Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 7

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BOUQUET To the bus driver who stopped short of the bus stop to pick up an elderly lady who was walking fast to get to the bus stop.

BEEF To the B.C. education system that ignores the three Rs. They won’t teach children arithmetic, as they can’t add or do the multiplication table by Grade 3. Gone is cursive writing and spelling. Their ignorance is noted when they go abroad, or to another province or state that knows children should be able to live without computerized mechanisms.

BOUQUET To the beefer concerned about people without disabilities who use handicap bathrooms. Not all those people are lazy/selfish. Some transgender people feel unsafe using gendered bathrooms and some people have invisible disabilities. We need more gender-neutral bathrooms.

BEEF To the person submitting beefs about canned spaghetti, hamburgers and candy machines, ending each beef with “young people will never know.” Without spaghetti, hamburgers and candy, guess what young people will also never know? Obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes.

BOUQUET To staff at Nanaimo Animal Control for their polite and prompt assistance in removing animal roadkill.

BEEF To a person beefing about a lack of an American flag. Those flags are sponsored by Nanaimo International Folk Festival – you have to be a participating member in order to have your country represented. Americans chose not to join. There is no free ride for anyone.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo works department. In 10 years, I have hardly seen them in my area. But when I phoned and said there were dead limbs on a tree leaning over my road, they came within two days.

BEEF To city hall for still not naming the individuals who collected $7-9 million on the Linley land sale. Is this a cover-up?

BOUQUET To my boyfriend for being such a nice guy, caring about other people and being my ‘cool factor.’ When you rode down Island in the pouring rain from my Irish family gathering in Campbell River and pulled up behind me on the highway my heart sang and the joy I got when I saw your face reminded me of why I love you so much.

BEEF To the person in the older grey Mustang, speeding, almost crashing and then doing a 360 spin-out on Oliver Road. Five seconds earlier I would have been in that intersection. Learn how to drive responsibly or get off the road.

BOUQUET To Graham at Newcastle Nissan for going above and beyond, helping me during a malfunction with my car’s keyless entry system.

BEEF To the transit drivers and their management. What gives you the right to put the public in danger? Speeding is illegal yet you continue to do it all over the city, however you deem it necessary to have your drivers’ safety concerns plastered all over the news.

BOUQUET To the the lovely gentleman who waited for me at Westwood Lake parking lot so he could personally return my lost car keys. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

BEEF They may have kept the candy machines at the aquatic centres if parents taught their children how to clean up after themselves.

BOUQUET To our firefighters, police officers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, military, care aids, support workers and many others who help people in times of need. The words ‘thank you’ are simply not enough. Your jobs are inspiring and you often do not get enough appreciation for what you are willing to do to help.

BEEF To Hamas for the suicide bombing of its own people.

BOUQUET To Lloyd. Thank you for the random act of kindness at New York Style Pizza. That will be passed on to others for sure.

BEEF To the people who drag their on-leash dogs along on their jogs, on baking hot asphalt in our recent hot temperatures. You might want to ‘feel the burn’ but do you think your dog does?

BOUQUET To Fairway Market for providing lunches and snacks to the young participants of the Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society science camps. What a generous community partnership.

BEEF To the restaurant owners who wrote bad reviews about another establishment. Obviously the owner is doing something right and I think their comments may be born of professional jealousy.

BOUQUET To a pickup truck driver – unknown to us – who paid for a lunch at Wallace Street Tim Horton’s for my wife and I. A contagious random act of kindness.

BEEF To all those fast drivers who use Aulds Road west of Woodgrove Mall as a race track. Have a care and slow down before you kill someone or something. This beef is also for the dirt bikes and motorcycles that like to rev their machines loudly.

BOUQUET To Brad and Sharlene for hosting a fantastic party, with delicious food and lots of dancing, which was possible thanks to Maxwell Smart.

BEEF To the owner of the restaurant downtown. Nine of us went there for lunch a few days ago and you very obviously did not want us there and tried to direct us elsewhere. Did the presence of our six developmentally disabled individuals offend your sensibilities?

BOUQUET To Val in the X-ray department of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. Thank you for holding the hand of a grown woman when the ‘slight cramping’ was almost too much to bear. Your attentive kindness was above and beyond your job description.

BEEF To the city for not only cutting back the blackberry patch on Tenth Street, but also the use of herbicides. This is a food source for many creatures including humans. You wreck the blackberries patch while totally ignoring the Scotch broom across the road.

BOUQUET To Wheatcroft Construction, which renovated our kitchen. The work was simply outstanding and every little detail was completed. Long after we had paid the full amount a couple of minor items were taken care of immediately. Anyone wanting a great contractor, this is your guy.

BEEF It’s so generous of the thrift store to give out a five-per-cent-off sticker in return for filling its huge new donation bag. Just think of how much money it will make on all your donated stuff.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail