Beefs & Bouquets, August 11

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A huge box of Timbits to the sweet girls at MAC Cosmetics in The Bay for once again sacrificing so much of their personal time and effort to raise money for AIDS Vancouver Island. They organized a successful beer and burger night with all proceeds benefitting those living with HIV/AIDS locally. You rock, girls.

A stylish bouquet to Meaghan at JT Flair Hair Design for the amazing job she did on a much needed haircut.

Thank you to the “mum” wearing a red shirt, Robby the first aid guy and the staff at Wal-Mart for the care and concern you showed me when I couldn’t breathe. You all had a calming effect on me. All is well.

A sunny bouquet to say a huge thank you to all Gabriolans, but especially to the “beer ‘n burger” guys at the Gabriola Golf and Country Club. We have just spent a marvellous four-week vacation (from Scotland) on the island and the warm welcome and generous hospitality of everyone we met is not to be found in any vacation brochure. Och aye the noo … D & K.

Big orange belated lilies to the mechanic at the Cedar Tire store who came back to fix a woman’s flat tire even though the shop had closed. It was greatly appreciated.

Handfuls of belated red roses to the woman on Stewart Avenue who blocked traffic with her car to save our young dog – who had escaped from our yard – from being run over. Thank you for caring.

A huge bouquet of good fortune to the nice couple who cleaned up the nails that had been dumped on Lantzville Road. You saved a lot of people from getting flat tires.

A special thank you bouquet to everyone at TOPS Club Inc., group 4120 in Nanaimo, who helped me lose 82.25 pounds to reach my goal weight. A special thank you to my close friends Emily, Iris, Wanda, Doris and Dorothy.

tHANKS to Kal Tire for your help. Your business card says “True Service” and that is really true. I will be a customer for my car-driving life.

A giant bouquet to the gentleman behind the nasty lady customer. You not only waited patiently, but you also stayed to talk to my manager after she complained. I can’t thank you enough, it helped and restored my faith in people.

a huge bouquet of kias to R.J., Chris Dixon and Jeremy for making my purchase of a brand new 2011 Kia Soul easy. Your service was awesome.

a big bouquet to Bob and Martha for finding my purse at the bus stop and phoning me to tell me they had it.

a colourful burst of bouquets to Quality Foods for sponsoring the fireworks display on Bathtub weekend. Your contributions to the community are appreciated.

a bouquet to all at Westwood House. A great bunch of people who care about the residents and each staff member. The best place I ever worked.

lovely scented lilies to the person beefing about slum landlords. What does the bylaw department at City Hall do anyway?

Fresh garden veggies to the people in this town who care – those on prayer chains, the huggy ones, those who call and remember those who are ill. God bless you all.

a bouquet. We miss the great guys who manned the pumps at Husky. Their service was above and beyond and appreciated. Hope when they reopen it won’t be a one person booth like all the rest.

Thank You to Tom from Shoppers Drug Mart, 6631 Island Highway, for helping me retrieve my keys from my locked car. That is customer service.

Many thanks for the fantastic job done on the playground on Franklyn Street. Anybody know where the name Pawson Park came from? I was born here – I am 81 – and I played there. It was always known as the hospital park.

a bouquet to Dale Kent of Coast Environmental for helping out a lady in distress. But even more importantly, for showing such compassion to our feathered friend. The world is a better place because of people like you. I can’t thank you enough.

A pot-smoking beef to the male at a gas station at 3 a.m. recently who insisted on yelling his habit out loud and not letting anyone use their windows because of the pot smell.

A decomposing beef to the owner of the vintage convertible. You are unbelievable. Why do you think your car is more likely to be dinged than anyone else’s and what makes you think you have more rights than anyone else? Perhaps you can arrange with the owners of Woodgrove Centre to close the parking lot the next time you decide to visit. Or maybe you could carry a folding fence so that you can cordon off your vehicle.

A beef to people who won’t get to the point, who just blab on endlessly. I don’t have all day, just tell me what I want to know.

a disgusted beef to the people who throw empty beer cans and other garbage in the Nanaimo River. You’re lucky to have such a beautiful place to swim and instead of appreciating it, you pollute the water. You carried it in, you can carry it out again.

A return beef to the vintage convertible owner. The parking lot is for everyone and it’s not your business where we park. Keep your car home under a bubble. My car is not vintage, but it is important to me because I only have one. Please don’t park beside me.

a beef to the woman who said to me, “I’m not done yet” when I excused myself so that I could get the item I wanted to reach to buy. That was so inconsiderate and rude and I’m glad I told you so. Who do you think you are, lady?

A huge beef to the city for installing expensive pay parking. This makes the downtown even less accessible.

A rotten beef to a jeweller who didn’t offer me a fair price for my gold and silver jewelry. Thanks but no thanks. In Vancouver, without an appointment, I received much more for my jewelry than I was offered here. No wonder many of our local retailers go out of business.

lots of wrong numbers to a phone company for charging me $2 for a summary paper bill. One page is full of ads. You pay for it.

A big, smelly beef to the federal government regarding employment insurance. Seems like I applied for EI the third week of June and it is coming to the middle of August and still no funds forthcoming. Less money coming into the bank account but still the same bills.

a frustrated beef to a phone company for repeatedly promising to re-list my home phone number, but not doing so, despite numerous reminder phone calls. While a simple administrative change is beyond this company, I still get tons of letters in the mail urging me to sign up for more services from them.

a huge beef to our ignorant neighbours who allow their children to drive a motorcycle and ATV around the front driveway all day long. Who needs to listen to this crap all the time?