Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 6

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BOUQUET To the best boss ever, Esther. You are kind, patient, understanding and generous. I am lucky to have you as my employer and friend.

BEEF To the early morning walkers and whistlers using neighbourhood public access lanes. Tone down the volume, please, as some of us are still sleeping.

BOUQUET To Gina of Gina’s Lawn and Garden Maintenance for the excellent job in my daughter’s yard. She cuts, rakes and hauls it away.

BEEF To all the businesses in Nanaimo and all across Canada. Can’t we get a standard for writing the date? The order of the day, month and year varies so much it’s confusing.

BOUQUET To the father and son duo, The Big Mess, who gave us such an enjoyable free concert at the duck pond in Bowen Park. The energy and enthusiasm put out was only surpassed by their talent.

BEEF Let’s all pray for the guy at the vacuum store that he learns his trade and can help people with correct information.

BOUQUET To all the staff and nurses of Nanaimo Seniors Village for your wonderful, kind and compassionate care during our mother’s stay with you. She loved you all.

BEEF To those who, in spite of news stories about children dying in cars or being ‘car-napped,’ persist in leaving children alone in cars – even just for a minute.

BOUQUET To the young woman at Harbour Air. I ‘lost’ my Australian friend and she called around to the different airlines and found her at a different float plane terminal, then got a message to her that I was on my way.

BEEF To the U.S. presidential hopeful who has forgotten the ‘11th commandment’ – thou shalt not disparage fellow Republicans in public.

BOUQUET To Blair and Colleen of Mid Island Co-Op on Bowen Road for going above and beyond with their customer service. Very much appreciated.

BEEF To the mean-spirited vandal who trespassed to cut the hose to our sprinkler. Our small, new lawn needs water or it will die and it is expensive to replace it. We only water when allowed. If we didn’t have to water, we wouldn’t.

BOUQUET To the young lady on the Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo ferry who helped our special needs son who was having difficulties. Thank you so much – you are truly a special person.

BEEF To the very irresponsible owner of the German shepherd mix. Your lack of the proper mindset almost cost your dog its life.

BOUQUET To Turley’s Florist. My husband bought me a beautiful bouquet of fresh-cut flowers for my birthday. I got to enjoy them for more than two weeks.

BEEF To the continuing dirty tricks that the politicians use when they are trying to get elected.

BOUQUET To the person who helped me when I fell outside McDonald’s and to whoever turned in my glasses that I dropped. I was not feeling well and really appreciated your help.

BEEF The telephone scammers are at it again, this time telling you that Windows computers has a refund for you. It’s a scam – Windows will never call you for any reason.

BOUQUET To the RCMP officer who saved the German shepherd mix.

BEEF To neighbours who love a tidy yard and driveway for themselves, but blatantly leaf-blow all their yard waste onto the street so it’s everyone else’s problem. Can somebody explain the rationale?

BOUQUET To the people who empty our green bins – a most unpleasant job in the hot weather.

BEEF To bicycle clothing manufacturers who make cycling gear in sizes that only fit skinny, pencil-necked guys. Why does a guy who wears an extra large shirt have to order XXL or XXXL, if those sizes are even available? A lot of big guys are riding bikes.

BOUQUET To Classic Home Improvements for the wonderful job they did on our bathroom and kitchen renos. Special thanks to Serge, Matthew and Rick. They went the extra mile.

BEEF To the city for putting bylaws in place, like no smoking in parks, but yet no signage and you are not even around to  enforce it.

BOUQUET To music trivia Jim for putting on such a great show for first responders. You and your co-host, Kristi, have made a lot of friends and a lot of people very happy.

BEEF Could y’all please stop doing the gawking gooby thing on my street? Yes, we had house fires. Yes, it’s an awful sight. Are you curious or simply looking to loot?

BOUQUET To the guys at north end Great Canadian Oil Change for being so helpful.

BEEF To the person who took a yellow and a blue piano book from inside the piano seat. These were a gift from a deceased longtime friend. Please return them.

BOUQUET To staff, care aides and nurses at Nanaimo Seniors Village for the kindness and compassion shown during our mother’s stay and on her recent passing. We feel privileged that Mom had you in her life.

BEEF To people who flick cigarettes out car windows. An older male flicking his butt on a sidewalk down Bowen Road. Another older male sitting on dry grass smoking. All these incidents were of the mature group.

BOUQUET To Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Society, volunteers, participants, Nanaimo Port Authority. Wonderful to have the start and finish of the race downtown. Looking forward to the 50th anniversary next year.

BEEF To the person who dropped a cigarette butt along the Fire Road up in the Morrell Sanctuary. The charred gravel suggests it was still hot. We are all fortunate that you did not start a major fire.

BOUQUET To the staff in the rapid admissions and in PES. You were nothing but kind and helpful when I tried to end my life. Thank you Claire and Joe especially.

BEEF To the federal Liberal leader for wanting to form a coalition government with the NDP. Our federal Conservatives and Liberals are just about the same thing, while the NDP is something completely different.

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