Beef to some of the ‘Downton Yappy’ seniors: please stop talking in movie theatres while the film is on, other people in the theatre paid to see a film, not to hear your play-by-play or the desperate need for your friend’s constant attention. And please have the foresight to transfer your candy to a Ziploc bag if you are going to open and close the crinkly bag every 30 seconds.

Beefs & Bouquets, Dec. 12

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BOUQUET To the man with his three young sons at Nanaimo’s waterfront park. They were picking up the garbage left by unthinking others who had littered this beautiful area The boys even asked me before they tried to pet my little dog.

BEEF to the young ‘N’ driver at the Departure Bay ferry pickup zone, waiting, stopped in a centre lane, while blocking others from exiting. Then your friends arrived and you decided to take the direction and go right and exit, while fingering me. Wow.

BOUQUET To the 33 per cent of registered voters who didn’t show up on election day. Thanks for staying home and making my vote more valuable.

BEEF I never heard a dog ask to go to store and I have never seen one buy something. Take them to the woods where they want to be. Don’t be so lazy.

BOUQUET To the man who thought he was protecting children getting off a bus on voting day. A beef to him for yelling at me for not stopping. FYI the bus was stopped but no lights were flashing and the stop sign was not out, hence no one was getting off the bus.

BEEF To the people who were using fireworks illegally on Halloween in the Metral Drive and Turner Road area. My dog was terrified and had to be sedated. Fireworks are illegal in Nanaimo.

BOUQUET To Bill, the gentleman who helped us at Mark’s. It was so refreshing to be served by a true professional salesman.

BEEF To the person who wants more stores for their dog to go to. I agree a dog is part of the family but I don’t understand why you would want to take them shopping. Why not take them for a walk in a park, makes more sense to me.

BOUQUET To the Departure Bay Baptist Church for providing coffee and doughnuts to Elections Canada staff for their very long day at the polling station.

BEEF To all the people speaking of affordable housing. It’s all affordable if you actually work. Minimum wage, full-time work and perhaps shared accommodations leave ample options. Just no cigarettes, beer or drugs. Simple math really.

BOUQUET My apologies to the two men and young boy who were startled by my yellow lab’s barking at Mt. Benson parking lot. Thank you for being calm around her, I will keep her leashed and work on her socialization skills.

BEEF People need to learn how to use a roundabout or traffic circle, especially the ‘signal a right turn just before you exit’ rule.

BOUQUET To the homeless gentleman who spends his days sweeping and cleaning up the downtown sidewalks. He is out there rain or shine sweeping away and asks for nothing aside from a coffee or a warm meal. The city ought to think about hiring such a hard worker.

BEEF To the parking at B.C. Ferries Departure Bay. I have a issue every time I’m there. It’s too small, the spaces are too narrow, and there are no arrows marking directional flow. I challenge any ferry executive to park there at a busy drop time.

BOUQUET I was driving home and noticed they were planting new trees on Hammond Bay Road. Why are they not spending this money on the soup kitchen?

BEEF To the new owners in the cul-de-sac. Your welcome will be short-lived if you cut down all the mature trees on your property. If you don’t like trees, why didn’t you buy one of the many houses in Nanaimo built in a clear cut.

BOUQUET To our Bulletin carrier. The beautiful paper weight left on our newspaper was an unexpected treat. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.

BEEF To the road company in charge of repairing the streets in Cedar. Put down some gravel and spray it with tar. Is this the way we do it now? Worse than before you tried to repair the road. Shame on the company for cutting corners.

BOUQUET To a young mom Justina who was at a recent children’s event at Chapters. I had not clearly understood the instructions to register my grandchild ahead of time. A complete stranger, she tried to troubleshoot for me, and when it was beyond my capabilities, she went above and beyond. I am so grateful.

BEEF To ICBC for not making getting your licence tougher. Make taking classes required and when you go in to renew your licence, you should have to go for another driving test.

BOUQUET To the gentleman who found my credit cards and took them to customer service in Nanaimo North Town Centre. I am very grateful that it was you that found them. Thank you so very much.

BEEF To the police car that pulled out in front of me as I was driving down Milton Street. I had to suddenly brake and I had to give this driver the horn.

BOUQUET To the City of Nanaimo on doing a great job on the paving upgrades on the old Island Highway. These are some of the smoothest roads on our planet. Thank you!

BEEF To the Canadian retail giants for decorating and advertising Christmas before Remembrance Day. We shouldn’t let commercialism and greed overshadow the day set aside to remember the fallen and thank the veterans who are still putting their lives on the line.

BOUQUET To Chris at the Nanaimo Costco, every time you check my receipt or greet me at the door, it’s with a genuine smile and a great attitude of kindness. Keep on shining bright, you’re making a difference to many.

BEEF To the nail business that charged me $25 for a missed appointment I never made. I caught them doing it again. Seems to be a common practice.

BOUQUET To the younger man who had just returned from Campbell River with DFO. Not only did you engage this senior in delightful conversation, you also paid for my candied ginger. You made my afternoon.

BEEF To the company that set up a work yard last spring on Old Victoria Road. The neighbourhood has been inundated with so much dirt in the air and endless loud beeps ever since. You need to clean up your act.

BOUQUET To our neighbours on Kennedy Street who donated so generously to the Nanaimo Food Bank on Halloween night.

BEEF Why are gas prices in Nanaimo $1.39 when Ladysmith and Duncan are at $1.32? It doesn’t cost any more to deliver here than to those communities. This smacks of greed.

BOUQUET To the 90-year-old who called out what is plain to see in downtown Nanaimo. You asked, “who is responsible?” I have an answer for you. As people reject God, social problems increase and governments grow on social problems.

BEEF To some of the ‘Downton Yappy’ seniors: please stop talking in movie theatres while the film is on, other people in the theatre paid to see a film, not to hear your play-by-play or the desperate need for your friend’s constant attention. And please have the foresight to transfer your candy to a Ziploc bag if you are going to open and close the crinkly bag every 30 seconds.

BOUQUET East Wellington Fire Department would like to thank Country Grocer on Bowen Road for their continued support of our Guy Fawkes bonfire. They help make this an annual success. Support goes two ways.

BEEF If a man goes for a hike in the woods and no one is around to hear him brag about it, did it actually happen?

BOUQUET I would like to send a big thank you to Franz, whom we met at the Salish RV park in Victoria, for giving so many hints on how to set up the ‘new’ camping trailer. We greatly appreciated all the advice. Happy camping to you and your family.

BEEF To the recently fired floral-suit wearing nativist who has spent the past few decades masquerading as a knowledgeable sports commentator. I am a Canadian-born white male and I never wear a poppy. Why don’t you single me out instead of attacking our immigrants?

BOUQUET I left a bag of two newly bought pants in the changeroom at Walmart. I’m a fixed-income senior who seldom shops for clothing. Thank you so much to the person who turned them in – you’re a gem.

BEEF To far too many drivers who get aggressive to others doing the speed limit, who are reckless, consistently on phones, and in general distracted and unsafe. Shame on you all. RCMP, please do something.

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To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

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