Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 28

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BOUQUET To the fabulous educators at Jolly Giant Childcare on Selby Street. You do an amazing job caring for all the children. The love that you have for this profession shines through each and every day.

BEEF To the person who makes a mess on Cedar Road drawing crosswalks and ‘slow down’ on the road. You can get a ‘slow down’ sign that would be more effective.

BOUQUET To the officers of HMCS Edmonton for not running down two hapless kayakers you encountered bobbing in heavy swells way out in mid-strait. Your apparent concern for our well-being (or disbelief at our lunacy) was much appreciated.

BEEF To the vet clinic for overcharging for a visit where nothing was done for my cat except it came home with fleas.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Golf Club for an amazing reception for our daughter and new son-in-law. A special thank you to Charles for all of your assistance.

BEEF To all landlords who think they can manipulate and control their tenants. We pay rent for a reason. Or maybe you shouldn’t rent or be a landlord.

BOUQUET To Tammy and Dave for opening their restaurant for our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding brunch. A special thank you to chef Troy for a wonderful meal.

BEEF To the organizers. Not a recycle container in sight. What ends up in the landfill says volumes about you.

BOUQUET To everyone at Central Island Veterinary Emergency Hospital, especially Jasmine and Dr. El Mouldi. Iris the cat and her owners received compassionate and above-and-beyond care. Thank you to the SPCA for its post-adoption support.

BEEF To city council for not listening. We do not want a recycling depot anywhere on Old Victoria Road. Shame on you for putting more people through it all again.

BOUQUET To the kind, elderly gentlemen who I see several times a week cleaning up Island Highway. You are a gem to our city, and great inspiration for others.

BEEF To this ridiculous strike by the teachers. I live across the street from an elementary school and have seen three teachers picketing exactly twice. If they were so concerned with getting this deal done and getting back to school, they would be doing everything they can to do just that.

BOUQUET To Pet Smart Grooming Salon. Kudos for all your hard work with many different types and doing a great job at it.

BEEF To the store for selling deceptively sized clothing and having a ‘no-returns’ policy. Head office never responded.

BOUQUET To the manager of SportChek in Woodgrove Centre. We were able to return my husband’s shoes that squeaked without any trouble at all, no questions asked.

BOUQUET To Josh of Milestone Equipment Contracting for changing over our septic to sewer on Hammond Bay Road. It was a pleasure dealing with you from our first meeting till we paid you. Kyle and Conrad did an exceptional job on our steep hill and were a treat to work with and a great reflection of your company.

BOUQUET To the Nanaimo Regional Airport. What a change in the last couple of years. This airport is finally being service by different airline carriers. lt’s a busy airport now. Special thanks to volunteer Jim for all your help.

BOUQUET To Carrie from Azmeth Forest Consultants for picking up my binder off the highway after it fell off my car.

BOUQUET To the sales lady at Splashes Kitchen and Bath. You found us a spray attachment for our kitchen faucet and charged us nothing. We will be sure to recommend your business.

BOUQUET To Dr. Kam Grewal and his caring staff at Wellington Dental Clinic for giving me my smile back. I have had many compliments which makes me very happy so I smile even more.

BOUQUET To the staff at Nanaimo Ice Centre for taking care of me when I entered their facility feeling very ill. Their kindness, goodwill and outstanding citizenship is very much appreciated.

BOUQUET To my amazing personal trainer, Miguel, at Driven Performance. Your dedication and passion is above and beyond. Thank you for giving me a new look on life.

BOUQUET To Deklin at Clydesdale Moving and Storage for moving my furniture so efficiently and carefully at a reasonable cost.

BOUQUET I retired here from the mainland 11 year ago. Best move ever. This is a lovely place to live.

BOUQUET To Tony and the staff at Alberni Transmission. If all businesses were run as honestly as this, they, too, would be as successful.

BOUQUET To Kurtis at Target. I dropped my wallet. I get a call at my house and it’s him, informing me of this. The store has been closed for 30 minutes and there he is, waiting in the dark, at the front door.

BOUQUET To the lady who traded seats with me so I could see the second half of the Symphony in the Park show after some people had moved our chairs.

BOUQUET To back-to-school sales that feature plenty of laptops and hand-held electronic devices but they also show paper, pens, pencils and crayons.

BOUQUET To Richard and Ron for fixing the ladder and raft at Colliery Dam Park. Community heroes who recognized action needed to be taken for safety reasons and did something, asking for nothing in return.

BOUQUET To the woman in Southgate Country Grocer who returned the $50 bill I had dropped. Your honesty will re-pay you.

BOUQUET To all the wonderful caregivers at Nanaimo Home Support who looked after my husband, Garner, when he needed care.

BOUQUET To Kyler of Personal Assistance to Seniors for tackling jobs with which seniors have difficulty at a very reasonable cost. PATS is a wonderful community service for seniors.

BOUQUET To head chef Frank and the amazing staff at Zougla’s Restaurant. They went above and beyond for our wedding with three days’ notice. We had amazing food and the service was exceptional.

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