Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 12

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BOUQUET To Rob at the Nanaimo office of Malahat Auto Parts. You went above and beyond with customer service. You made a bad situation more than right.

BEEF To the box retail stores for not hiring the mature and experienced people. We have what you want but are not given the chance to show the employers that we still have the right stuff.

BOUQUET To Kim and Cherie. You girls should be so proud of yourselves. The Stensil Family Fundraiser was a true success – you two girls went above and beyond.

BEEF To the heavy-set woman wearing an orange hoodie in the 1600 block of Dufferin Crescent. I and others have a right to walk down the streets of our neighbourhood without being screamed at.

BOUQUET Dave Mathews for making a complete stranger’s daughters’ Christmas a little brighter in this darkness. My daughters and I recently lost their mom. My 12-year-old really wanted a laptop for Christmas so I answered an online ad. Mathews came and brought over the laptop which I purchased. About five minutes later he was at my back door and gave me my money back.

BEEF To those drivers who think “No stopping anytime” does not apply to them. Meanwhile, your car is blocking the crossing and unsighting other drivers so they cannot see pedestrians clearly. Stop with the self-serving attitude when valid parking is 15 feet away.

BOUQUET To the emergency response persons in Nanaimo.You went out of your way to help us when we had an incident Nov. 11. Thanks to the retired nurse and her spouse. The emergency department is top notch.

BEEF To the city for not enforcing “Dog on leash.” There is not one park or beach in Nanaimo you can go to and enjoy and not fear that a dog will approach you off leash. If I want to pet your pet I will ask.

BOUQUET To Sharon, the kindest lady on Earth, who picked up myself and my mother while trying to find our lost vehicle in the Port Theatre parking lot.

BEEF To all drivers who think it is now normal practice to drive through a red light.

BOUQUET To the day-care surgery staff members at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. The evening nursing staff were terrific and considerate, especially Rose. Special thanks to Dr. Schneidereit and his associates for their care.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries. It’s not nice to hold people to ransom when making your big dollars. I’m pro-union and maybe what we need is a chunnel with light rapid on one side and vehicles on the other.

BOUQUET Where else can you sit in your car, enjoy a coffee, read the paper and know without a doubt that all your oil change needs are taken care of? Great Canadian Oil Change.

BEEF To the spa. I got my nails done and they were horribly done and I was refused my money back. Very bad form and bad business indeed.

BOUQUET To the Dream to Travel Club who organized the Christmas Craft Fair at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 256 so superbly.

BEEF To the owners of two out-of-control dogs at Morrell Sanctuary. This park is protected for nature, and is not an off-leash dog park. There are several signs welcoming dogs, but explaining why it is imperative that they are leashed. Please respect nature in the future.

BOUQUET May Janet Merlo’s life be blessed with a garden full of roses of all colours for the courage to write and share her story in No One to Tell. Her journey speaks volumes for all women. Through sharing our stories do we heal.

BEEF To parents who drive their children to school, park and let them out of the car, then insist on immediately backing up out of their parking spot. When you insist on reversing before everyone drives in, you clog the entire parking lot. How about some courtesy until all the parents get their kids dropped off before you back out?

BOUQUET To Megan at MGM Restaurant who looked hard – and not just going through the motions – for my half a hearing aid which I lost there.

BEEF To whomever broke into a nurse’s vehicle during a night shift on Nov. 25 and stole a diaper bag and left her wallet and iPod. Hopefully the thief used the clothes and diapers.

BOUQUET To the kind person who came all the way to my home to drop off the cheque I lost at Brannen Lake. What a nice surprise to come home to.

BEEF To organizers of the Santa Claus parade downtown who did not bother to pick up all the litter left behind afterwards – a real eyesore. You were responsible for that event and I like my neighbourhood to be kept clean.

BOUQUET To the gentleman behind us in line at Galaxy Theatre. All machines were down and we didn’t have enough cash. He gave us $5 – pass it on.

BEEF To the couple who brought their baby to the screening of Catching Fire. You ruined the experience for the whole theatre as we were disrupted by your baby talking and making noise throughout the whole movie – taking your baby to the back of the theatre does not help.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail