Beefs & Bouquets, Aug. 20

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BOUQUET To Dr. Vizzers at Port Place Medical Clinic, who stayed on late because the lineup for walk-ins was enormous. Also thank you to all the staff. I am sure more than one of you had to work extra hard that day.

BEEF Because one cannot get a permanent family doctor in Nanaimo and our population is growing. Why?

BOUQUET To Island Veterinary Hospital for its generosity at the recent Paws for Pets event at the SPCA. A special thanks to Kim for her kind reassurance.

BEEF To the person complaining about early-morning whistlers and walkers. Just because you are grumpy and don’t want to get up and walk doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy someone who does.

BOUQUET To the Realty Executives who display honesty and integrity by posting current photos of their faces, unlike other realtors who continue to use outdated images.

BEEF To young parents who don’t realize their children are citizens of Nanaimo too and deserve respect and kindness. When they can’t stand up for themselves, small children are bullied.

BOUQUET To Courtney of the Nanaimo White Rapids for being the best coach any child could ask for. The Galiano kids were so very fortunate to have you and Nyree. You go above and beyond what is expected with extra fun outings and amazing scrapbooks for each child.

BEEF To the big stores for selling their merchandise using our young people in their underwear and at times in suggestive poses. These flyers are sent out without much thought about young families observing such advertising.

BOUQUET To the News Bulletin. Beefs and Bouquets are a great venue for us to speak out when no one listens.

BEEF To the person who dumped coffee on my windshield because I had parked crooked. A simple note would have sufficed. People make mistakes. I would love to find you and charge you with vandalism.

BOUQUET To the Kiwanis Club of Nanaimo Sunrisers for hosting a fabulous Bullhead Derby at Brechin Boat Ramp and providing fishing gear, free lunch and prizes for the children.

BEEF To my neighbour who is constantly using his gas leaf blower. We have to close our doors in this heat due to the noise. Please by a rake and broom; your neighbours would be most thankful.

BOUQUET To animal services who have to pick up rotting dead deer because their contract does not include work on weekends.

BEEF To Premier Christy Clark for continually playing that old, worn-out record of the LNG’s greatest hits. It’s now time to move on and play a CD with more songs with substance.

BOUQUET To Josh Fayerman of Milestone Contracting for an exceptional job on my city sewer hook-up. The level of care and concern taken to ensure the least disturbance to the garden and the long hours put in by Kyle are appreciated.

BEEF To the political pirates who continue to brazenly ravage, pilfer, lie and hoodwink us.

BOUQUET To Francis, a very nice man in front of us in the queue, who bought our three movie tickets unknowingly to us – what a lovely gesture and surprise for us.

BEEF To that Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion. You’re nothing but a primitive wannabe cave he-man.

BOUQUET To drivers approaching crosswalkers on Estevan Road. I feel much safer these days. Some still pass too close behind us.

BEEF To the bizarre design for parking and bike lanes on Boundary Avenue. You can’t see the traffic when you pull out from a side road.

BOUQUET To Sam in the computer department at Staples in Brooks Landing. He went above and beyond in helping a couple of seniors with their computer upgrades.

BEEF To stores for pricing items as if we are still using pennies. How about getting real and ending prices in zero or five cents instead of eight or nine?

BOUQUET To the guy in the black Mustang who paid for our coffee at Tim Hortons North Town Centre. Your kind gesture brightened our day.

BEEF To those who don’t appreciate hard-working mechanics who help with your car. When giving advice, it is their professional opinion. Don’t be ignorant then expect them to fix your problems with a smile.

BOUQUET To the Kiwanis Sunrisers Club of Nanaimo for your generous contribution toward the costs of Nanaimo blind lawn bowlers’ participation in the 2015 Canadian national sight-impaired competition.

BEEF To the people who continue to drive with their dogs on their lap. It is against the law and I encourage everyone to note the plate and report these drivers.

BOUQUET To everyone who helped when my nine-year-old daughter collapsed from the heat at the Bowen Road Farmers Market. She’s better now.

BEEF To the doctor who is so busy ‘educating’ his patients that he doesn’t actually give them the time to explain what ails them. If you’re going to enforce a 10-minute visit time then allow us the full 10 minutes we’re paying for and listen.

BOUQUET To Manda and Headliners for having a great musical summer camp for kids. Manda is an awesome teacher and did wonders for our daughter’s confidence.  A great summer memory for our daughter.

BEEF To the street marking department. On Boundary Road, the new lines are very confusing and dangerous for bikers and cars parked in the most ridiculous places.

BOUQUET To the person who turned in my sister-in-law’s purse at Value Village. She was on holidays and visiting.

BEEF To the waterfront house on Long Lake with the large emerald green lawn whose sensor dock sprinklers turn on if you paddle past, shooting water into the lake. Is this why I let my lawn turn brown, so you can waste water needlessly?

BOUQUET To the hikers who refrain from littering on Vancouver Island’s trails.

To submit a beef or a bouquet to the Nanaimo News Bulletin, please e-mail