Beefs & Bouquets Aug 23

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a massive bouquet of Roses to two men in the city’s public works department. We discovered a leak in our main water pipe, called the city and within an hour, Troy arrived to pinpoint the problem. We needed further explanation and later that day, Troy returned with Gord. Cora in the office was also helpful.

A beautiful Bouquet of Red Roses to our friends Connie and David, who supported us when we discovered a leak in our main water pipe and assisted in a partial repair until the plumber came the next day.

A HUGE Bouquet to Tim Wait, who went above and beyond to make a weekend so special. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A huge bouquet of roses to Carol from Nanoose, who assisted three ladies after the Charley Pride concert at the Port Theatre. We would love to connect with you. E-mail us at

A heartfelt thank you to the two kind gentlemen who assisted my mom when she fell at Brooks Landing. Also thank you to the lady from Nanaimo Insurance Brokers for offering your assistance. Mom is OK other than some scrapes and bruises. Your kindness and concern was appreciated.

A breath of fresh air to the new medical clinic in Woodgrove Centre. It was nice to be greeted by such welcoming front end staff and have my medical needs properly dealt with by amazing doctors. I will definitely be returning.

Bouquets of shamrocks to Fibber McGee’s and bartender Mike for such great hospitality during a co-worker’s going-away party. Slainte.

A large Bouquet to the many residents of Nanaimo and Lantzville who support the Friends of Pioneer Forest in its quest to save the land for everyone to enjoy in perpetuity.

A bouquet of thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Nanaimo Sunrisers and Balloons and Bears Florist for all the smiley mug floral arrangements they sent to the residents of Dufferin Place. You brought smiles to a lot of faces.

A giant bunch of sunflowers to the many thoughtful drivers who stopped to offer assistance to the senior standing in the sun beside the car she locked herself out of, especially the young woman who contacted my daughter to bring a spare key.

A huge bouquet to Gord Shoquist and his family for their assistance at Gord Bush’s celebration of life. It was most appreciated during a difficult time.

A huge bouquet of thanks to Ross, Heather, Chris and especially Paula at Nanaimo Chrysler. I love my Beetle and the service is awesome.

A huge bouquet of roses to Econo Car Centre for getting us into a reliable van for less so my hubby can start work. We appreciate your kindness and will pay it forward.

A huge bridal bouquet of thanks to Marsh & Son Jewelry Service for doing a superb job of re-stringing my pearls. I can now give this family heirloom, with pride, to my son’s fiancée to wear on her wedding day.

A BOUQUET to the planners of Nanaimo’s trail system. It’s worldclass

A birthday bouquet to Zikora for donating his birthday money to the Nanaimo Child Development Centre. Children helping children – it doesn’t get any better.

A HUGE BOUQUET of thanks to Dover Bay Secondary School’s prom committee 2012, which recently presented proceeds from its fundraising to the Nanaimo Child Development Centre.

a Beautiful post of native flowers to Anneke and Peter Van Kerkoelre, Country Grocer, 49th Parallel, Superette Foods, the Running Room and Bill and Donna Konsorado for providing the place, food, shelter and atmosphere for the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust’s 12th annual picnic. More flowers to all the volunteers who worked through the heat of the day to make this event happen.

bouquets to the new owner and staff at Speedy Auto Service on Terminal Avenue. Your service and honesty is fantastic. I will be back again and again.

a Huge, hand-blown glass bouquet to Broco Auto Glass for the great work on our SUV window and the above and beyond clean-up job. You guys rock.

A huge bouquet to A&B Alternators and Starters in Cassidy. Thanks for your honesty and integrity. My “unrepairable” starter works better than new.

A beautiful summer bouquet to Christine for helping me with my drapes. I am so grateful that you showed up when you did.

A huge bouquet of thanks to Gerry for installing my new clothes line. Your kindness is appreciated.

A grateful bouquet of cold water to all the Vanderleek Roofing employees who worked so hard under the hot sun to give my house a splendid new roof.

a bouquet to those who beautify this world through art, music, poetry and literature. A beef to those who contribute nothing but second-hand smoke and toots.

A furry beef to the well-meaning but misguided lady who “saved” a baby seal. You are interfering with wildlife, which is a serious offence. It is sad, but that seal was abandoned because its mother could not feed it.

A rotten pear to the person who stole the pear tree, plum tree, wheelbarrow, shovel and soil from the community gardens at Beban Park. May you enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour. Please at least return the wheelbarrow and shovel.

a beef to Nanaimo transit. You should focus on cleaning bus shelters, you are wasting money by replacing the benches instead.

A CAUTIONARY BEEF. Check out the Better Business Bureau rating of real estate companies before buying/selling a house or building. It just may save you a mountain of headaches.

a beef to the salesman who ordered the wrong vehicle for me and after it arrived – four weeks after the promised date – didn’t even apologize for his mistake.

a beef to the bank teller who on numerous occasions has been rude to my elderly mother-in-law. You need to learn how to treat the elderly and you shouldn’t be in the customer service field.

A wandering BEEF to the people who hold garage sales and don’t take down their signs when they are done. You’ve frustrated the fun of my 10-year-old and are basically littering.

A leafy beef to the beefer ridiculing people who live in trees. There is nothing wrong with living in trees or bushes. They offer shade, shelter and food. Some people leave the comfort of their expensive houses to go and live in the trees. It’s called camping. You should try it.

A sweaty beef to the lady who left her dog in her car while she ate lunch with her daughters. She put a cone on the dog because he was barking out the window and trying to stay cool. Let’s lock you in the car and throw away the keys.

A big beef to the hospital that left the gauze in my friend. No wonder he was in pain. Shouldn’t staff ensure that everything external is removed before stitching a patient up?

A beef to whoever is supposed to be taking care of the grass at Swy-a-lana Lagoon. People from all over the world come to enjoy the park and take pictures and all the grass is brown.

a beef to having no beef or other food to eat. Welfare is making me choose between eating and my pain. There is no mechanism in place that  exempts people from payment for medical marijuana.