Beef to the lady who gave me the finger on Bowen Road. It was not me who honked at you

Beef to the lady who gave me the finger on Bowen Road. It was not me who honked at you

Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 25

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BOUQUET To anyone who has ever contributed to Canadian Tire’s JumpStart Program. It works. It’s important.

BEEF To the B.C. government. The most affluent province in Canada with the poorest paid seniors. Do we have to move to Quebec or the Maritimes to get justice?

BOUQUET To the activity staff at Dufferin Place for the lovely volunteer barbecue they put on for the volunteers. It was fun and nice to socialize with the other volunteers we don’t always see.

BEEF To all you big box stores for Christmas trees and decorations for sale in August. There should be a bylaw against this greed until after Remembrance Day.

BOUQUET To Jacqui Kaese. You are a treasure to this city and I am so grateful for your kindness, expertise and continued support for my son to follow his dreams.

BEEF To the city regarding the proposal to lengthen Beban Pool closure. No way. Close the ice arenas for a period of months.

BOUQUET To the wedding party that donated all their fresh reception flowers to Nanaimo Seniors Village Highgate building. We are enjoying them so much. We hope that you have a wonderful life together.

BEEF To the Coca-Cola ad where the older brother bullies his younger brother. Although he helps his sibling with other bullies, he ruins it when he bumps the Coke bottle while the boy is drinking. Bullying in advertising isn’t tasty.

BOUQUET So many beautiful wedding flowers delivered to Highgate made it possible for all floors to have a bouquet, as well as five or six on the ground floor area. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

BEEF Why is it that when you take the clothes out of the dryer, all the shirts and T-shirts come out inside out?

BOUQUET To Dr. Sommerville and his receptionist, Corriene, as well as nurses Laura, Meghan and Paige from short stay and recovery nurse Lorraine. You all made my recent surgery go off without a hitch and your care has been top notch.

BEEF To people still smoking in public parks despite signs telling them not to. How can the public discourage this?

BOUQUET To the many people who helped me in Maffeo Sutton Park after I was separated from my three-year-old. The quick action of bystanders and the RCMP Bike Patrol helped me locate him safely. A mother’s worst nightmare was relieved by the power of good Samaritans.

BEEF To the people who will not let us have gardens because deer are more important.

BOUQUET To the hard-working volunteers at the auxiliary thrift store who spend their free hours decorating windows for people to view when the store is closed. Kudos to those people for all the updates and effort they put into the store.

BEEF To the lady who gave me the finger on Bowen Road. It was not me who honked at you, it was the guy behind me that almost rear-ended me. My daughter asked why you “waved” at me and I told her you must be a nice person to wave at a complete stranger.

BOUQUET To the AJ Roofing crew. Thank you for the job well done. I will be sure to call on you guys again when needed and I am recommending you to everyone I know.

BEEF To the snarky barista. You were so nasty when I wanted to have sugar-free that I told you to just forget it. You informed me that I should have made that choice at the till. I would have if I had known you had that option.

BOUQUET To Nanaimo North Town Centre for being so accommodating with providing the venue and some promotion for our Etsy Made in Canada market in September.

BEEF To the person who complained of drivers making a left turn at an intersection into a two-lane road. The correct procedure is to turn left into the outside fast lane and not to cross into the slower lane as you said. If you like to complain, first you need to make sure you are correct.

BOUQUET To Laird Wheaton salesman G. Noske. He went that extra mile with his excellent customer service and made my day.

BEEF To the small-minded, nosy, petty, cranky, older woman who got all uppity about me putting a small kitchen garbage bag in the club’s trash. Complain to the city to have a public bin somewhere for people who may be moving and want to properly dispose of a small bag.

BOUQUET To the people at Port Place bus stop for helping me with my wife when she was overcome by the heat and was taken to hospital. Also to the ambulance attendants for fast and efficient service.

BEEF To the province for the poor quality of health care. The emergency department of Nanaimo Regional General Hospital is a disgrace. All the money that was poured into the facility has not improved the level of care for those needing medical attention.

BOUQUET To the kind and thoughtful person who found my set of keys on the Harper Road beach in Lantzville and placed them on a visible log so that I could find them easier.

BEEF To the RCMP for ignoring speeding cars on Turner Road and Metral Drive. The  drivers still think they’re on the highway. Four out of five cars totally ignore the school zone on Metral Drive.

BOUQUET To the pro wrestling groups for putting on high-calibre and entertaining shows at the Vancouver Island Exhibition. Lots of wrestling talent on the Island.

BEEF To customers who, when they can’t find a price, say ‘well, I guess it must be free then!’ Like we haven’t heard that joke a million times already so no, you’re not clever, just banal.

BOUQUET To the Canadian Forces Snowbirds for their thrilling and spectacular air show. And to the weather gods for a perfect blue sky.

BOUQUET To Shelby. You have made your old nan very happy. Looking forward to my ninth great-grandbaby. Well done, Doug.

BOUQUET To my daughter Lis for taking good care of us. You work, cook dinner and keep the house clean. We love you to the moon and back.

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