Beef to the beauty salon. You burned my hair badly while giving me a perm. When I called to let you know, you did not apologize or offer any solution or a free treatment. It’s been two months and will be two more before I will have all my hair back the way it was. All my friends know.

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 31

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BOUQUET Thanks to the person who handed in a small change purse that they found outside of 7-Eleven on Dover Road. My change purse had my credit card inside and by returning it you saved me a lot of work and grief. You can be sure I shall pass on your kindness and honesty wherever and whenever I can.

BEEF To Mayor Krog and city council. When are the fences coming down? Fencing and harassing people who have nowhere to go is not the solution. The money you are spending on these fences can be going to the services that are trying to help the problem that you are only contributing to.

BOUQUET To the individuals pushing to reopen Riverview. It is about time the individuals who fail to follow a civilized society’s rules get the accommodation they deserve.

BEEF To all the businesses and agencies that insist on the use of a cellphone to access their services. As a senior who uses a home phone, I am unwilling to pay exorbitant fees simply to be able to receive an occasional text. If organizations are unable to provide alternative means of communication, the phone companies should be mandated to provide a cheap minimal talk-and-text service to those who need it.

BOUQUET To Mambo’s Pizza for making our volunteer picnic a success. The pizzas were great, delivery was on time and well appreciated by everyone who attended. It’s nice to have a local business that goes out of its way to make a small gathering a success. Thanks.

BEEF The arts group’s break-in is very sad, but online fundraisers are no alternative for insurance. Online fundraisers are a scheme where early users do well but donation fatigue will eventually cause the model’s collapse.

BOUQUET To the mayor. You found your post-election calling: preaching “Love for each other, love for peace and love for democracy.” You already have your congregation of councillors.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for pretty much ignoring the state of the Jack Point Park trail. The constant street car drag racing and the graffiti pales in comparison to the litter that is dumped everywhere. Today I was greeted by a garbage bin that clearly had been vandalized, with a mixture of food waste, garbage and broken glass everywhere in the tunnel. I saw people carrying their dogs as they didn’t want them to either eat the waste or get cut up.

BOUQUET To the Good Samaritans who came to my aid when I crashed my bike in the Brooks Landing parking lot. You called 911 and waited with me until the ambulance arrived. Also thanks to the general manager at the Mid Island Co-op who kept my bike safe while I was hospitalized for nearly a week. I can’t say thank you enough.

BEEF To the beefer who says they drive in the left lane but don’t like people tailgating, honking or giving them the finger. You wouldn’t get those if you got out of people’s way and followed the rules. Stop being stubborn and part of the problem, move over.

BOUQUET To Cheryl at Wolseley Plumbing. She was a great help in picking out our plumbing fixtures. So pleasant and knowledgeable. Thanks for the great customer service.

BEEF To complainers finding noise disturbances in young children jumping on trampolines, neighbouring barking dogs socializing, and basketball dribbling and bouncing off garage doors for hours on end. Since you cannot relate, be reminded this is foremost a residential area.

BOUQUET Thumbs up to Walker’s Saw Shop for fixing my ignition coil module for my off-shore power saw. They did the work efficiently and quickly and charged me a very reasonable price. I will definitely do future business with these wonderful folks.

BEEF To the City of Nanaimo for the roadwork planning and development. What are they doing to our roads? First Bowen Road now Metral. Our city is beginning to look like a giant go-kart track and millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent.

BOUQUET Shout out to everyone, especially the sheriffs, who work at the courthouses for being helpful and friendly.

BEEF To the beefer who beefed the frequent pot smoker. Ever happen to consider this person may be sick, and are using cannabis to feel a bit better? Have you ever said hello or have you just complained?

BOUQUET To Fredrich’s Honey. They did an incredible job putting together take-away gifts for an upcoming wedding. Beautifully done and we are proud to support such a dedicated local company.

BEEF To B.C. Ferries. What a typical corporate move to fire the CEO. What did it solve? Sailings continue to be cancelled and up to 12-hour waits. Nice severance though and off to the next gravy-train job.

BOUQUET To the great big new sign that attempts to educate the uneducated about how our roads work. Keep right and let others pass. Learn it, know it, live it, Spicoli. Can we please have those all over Nanaimo instead of bike lanes?

BEEF To neighbours who have outdoor shouting matches at 2 a.m. Please take it indoors and close the windows. Some people are trying to sleep.

BOUQUET To the driver of the wicked black Jaguar that made a roaring pass in the right lane followed by booming machine gun exhaust. The person who was passed immediately signalled and got in the right lane. Thanks for doing us all a favour, and your car is awesome.

BEEF To the useless justice system. Crime is out of control in downtown Nanaimo. Bring back chain gangs like in Cool Hand Luke. Works great. Don’t like it? Solitary.

BOUQUET To Gordon, Sandra, and their daughter for returning my Apple Watch. The watch was long gone in the Nanaimo River until Gordon found it snorkelling. I’m extremely grateful they charged it back up and then tracked me down.

BEEF To the lady who arrives for work every morning at the office and allows her two dogs to bark profusely. This is also a residential complex with people sleeping, not just the location of your business.

BOUQUET To the NRGH emergency department. I received exceptional treatment from everyone on my recent visit. It was immediate, professional, genuinely caring, with a splash of humour. It was reassuring to be in such good hands. Thank you.

BEEF To whoever designed the chicken transport trucks. The chickens are very tightly packed, and don’t even have room to stand up. It is cruel to the birds. I hope this changes soon.

BOUQUET To all of the staff at the Northfield location of Tim Hortons. Sorry that happened to you. I have missed coming through your location. Wishing you all the best and hope you are doing well. Hope to see you again soon.

BEEF To the seaplane company. I entered in my credit card details that were pre-saved and when I clicked ‘pay’ it said my cart was empty and the product was sold out. If a product is put into a payment queue it should be taken out of inventory for that amount of time, so that the customer has time to make sure credit card details are correct. Sign me back up for the ‘build a bridge’ campaign.

BOUQUET To Best Paw Forward Dog Training. Thank you for all of your help.

BEEF To the person suggesting drivers get a copy of the B.C. driver’s manual. You do not have the right to travel in the passing lane. Move over and allow others to pass, like the sign says.

BOUQUET To Benson View Vet Hospital. Over the years my dogs have presented you with more challenges than you probably ever imagined from one client but you’ve always gone above and beyond and also been there for the sad times.

BEEF Why do people always dwell on the negative? Business owners are quick to say that limiting liquor sales will hurt B.C.’s economy. No one mentions that limiting liquor sales could benefit B.C.’s health-care system.

BOUQUET To Central Drugs on Bowen Road. We switched from another pharmacy recently after many years and while they were OK, we’re so impressed with the knowledge, courtesy, professionalism, personal touch and going the extra mile shown by everyone at Central, right down to the delivery drivers.

BEEF To the beauty salon. You burned my hair badly while giving me a perm. When I called to let you know, you did not apologize or offer any solution or a free treatment. It’s been two months and will be two more before I will have all my hair back the way it was. All my friends know.

BOUQUET To the pharmacist in London Drugs at Port Place shopping centre. She informed me of websites that have doctors who can refill prescriptions. Some are in Vancouver and they bill the B.C. medical plan. It is a great service and will shorten lineups at clinics. Thank you.

BEEF To dog owners who choose not to read the ‘no dogs’ on the beaches bylaw. Your attitude and entitlement is appalling. Try obeying the law.

BOUQUET I took a filthy car to Nanaimo Toyota for detailing recently. Estimate and appointment ran smoothly, and being driven home and back, but the best part was that my car looked absolutely brand new. I could not believe it. The price was reasonable, and I highly recommend the service.

BEEF To all the people who use Blueback Beach and leave their garbage, beer cans, take-away food containers and dog poop bags – grow up. You are coming down here to enjoy nature so do your part to keep it beautiful and take your trash back up with you. There is a garbage can at the top of the stairs.

BOUQUET To the very lovely lady who helped me pick out a watch at Shoppers Drug Mart. You had a broken hand, but took the time to help a gentleman who had just come home from the hospital. Please allow me the privilege of taking you for a coffee. The News Bulletin has my e-mail address.

BEEF If there truly is a climate emergency, as the City of Nanaimo has declared, why does Nanaimo still allow outdoor fire pits? Surely heating the great outdoors is one of the worst things one can do during a climate emergency.

BOUQUET To Colin from CNA Electric Ltd. He and his team did a fantastic job installing my Tiffany light and ceiling fan. Fast and efficient, very friendly too.

BEEF To people complaining about affordable housing. Calgary is booming. Lots of jobs and houses are half the price. Not everyone has a right to live here. Sometimes one has to make sacrifices for the future. Sorry.

BOUQUET To Thrifty Foods at Longwood Station. Thank you for locating my receipt for purchase of cherries. You had to retrieve it at the office upstairs. It took time, but you did it. Great customer service.

BEEF To five of the councillors who are a huge disappointment. We need more business sense. Glad to see an election coming.

BOUQUET Sad to see that Tim Hortons on Northfield Road will be out of action for awhile. It has put hard-working and friendly people out of work. I for one can’t wait to see it open again, and soon.

BEEF To the councillors who are trying to force people out of their cars by narrowing roads, reducing parking and eliminating right-turn lanes. Not to mention opposing drive-thrus and natural gas hookups. I’ve had enough.

BOUQUET Thanks a million Karen, the security officer who works at a downtown cafeteria. You consistently go above and beyond your duties, tidying up dinner trays and tables, showing gentle compassion to everyone. You really do wonders for your clients and create a nice ambience.

BEEF To the macho man strutting around the neighbourhood, poking his nose into all the neighbours’ business, then proceeding to feed them mean and untrue statements about his neighbours. Find more productive things to do. Karma’s coming to get you.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, e-mail

Beefs and bouquets

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