Beef to the male employee at a yoga studio for trying to punch a 93-year-old war veteran in the head.

Beef to the male employee at a yoga studio for trying to punch a 93-year-old war veteran in the head.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 14

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BOUQUET To Maddy, who presented a home-made thank you note to myself and a fellow Legionnaire after the Nov. 11 service in Lantzville. Thank you, a wonderful demonstration of who you are.

BEEF To the drivers who throw their empty beer cans and wine bottles from your car whilst driving in my neighbourhood. Your toss is my gain and I’ve made enough money to buy myself lunch.

BOUQUET To the NRGH emergency staff, nurses, Dr. Wigmore, lab technician, and pharmacist for the excellent care you gave to my husband. You were all great.

BEEF To the person who left a ‘you suck at parking’ card on my car. I was a bit distracted that day because I have recently received some traumatic medical news. I sincerely hope that neither you nor any member of your family receive such news. And if such a thing happens, and as a result, someone parks a bit over a line, that they are not met with such premeditated nastiness.

BOUQUET To Luke at Home Appliance Services for the fast response when my fridge acted up. Honest and efficient service with a smile.

BEEF To rampant inefficiency by employees of government and commercial organizations where service and efficiency is no longer a priority to those employed. Careless younger people who could learn a lesson, or two, from others who served this country well and who would have soon been dismissed for any inefficiency and impoliteness to clients and customers.

BOUQUET Thanks to the hard-working staff at Nanaimo Honda for working overtime to correct a frustrating car problem.

BEEF To the CUPE curmudgeons that boycotted the city Christmas party. You missed a golden opportunity to foster some goodwill despite your disagreements. Don’t be surprised if your action will create an equal but opposite reaction.

BOUQUET Gratitude goes out to the City of Nanaimo road maintenance crew who came out so quickly to fix two huge potholes outside Roofmart on Kenworth. Thanks guys.

BEEF To city councillors for years of throwing former staff under the bus for petty personality grievances and stifling both employee and citizens’ ability to respond.

BOUQUET To Doug and Bert, two beautiful human beings, from the two elderly ladies. Many thanks for the marmalade. It was delicious and we enjoyed it thoroughly. How very thoughtful of you. But we lost your address so have to pass on tea.

BEEF To the male employee at a yoga studio for trying to punch a 93-year-old war veteran in the head.

BOUQUET To the two Nanaimo Clippers players that came out trick-or-treating in costume with nearly a dozen kids and their parents on Halloween. Winning guys from a winning team, full of community spirit. It made for great memories for a bunch of young fans.

BEEF To those that leave their purses and cellphones on the front seat and go shopping. ICBC claims and wasted money due to a lack of common sense.

BOUQUET To these individuals for their tremendous support of our runners at recent School District 68 cross-country meets: Stefan and Norm from Frontrunners, Shelby, Byron and Erin who ran 65km as rabbits, and volunteers Kathy, Jessica and Cory.

BEEF To an ex-husband. If you could find it in your heart to pay me back what you owe me, $3,500, for child support. While you started a new family. Merry Christmas.

BOUQUET To VIU and the City of Nanaimo for teaming up to solve our Canada goose situation. We have always had about 12 on Long Lake. This year we have 52. Soon no one will be able to swim due to the pollution. Living in the city they have no natural predators. So we may have to help Mother Nature.

BEEF To all the stores that sell spray paint to minors and to all the parents who don’t lock it up.

BOUQUET To the woman that personally delivered a parcel to us that the post office had delivered to her home even though our address was clearly on the parcel.

BEEF To drivers in Nanaimo who steadfastly refuse to turn on their headlights, regardless of the weather conditions, just because it is after sunrise. So many drivers seem totally unaware that daytime driving lights do not illuminate at the rear of the vehicle.

BOUQUET to the staff and dancers at Kirkwood Academy who are putting so much extra time and effort in preparing for their performances at Disneyworld in December. Good luck!

BEEF Do only grandparents and parents slow down for school zones? A lady passed me in the Hammond Bay school zone last week and she was way over the speed limit.

BOUQUET To Laurie at the Nanaimo Services Canada Centre. She is perfect in her role as the first point of contact at the service centre. While dealing with many people that are frustrated and unpleasant she remains patient, kind and helpful. Thank you.

BEEF To the local church who consider sponsorship of LGBTQ refugees to Vancouver Island more important than the local needs of our community.

BOUQUET While driving from Parksville, my elderly grandparents got lost and sought direction from a young man in a parking lot in north Nanaimo. He took the time to not only input the address on their GPS, but put it into his own phone, and spent his own time and gas to lead them to their destination. Thank you doesn’t even cover it.

BOUQUET To Turley’s Florist for providing bouquets to winners of the Beef and Bouquets weekly draw for so many years. I was thrilled to be a recent winner of a magnificent bouquet from them. Thank you.

BOUQUET To the kind waitress at Simonholt restaurant who noticed we had been sitting quite awhile (although we were enjoying our conversation) as the other staff member’s area was extremely busy. She quickly came to take care of us, plus gave us a discount.

BOUQUET To the amazing people of this community who have helped us prepare for children coming to our home. Your kindness and compassion for these children is touching and your generosity is inspiring. Special bouquets to Emily, Kristin and Ashley. Thank you.

BOUQUET To ‘Aargh’ complaining about graffiti in the underpass. I think it gives us something to ponder instead of looking at barren walls.

BOUQUET To Friesen Rentals. They came immediately when called out, responded efficiently, and were so thoughtful and kind in dealing with a distressing situation.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods for giving up a full day of sales to honour Remembrance Day.

BOUQUET To patient readers. There’s always a queue of bouquets waiting to be published; they will be printed in the order they were received.

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