Beefs & Bouquets, August 25

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A summer bouquet to the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Culture staff and all the children at Mansfield Park for being so kind and courteous to my two and a half-year-old grandson. Thanks also to Holly for making our many trips a joyous occasion.

A happy 22 years bouquet to my wonderful husband and here’s to at least another 50 and more. Love you forever and always.

A great big thank you to the complete strangers who gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers outside of Woodgrove Centre’s Save-On-Foods. They do it every week and this week was my turn. Their kind gesture meant a lot to me.

Bouquets of smiling daisys to the girls at the Rock City Tim Hortons who let my daughter have the iced cappuccino when my debit card declined due to bank error. Thanks for making an embarrassing situation less stressful.

a Big bouquet of pink and white gerberas to Duncan and Aprielle who got married recently in Parksville. Love moomle, xxoo.

Thanks to a staff member at the Harbourview Volkswagen car dealership for giving me gas for my car to get me going.

A sparkling bouquet to Quality Foods for yet another spectacular fireworks display at the Nanaimo Marine Festival. For a company that is not huge like a lot of your competition, you do so much for the community.

A big thank you to whoever you are for the secret admirer birthday greeting in July. As a senior on my own, it’s wonderful if you are not forgotten, especially on those days.

A bouquet. The effectiveness of a business is best judged when problems arise, not when things are running smoothly. Recently, The Bay in Nanaimo and Langley joined forces to provide customer service excellence after we purchased an outdoor patio set. Our sales associate personally delivered it after a shipping error was discovered and a credit was issued to our account. Bravo to The Bay for this shining example of over-the-top customer service.

a gorgeous array of gladiolas to Frank in the paint department of Rona. First the nice green bedroom paint and then your generous gift of time and skills to make an almost perfect match on the taupe. It looks great.

a bouquet to the man who found my cellphone near Juniper Street. Thank you so much for finding and delivering it to me. If you are ever in the area again, I do have a small reward for you. In my excitement about getting my phone back, I completely forgot to give it to you and only remembered after you pulled away.

a big bouquet to the Purolator guy I drove past who ran down to help an elderly man in a wheelchair up the hill on Northwest Bay Road recently.

A huge bouquet of wrenches and rachets to Larry at Promax Automotive for going far out of his way to repair our broken water pump when the car was stuck in the driveway. Larry is a mechanic who makes house calls, does great work and charges reasonable rates.

A great big round and rolling bouquet to all the great folks at Big O Tires. Fast, efficient, cheerful, reasonable and knowledgeable. Thanks Tim and Robin.

wonderful dreams and happy futures to those people who are out there to make a difference, helping others in any way they can. It gives me hope to see so many people willing to donate time or money for the benefit of others. Every little bit counts.

A truck full of new car parts to Stone Bros Auto Body for the awesome job on my damaged car. A special Thank You to Mick Stone for arranging for me the replacement of my windshield and detailing done on the day I was to pick up my car. I will highly recommend them to anybody I know who needs car repairs done.

Thanks so much to Ron and the great guys at Auto Check Automotive. Your service goes above and beyond.

a bouquet to the elderly gentleman who held the door open for a young but obviously injured woman at a local clinic recently.

A heartfelt thank you to the amazing guys who pushed my dead Pontiac Solstice up the hill and out of traffic on Comox Road at the Wallace Street lights. We have such wonderful young people in this city.

a bouquet to the city for Colliery Dam Park. It is so beautiful in there. My friends and I had a picnic by the upper lake one recent sunny evening  and we felt so lucky such a nice park is in our backyard.

a yummy bouquet to my co-worker, who brought homemade chocolate chunk cookies to work. They were delicious.

a General beef about a number of different things – the cost of parking at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital, big box stores employing an insufficient number of cashiers during busy weekend hours – you wait in line a whole lot longer – and off-leash dog parks. Lots of people don’t go because of irresponsible dog owners.

a big beef to the person who dropped a mattress, rug and other household garbage in the ditch on Biggs Road.

A beef to a Nanaimo store. As paying customers, we have witnessed how badly the staff are treated at your store. As a result, we will not be supporting your business anymore. You should appreciate good staff members because they are few and far between.

a beef to a Nanaimo business for closing an hour earlier than advertised. The employees were not apologetic.

a miserable beef to people who go out to eat at restaurants and complain about everything. If you don’t like anything about a place, eat at home. Sometimes I think people complain a lot just to get a free meal.

A beef to people who plagiarize. It was harmless back in high school, but in the real world it’s kind of irritating.

a snobby beef to people who think they know more than you because they have a university education and you don’t or were educated at a more highly regarded post-secondary institution. This is not always the case.

a beef to the police officer who sat in her car and watched me hold up traffic on a busy street and did nothing while some young fellows risked their lives pushing my car to safety. You could have turned your lights on for a couple of minutes to warn the other drivers while the intersection was cleared. It’s not like you had to get out of your vehicle and push. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

A beef to drunken idiots who go tubing down the river, risking their lives and the lives of others.

a beef about the Show n Shine event in downtown Nanaimo recently. Hours of the event were posted as 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., but by 2:20 p.m. the cars pulled out. By 2:30 p.m. it was a ghost town. Ending a show 1.5 hrs early is not cool, especially when mainland visitors take the time to come over.