Beef to the cyclist who boarded the bus and proceeded to argue and disrespect the bus driver when the driver asked for some common courtesy.

Beef to the cyclist who boarded the bus and proceeded to argue and disrespect the bus driver when the driver asked for some common courtesy.

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 5

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BOUQUET To the doctors and nurses on the first floor of NRGH. Thank you for taking such good care of my wife in her last days. You did everything in your power. Special thanks to doctors Dylan, Wu and Quinn and nurses Carlo, Sunny, Sharon and Sophie.

BEEF To the person who has a beef about individuals concerned with sidewalk social distancing etiquette, saying they should wear a mask if concerned. The mask does not protect the wearer – it stops the wearer from spreading the virus. So please, be respectful of social distancing, especially if you choose not to wear a mask.

BOUQUET To the beefers who complained of the drive-thru ‘behind sitters.’ I am an isolated and lonely senior whose sanity is maintained as I am greeted with friendly smiles and kind words by the drive-thru staff. These are difficult times for all. Try to understand and be compassionate. Stay safe.

BEEF To the beefer who does not like the accidents on Yellow Point Road. How about obeying the speed limit and slowing down?

BOUQUET To the staff at Eden Gardens; you have all been working so hard taking care of your patients making sure they stay in touch with their families via FaceTime and window visits. Trying your hardest to keep them safe during this stressful time, while keeping up their spirits with Hawaiian-themed days, barbecues, music. You are all doing an outstanding job. Thank you for keeping our elders healthy and well looked after.

BEEF To our city council for more superfluous spending: $225,000 paid to two consulting firms to inform us that the world is probably getting hotter. Are there not more pressing city issues to address in 2020?

BOUQUET To Andrew at Lowe’s garden centre, who recently hunted down a hose repair kit for me for 15-20 minutes. His patience is a virtue. Thank you.

BEEF To our Departure Bay neighbour whose wildlife feeding habit is unnecessary, probably harmful, and illegal with respect to deer (where’s the enforcement?), but also has afflicted our otherwise quiet neighbourhood with a near constant cacophony of nerve-racking crow and raven screams.

BOUQUET To the executive members of Nanaimo Minor Softball Association for the extra time and effort to implement the guidelines of B.C. health officials in providing our kids with the opportunity to play ball in these trying times.

BEEF To tourism advertisements promoting fishing. Maybe you should speak to the government and DFO about the limited opportunities that playing politics has caused before promoting it.

BOUQUET Thank you to the wonderful curbside pick-up team at Home Depot, especially to Simon who has gone above and beyond several times. The team’s friendly service, efficiency and accuracy in fulfilling orders is incredible. Hope this service continues for a long time.

BEEF To the drivers on Old Victoria Road. Slow down. You hit and killed my best friend. I’m so heartbroken and lost. It just goes to show how gross all you people are; you didn’t even stop. She died and a huge piece of me is dead too. She was my whole world.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo citizen who donated to the Nanaimo Museum, thus enabling free admission for the remainder of the summer. Imagine how other non-profits or service clubs could survive or benefit if others with financial means did likewise.

BEEF We are seniors who have been housebound for three months with poor cable reception. It goes off and on, we never get to see a whole program. We enjoy TV especially during this outbreak. They gave us $35 credit? You should have given three months free. All we needed was a new box, which could have been corrected the first day.

BOUQUET Thank you to the woman who flagged me down when the wheel came off my RV on the Nanaimo Parkway, which could have been a serious accident.

BEEF I walk around Amsterdam Crescent and Arnhem Terrace and the sides of the street have got blackberries growing on the road; doesn’t the city cut its boulevards anymore?

BOUQUET Very impressed with Linda and Jaquar from Allstate Advanced Carpet Cleaning. Punctual, courteous, and great follow-up. I highly recommend them. My carpets are like new again.

BEEF To the folks running the seniors’ home for not allowing in-person visits with the residents. Yes you are a private company, but the old folks living there want to visit with their loved ones.

BOUQUET To the driver in light-coloured car, coming out of the Superstore slip road and wearing a workman’s vest. I didn’t realize you wanted to talk to me until you were driving away. Sorry.

BEEF At what point do we acknowledge the noise pollution caused by an underclass of men who feel the need to drive deliberately loud vehicles? Can we start ticketing this please?

BOUQUET I hit a curb at Canadian Tire. With all mechanics busy, manager Nigel M. did a quick inspection. Found all was OK. Reward? Two more customers from our condo.

BEEF To people that won’t follow the arrows stores have taken the time to lay out to help them; I’d hate to see how they drive.

BOUQUET To the Elder Dog volunteers who are helping seniors with their dogs. You have given my dog a new lease on life. She is a much happier dog now that she can get out and get more exercise during this pandemic.

BEEF To the stores at the mall that have decided to dispense with proper COVID-19 cleaning because of the expense, are you declaring the pandemic over?

BOUQUET To city and community partners who helped create the new inclusive playground at Maffeo Sutton Park.

BEEF To the cyclist who boarded the bus and proceeded to argue and disrespect the bus driver when the driver asked for some common courtesy. Then at the end of your ride you removed your bike but left the rack down just to further disrespect the driver. Bouquet to the bus driver who had to deal with a clearly self-entitled passenger. And a bouquet to all the bus drivers for all the garbage they have to deal with. You keep the city moving. I applaud you for all your hard, and often thankless, work.

BOUQUET For everyone, everywhere, especially those feeling stressed or down, here’s a posy for you.

BEEF To the motorcycle that accelerated at lightning speed up Rock City Road. You woke my baby. You owe me babysitting.

BOUQUET Thanks to my friend Stella for her wise words. She is 87 years old and she said if people can’t stay six feet apart then they should be ready to go six feet under. No respect, no mercy.

BEEF To the beefer on zero COVID cases. It is because of the restrictions here that we have few cases on the Island. Perhaps you would like to take your chances in the States where they have the highest number of cases of COVID in the world. We all need to be held accountable for our actions.

BOUQUET A special thank you to Greg; you are the best. The bank is lucky to have a person like you.

BEEF Why do supermarkets continue to charge deposits on cans and bottles when not accepting return of some? Cancel recycling charge please.

BOUQUET Thank you so much. I was ninja’d; what a wonderful caring surprise to find a bag of goodies at my front door. It truly lifted my spirits, from slippers to a bottle of Jackson Triggs.

BEEF To the truck company that hit two power lines and rolled one unit over. Give your drivers some training. The same street a month apart? This retired Class 1 driver is very concerned.

BOUQUET To the kind lady at Quality Foods who paid for the corn on the cob my husband was going to buy – but found out he hadn’t enough cash. Thank you – the corn was delicious.

BEEF To Nanaimoites who complain about everything, including solutions to what you are complaining about. How about some positivity?

BOUQUET To my mom, Julia S., for always being there for me when something happens, and who loves me through thick and thin. I love you!

BEEF Here’s a catch 2020: Without the library open I cannot access internet. Without internet I cannot access library materials and services. Isn’t internet now essential and should be available to all?

BOUQUET To the staff at Petroglyph Animal Hospital. We had to put our cat down and the staff, especially Dr. Sylvia, treated us with sympathy and respect while we grieved.

BEEF I hate tailgaters. The other day I was going home. I was driving in the slow lane doing the speed limit. A police officer pulled up behind me and was riding my bumper. It blew my mind.

BOUQUET My appreciation and respect to Farah and her staff at the Wallace Pharmacy. Such a credit to her profession.

BEEF To the inconsiderate people on the E&N trail. The rules state to be courteous, keep right, do no impede other trail users. Keep dogs on a leash. FYI if you hear a cyclist ring a bell, that’s an indication for a pass.

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