Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 4

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BOUQUET To QF in Nanoose Red Gap Market for its service. They even phone when it’s ordering day when I was out of town. Thanks Phyllis and staff, and Drew – you are truly Good Samaritans.

BEEF Oh, for the good old days. You could pack up the family and picnic on Newcastle Island for the day. Ferry lineups were so long you had to wait an hour, gladly. Now, who can afford the ferry cost? Going up even higher? Ridiculous. Thanks for the memories.

BOUQUET To the knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant fellows who work at Rogers in Woodgrove Centre. All three of you were delightful to deal with. I hope your employer knows how great you are.

BEEF To the service manager at the car dealership. I don’t know what is worse, your lack of customer service or your attitude. I will be taking my warranty work elsewhere.

BOUQUET Thanks to Glan and Greg at Long Lake Automotive. They got our vehicle registered for provincial inspection. Very service-oriented, explained everything and did all the work for less than expected.

BEEF To dog owners who allow their mutts to be off-leash in parks and on trails. How self-centred do you have to be to believe that your enjoyment of the trails supersedes mine?

BOUQUET To our patients who realize the average dentist has 1,500 patients and very long days that are fully booked. When you call for a non-emergency, it is not uncommon to have to wait six weeks or more. Not all our patients are as understanding.

BEEF To drivers along Bruce Ave who think it is a race track. The RCMP should set up speed traps. It is not only speedsters but there are so many drivers still using cell phones to text while driving. Have seen so many near misses because of it.

BOUQUET A huge thank you to Rob Grey of ReMax and his team, Heather Rowland and Melanie Donahue for their very professional assistance in helping us look at homes and finding us our perfect home in Nanaimo. No high-pressure sales tactics, just a lot of patience and hard work.

BEEF To the city workers pressure washing sidewalks at 11:30 p.m. on Promenade Drive. You have all day to do this. Some need to sleep to work the next day.

BOUQUET To Ellen at RBC Woodgrove. Such an efficient and personable young lady. Thanks for taking the time to ensure funds were transferred in a timely manner.

BEEF To the grocery store that has a sale price on an item, but only if you buy three of the item. No other grocery stores have that ridiculous policy.

BOUQUET To my wonderful family (children, grandchildren, siblings) and my friends who helped me celebrate my 80th birthday. Love, Geri.

BEEF to the furniture store. After three weeks of talking I now know that customer satisfaction is not your motto.

BOUQUET To Quality Foods and the awesome simulcast on the radio station for the 50th Bathtub race. Frank Ney would have been proud.

BEEF To the beefer about bike riders who ride on the pedestrian-designated side of seawall walkway. Meandering pedestrians –especially with dogs and/or kids – violating the bike lane is much more prevalent and dangerous. Requests to the city for more footprint and bike symbols on the path have gone unheeded.

BOUQUET To two wonderful ladies, Miss Wanda and Miss Pat. You always make my day when you come through my lane. We always share laughs and stories. Thank you Pat for my beautiful earrings. I wear them a lot. Hugs to you both.

BEEF To persons shoplifting at our colourful downtown and marina stores. Nanaimo citizens don’t need your criminal acts. It costs you, and everyone, morally, and financially.

BOUQUET To Michele and Gabe Vadas and their sons Kyle and Robin for welcoming me into their home three months ago while I looked for a house to buy. They provided a supporting, fun environment and made the difficult transition of moving cities so easy. I will always cherish our time together and will miss the yummy dinners.

BEEF To some businesses downtown who put tables with chairs outside. Please think of pedestrians and wheelchairs. You take some space that makes it challenging to get around.

BOUQUET To the staff at Port Place TD Bank. They are consistently cheerful, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They often go out of their way to accommodate my requests.

BEEF To our neighbour who just opens your side door and lets her dog do his business in our backyard daily. We don’t own a dog and are tired of cleaning your mess.

BOUQUET To all past and present members of the Nanaimo White Rapids summer swim club for 50 years of excellence.

BEEF A friendly reminder to drivers. The ‘L’ on the back of a car means learner. It does not mean licence for you to tailgate and intimidate a 16-year-old.

BOUQUET To Sharon Fauchon of Invis Mortgage Specialists for all your help and guidance. We had no idea where to even start and you took care of everything.

BEEF to Nanaimo Regional General Hospital and the City of Nanaimo for allowing hospital workers to use all the free on-street parking while visitors and family members of patients have to pay to park in the lot. All parking around the hospital should be posted as ‘two-hour parking.’

BOUQUET To veterinarian Anne Walsh who came to my home and helped my beloved little Tid-bit make her final transition, with dignity, surrounded by the people who loved her. My deepest gratitude for you kindness.

BEEF Has anyone out there heard the term, ‘multiply like rabbits?’ We are headed for a crisis with these ‘cute’ bunnies. They are not natural here. There is an endless food supply and the Island does not have sufficient natural predators to control the numbers. If you love them so much, stop releasing them.

BOUQUET To the neighbour who anonymously left a green bin in front of my mother’s house in Cedar this week with a note ‘hope this helps.’ Thank you very much. It made her happy.

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