutering, vetting and adopting out. I urge you to be part of the solution, rather than adding to the problem.

BOUQUET To Marla and Jordan at Central Drugs on Dublin Way. They went out of their way to fast-forward emergency compounded medications for my little old lady dog with heart problems, and they did it twice. You’re lifesavers.

BEEF To the high school students crossing the flashing lights at Wakesiah – wait, don’t just push the button and walk. I really think they need a different setup there.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo News Bulletin for keeping the public informed on the blatant disregard for public safety by the courts – 30 to 50 convictions for two prolific offenders. Throw away the key!

BEEF To the guy on Cedar Road who leaves his dog outside year-round on a short leash. You should not have any animals, buddy.

BOUQUET To my mom and dad for giving me healthy genes because if I had to count on our medical system for so much as a bee sting I would surely be dead.

BEEF To the extremely aggressive saleswoman at the shoe store. When a customer tells you their parent has dementia, it’s never OK to say, ‘Oh! Then they won’t notice.’ Very ignorant choice of words.

BOUQUET To West Coast Shutter and Blinds. Twice I needed parts and they were so helpful in finding what I needed. Great service.

BEEF I don’t agree with a neighbour shooting a cat that uses their yard for a toilet. It is, however, very annoying that people allow their pets to wander around other properties to do their business.

BOUQUET Kudos to the new owners of Wine Kitz Terminal Avenue. Very pleasant and offers the same great service as the previous owners. Wishing you success.

BEEF To the townhouse strata for calling pest control to trap eight-week-old raccoons. They screamed all night trapped in cages while moms looked on. Babies have to stay with moms for one year.

BOUQUET Bravo to Nanaimo Shoe Repair. You repaired my late husband’s leather vest and did not charge me for a very awesome job done. Thank you so much for your kindness and great service.

BEEF To the beefer blaming past city council for the vagrancy problem – it’s a nationwide problem. Maybe current council can try harder to help lobby the province for help.

BOUQUET To Julie, children’s librarian at the Nanaimo North branch. Toddler time can be hectic but she always puts together a diverse session with such a positive attitude. Thank you.

BEEF to politicians representing farmers. Better make it right, because you won’t have food on your plates unless you eat in the United States.

BOUQUET To Auto Smile. Jenna promptly gave me an appointment to get the work done at a very reasonable cost, and within a morning, the work was done. I strongly recommend anyone needing a solution for chips and scratches that they take their automobile to Adam. Friendly, helpful service folks are just around the corner.

BEEF To City of Nanaimo parks and recreation for locking the washrooms during the fall and winter season at Long Lake. If they are afraid of vandalism, it will get worse if no one goes to the park due to facilities closures.

BOUQUET To Cavallotti Lodge for once again supporting Wellington Secondary band with its spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We value your continued support and thank you for the generosity that make so many trips happen for our students.

BEEF To Nanaimo for minimal parking at the hospital. People wait 20 minutes to get a spot.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who brought a broom, dustpan and garbage container and swept all the broken glass and debris in the tunnel by Brooks Landing. Many seniors ride through the tunnel on scooters, as do cyclists. Thank you.

BEEF To all the drivers who insist on stopping six inches off my rear bumper at intersections. I drive a standard and will need a few inches to start. Also, if you get hit, I get hit, then it’s on you.

BOUQUET To the owners/management team for Woodgrove Pines on Metral. The Christmas light display is brilliant! Well done and much appreciated by the community.

BEEF To an ad in which scantily clad women are shown in their briefs. What will be shown in an ad next time, women in the nude? A disgrace!

BOUQUET So sorry to find out that Cee Cee has left Long Lake Chateau. Cee Cee was very pleasant, kind and helpful. I was worried about my mom being left out as she has mobility issues. Cee Cee went out of her way to include her in activities and assisted her on the bus trips. Me and mom wish you all the best and just wanted you to know that you were appreciated.

BEEF To the stores that sell BB guns and people who buy them. Their only use is to kill or injure small animals and birds. To the cat shooter, you’re sick, get help.

BOUQUET To the Cirque du Soleil staff. They helped me when I had a breakdown during intermission and helped my family exit from the venue safely after the show.

BEEF To my next-door neighbour who warms up his truck with the loudest muffler ever for 15 minutes every day, even in summer. No respect.

BOUQUET To all the 182 children who came to our door at Halloween offering good cheer and smiles and polite thank yous. What a treat for us.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for the closure of Opal Road to Rock City and Uplands. This is an inconvenience to Departure Bay and Uplands residents.

BOUQUET To the person who sits and films the school zone speeders. I agree. Especially the zones on Hammond Bay Road, we need to think of ways to catch or tag these speeders. The police are very busy. Why not consult with the schools? Maybe parents who stay home could work the crosswalks? Just food for thought.

BEEF To the enterprising taxi driver who turned a $7 fare from Departure Bay ferry terminal into a $20 fare. Ripoff.

BOUQUET To Glen G. who works at Nissan Nanaimo for helping me unlock my car when I locked my keys in my car. It saved me from having to call BCAA and wait a while and was very much appreciated.

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